A New Arrival

  • (I don't like to make my character magically appear in one place, so right now, he's on the Northern Path. Read my character profile for the story up to now )

    An owl sits atop the battlements. It calls out with loud hoots, trying to attract the attention of someone in the Abbey.

  • A old mouse was walking along the grounds.  .  His whiskers were gray with age and his black fur turned gray. The grass was wet with dew as his robes brushed the grass and the silver moon hung high in the sky, casting silvery light onto the grounds. He looked up when he heard the hoot of an owl. Walking up the battlements slowly. Getting to the top,  he saw the figure of the owl. " Good Evening, sir. I pray, what is your problem?"

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  • OOC: Not at all. I'm not too sure as to how a Redwall Universe character would mention a pregnant female, as there were very few pregnant characters, and I don't believe I remember many of them (If any).

    BIC: The owl looked at the elder mouse and says "Further north up the path, a ferret, his son and his wife are resting. They've been walking, for a while. They're in a small cart, a good half hours walk up the path. Oh, I do believe I forgot to mention, The maiden is burdened by an unborn. They should be here in a few hours." The owl then yawned and closed its eyes, as if thinking.

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    The old Mouse, who's name was Garry, looked at the owl, "Well if they seek shelter we will always welcome them. Friend or Foe. You look tired, sir Owl. How about you come and wait in-front of the kitchen and I can get some food for you."

  • The owl yawned and happily obliged. "A bite from the fabled kitchens of Redwall couldn't hurt."

    A good distance away, Along the northern  path, Raav continued to pull the cart now, with a renewed strength. After all, he wasn't being weighed down by "A good-for-nothing featherbag" as Eleena often called him. Eleena spoke up, saying "That big featherbag is probably stuffing his face with the most delicious pies and cakes and creams and soups an-" Eleena was cut short by Raav, pleading her to stop. "Oh come on! I haven't had a decent meal in ages! Stop!"

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    ic- Bumpkin let out a wail. He was having nightmares again. The fever was gripping him like an iron fist, quite reluctant to let go. Tossing and turning, he wearisomely tried to escape the large figure chasing him. Three days this sickness had clung to the ferret, and still, it was getting worse.

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    BIC: Cheechi was happily standing outside the Redwall kitchens, eagerly awaiting the splendid delectables from the legendary Redwall.

  • ooc- He is in the cart, if that isn't too much trouble. Can your character do something about him? I got myself into a corner there.

  • OOC: Raav really isn't anything special, But he'll get him to Redwall. We'll say we picked him up after Cheechi left, That it won't seem like Cheechi ignored the ill passenger. Is that alright with you?

    Raav looked at their passenger. "He's getting worse." Eleena worriedly said. Raav quickened his pass, pulling the cart as fast as his legs and age would allow.

  • Garry went into the kitchen and got some "Legendary" food from the storage. Strawberry Cordail, scones, and more. He brought them out for the owl.
    "Sir, What is your name? I'm Father Garry of Redwall." Garry loved to read books and talk walks, most times you could find him in the library or wandering the grounds with dublins following behind him as he explained different stuff.
        Garry grew up in Redwall ever since he was little, he admired the stories of Marin the Warrior and Mattias who saved Redwall, the redstone walls that protected this little community. He learned to love it ever since.

  • Cheechi looked down the food, and his face beamed with joy. He'd been living off oatcakes and water for the last week and a half. In between bites, he related his name to Garry, "Well. My name…" Cheechi stops to bite into a scone. "Mfff nmff is Chffchi" He stopped, and swallowed then said. "Pardon me. My name is Cheechi."

  • "Cheechi? What a lovely name." Garry said looking  at the owls face and laughing. "Looks like you didn't have something like this for a long time!" Then looking to the gate and waiting for the the creatrues Cheechi said would come.
    "Cheechi, how many did you say again?" it was awhile since they had visitors coming to them, and coming to them during the night. HE had hopped nothing bad had happened to the creatures Cheechi said who was going to arrive soon. Luckily he was out walking the grounds when he heard the news.

  • Cheechi stopped eating and said. "Three…Well, four if you count the unborn babe."

    Back at the cart, Eleena set her hand on Bumpkin's forehead, and said to Raav. "Hurry, He's burning up." Raav responded "I'm going as fast as I can, I'm not used to running this fast!" Raav continued to thunder down the path, with exceptional speed for someone of his age.

  • ((Sorry for posting without an BIC, but there were some pregnant characters (in response to the first few posts of this thread). Filorn, Mhera's mother, was pregnant, but didn't explicitly mention her pregnant physique. Swartt Sixclaw's wife who gave birth to Veil was probably one of the only pregnant characters ever mentioned. Correct me if I'm wrong.))

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    ic- Bumpkin could feel someone touching him. It was the stranges feeling. He looked around him, but if felt like there was someone putting their paw to his for head. It felt cool, quite cool, and it was quite refreshing

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  • Raav rushed down the path, he cheered aloud when he saw Redwall. He hurried faster down the path, using one last burst of adrenaline. Nearing the Abbey, his footpaw landed hard in a depression on the path, causing his footpaw to twist in an unfavorable way.  He yelped in agony as his footpaw twisted, but he didn't stop. Something drove him to continue onward. He pressed onward, and finally arrived at the doors. He set the cart down, and walked over to the wall and leaned against it.

    OOC: I want this injury to cripple him,  So he has to walk with a cane or staff.

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