Runaway on the River Moss

  • OOC: Turnelle is a naughty, rebellious little simpleton country molemaid who is absolutely sick of her responsibilities as middle child.  Her older siblings go out to help her parents during the day and she is stuck with all these little brothers and sisters.  One evening, unable to face another dayful of squealing and squabbling, she nicks a few sellable food items from the family tunnel, wraps that and all her belongings in a shawl, and leaves home in a reckless mood.  Anyone is free to chip in a character! Open-ended plot line.

    BIC: Turnelle reached the River Moss within a half-hour and noticed that there was a Guosim shrew camp with many rafts moored along an extended stretch of the riverbank.  The idea of a raft trip down the River Moss sounded romantic and exciting to her.  The problem was how to nick one of THOSE….

  • Lurlene, sniffing and wiping her snotty snout, toddled down the clear trail left by her older sister. She had seen Turnelle pack up and leave, and decided to follow in search of a better life. Always being bossed about or yelled at, even though she was almost six seasons old! She'd always just wanted to go away and have her own life, but there had been no one to follow. And now her sister had plucked up the courage to run away, and finally her chance had come! Boy, would Turnelle be surprised when she turned up! They'd ride on boats, go on adventures, fight the bad guys, and maybe even become heroes! Lurlene checked her belonging that she'd wrapped in an old headscarf of her mum's: her favorite mole doll, a spare handkerchief, and an apple. Perfect! She hitched up her second-hand skirt and trotted on in hot pursuit.

  • OOC: "She'd always just wanted to go away and have her own life, but there had been no one to follow" ROFL!!!

    BIC: Turnelle malingered behind a clump of laurel, twiddling the long hobo stick from which she had slung her belongings, watching the operations of the shrews, figuring that at a certain point they'd not be watching, and she could … jump a raft....

  • OOC- This looks like fun! 😄

    IC- Vince dipped his pole in the water and shoved deep into the river mud once more, giving his raft more speed. This was one of the first times he had been allowed to handle one of the tribe's rafts alone, and on such a nice day too! He had been training for a season, and now finally, the day had come!
      Kneeling down on the rafts floor, he checked up and down stream, scanning for any signs of danger, before dipping his paw into the stream and splashing it onto his snout and face. It felt cool and peaceful to him, as it seeped further into his fur. One had to be alert while handling a Guosim raft, and he didn't want to mess up, clear day, or not.

  • Lurlene turned a corner, discreetly tossing an apple core behind a bush as she passed, and caught sight of her older sister crouchng behind a clump of laurel, her back to her. A slow smile crept across her face. Tiptoing up, she hurled herself on her Turnelle and yelled. "Surprise!"

  • OOC: thanks for jumping in, CQ! Your character sounds like he'll fit right in!
    BIC: Turnelle lowered her father's eyeglass (also nicked).  She had her eye on one solitary raft, with a smallish operator, heading downstream.  If he kept goin the way he was goin..and if she cut across thataway, she could waylay him past that bend in the crick where it narrowed…suddenly there was a loud, high shout and something jumped on her back.  Terrified, she tried to get to her feet but fell forward into the laurel bush. Scrambling up, she recognized her brattiest little sister and growled, "Wot 're 'ee doen hur Lurlene 'ee liddle durtbag!"

  • OOC- Thanks!

    IC- The shrew turned his head sharply. He was sure that he had heard something. A hiss? A voice? This was starting to get a little freaky. Where there vermin out there. The thought of turning back was clear in his mind, but the next outpost was just a few leagues down the river. Turning his head to each side, he decided to continue on down river, but with extra caution.

    BOOC- This would be a good time for someone new to introduce a chara and go.

  • Lurlene grinned and, grabbing a handfull of her sister's fur, hauled herself up onto Turnelle's back and screeched, "Carry me!"

  • The older molemaid flipped her sister neatly overhead into a bush.  "'ee baint cum'n wi'oi nowhurrs, goo  'ome awriddy."  Stuffing the eyeglass into her pack, she stomped off, her eye on the distant sliver of glimmering water, determined to leave Lurlene far behind and thus discourage her from following.  At the bend was a large overhanging rock, and she scrambled to the top of it, the better to jump onto the raft. Ah, there it was…approaching...

  • Lurlene regained her balance and, skittering out of the bush, puffed after her big sister. Unfortunately, she was running so fast she lost her balance and, arms flailing like windmills, toppled head over heels into the river. There was a heavy SPLASH as she hit the water and, her skirt waterlogged and the current pulling her down, and a sudden memory of her siblings Willum and Shurrley, who'd almost drowned in a pond last year, flashed through her mind.
    Mustering up her remaining strength, she kicked to stay afloat and screamed piercingly, "HEEEEEEEEELP!"

  • ((@CQ: Is Vince a water vole or a Guosim shrew?))

    Luna was enjoying her visit to the Guosim. She was born to Guosim shrew parents, but she had always happily lived in Redwall Abbey. Now it was both fresh and nostalgic to join once again in those logboats down the rivers of Mossflower. The Guosim were stopping for small breaks often to check the woods of any disturbance. Luna took advantage of this time to skip merrily across the trees and to gather some berries to bring back to the Abbey while the logboats floated slowly. Before she could depart on her small journey, she heard a piercing scream. "HEEEEEEEEELP!"

    The shrewmaid dropped her basket and scurried towards the riverbank, to where the sound was coming from. She saw something splashing in the water and realized that it was a molemaid about to drown. Luna jumped up and down to get her attention. "Wait there! I'll get help!"

    Before she ran back towards the Guosim, though, she felt very useless. She was supposed to be a Guosim shrew and be able to swim easily and rescue the poor creature. It was not her fault that she could not swim though and she ran back towards the logboats. She soon spied Vince on his raft and called out to him. "Um, hello sir! Can you help a poor drowning molemaid! Please!" Luna shouted.

  • ooc- Thanks for pointing that out, Jet! I fixed it.

    ic- Vince was less then a hundred paces from the molemaid, when she hit the water. But the current was strong here. He was supposed to stop really close to here. He only had a split second to make the judgment, otherwise he wouldn't have been able to have a dream of helping.
      Thrusing the pole as deep as he could, the young shrew quickly changed the course of the small raft he was on. Pushing on the top of his small pole for all he was worth, he flexed what sinew he had, edging a little more closer. Wiping a paw over he brow, he flicked the sweat that had collected on his fur there, and pushed the pole deep again.
      He was about to lose control of the raft when he got to the mole maid. Holding firmly to the mole's smock, he hauled her out of the quickening river, and onto the wooden planks. He could see the rapids now. Quickly they were edging their way into view ahead of them. Looking around frantically, he spotted an eddy just before the white crests started getting bad.
      He inhaled a good amount of air, and pushed with all he was worth, that last little bit, into the safety of still water. As soon as he was on the ground with the mole maid, he let his furry fly. "What in Swart's Fire did you have to fall in the river for?! You almost got both of us killed!"

  • Lurlene sobbed hysterically, clinging on to Vince. "Waaaaaah! Sister run away I follow fall in!Nasty sister! WAAAAAAAAAAH! MAMAAAAA!"

  • Turnelle had scrambled down the rock and headed back to help her sister, but she stopped when she saw that help had already arrived in the form of what appeared to be a male shrew.  Instincts intact, she had been about to rush over and the comfort the dibbun, but then heard the drenched, hysterical, sobbing young creature call her "Nasty" and stopped right where she was, uncertain and pained.  The molemaid glanced at the unmanned raft.

  • This RP never really took off, so as thread manager am abandoning it. When lack of leisure time makes RPing just another item on a long list of things to do, the pleasure is no longer spontaneous. Hope to come back and do more when I have more time. It's a real struggle right now!
    Best, Biddy

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