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  • Alright! There has been a lot of talk about where some people have been to in the subject of forums, and I think it would be interesting to see some people's pasts involving forum history.

    I joined Starfire's Redwall Abbey about a week before the whole thing was pronounced condemned. It was sad. I didn't get more than about 6 posts up before I found out it was dying. Oh well. Since then I've been to several small out of the way forums that didn't last very long. I haven't yet found one that I could put up more than about 100 good posts though. They always seemed to fade away into the back ground.
    What about you? What forums have you been to?

  • I had several siblings that were in Starfire's redwall for years, but I don't remember thier names so don't ask. I joined Starfire's Redwall and made one post. It is the only post that I have ever made anywere on the internet. It was sad to see the web die.
        Oh yeah! my sister got to know starfire pretty well though, my sis even has her email. I am not giving out the address though because starfire is in college right now. Sorry.

  • so hello PATHOGEN. thats where you got the name. My sibblings got involved with starfire. this is my first foram. 😉

  • I started out with Dibbuns Against Bedtime. (I am still there as Atro & Rockfire. I don't get on much, though) After a few months, I took over Annoy an Elder, then, later, I became Official Activity Manager. I have owned and joined several smaller forums on the side, but never kept up on them. Then I found the Vulpine Imperium, and joined that. I left DAB for a short while, then came back. Things were the same for a short while, then I joined this place, and started up my own forum. June… uh... somewhen from the 15th to the 20th, I believe, will mark my third anniversary on the Redwall Online Community.

    By the way, my current site is maybe my 2oth attempt at a site. They all fail because when I advertise, no one seems to come. So... yeah.

    The new homepage, which is a Geocities page, is at:

  • Vardon, Pathogen means "Disease". Good name for a rat don't you think?
    Walkin Stummik said he had a character by that name that he wanted to use so I changed my name. I didn't know someone had used it before.

    Yah Astro, It's hard to get a forum to have much activity. I'm hoping this one doesn't flop like the last one.

  • It sure doesn't appear to be flopping yet. 100 post in the first three days is pretty good. we have 13 members and and it hasn't been a month yet!

  • 13 members is about… 8 more than I've ever gotten.

  • 14  😉

  • 23 (I got a friend to sign up)

  • So. Where else have people been playing at? Does anyone else on here own their own sites as well?

  • I don't mean I have a site with 23 members. This site now has 26.

  • I got to 100. Died a few years ago.

    Then I got one to, 50…..died...

  • I did then it was shut down. It was my Picture website…so many people took my work and then claimed it as thier own I had to shut it down

  • A total and complete forum history, hm? Lemme see… thinks back I've served as moderators and members on a number of forums for various topics since I was eleven years of age (obviously, I was a member exclusively for the first few years).  Pretty much, though, I've not strayed too far from furry role-play of any kind.

  • Yay RPing.
    Too bad about the plagiarism Tessa.
    I think that Cyber has us all beat on XP though. 😉

  • Shoosh, Snagtooth. 😄 It's not like there's a steep learning curve or anything.

  • No. But you do konw the ropes better than most of us.

  • Yay. I just joined my 100th forum!

  • I'm a big fan of Narnia. I also belong to a forum there. It's a cool one too.  😄

  • Oh now I get what this thread is! I've also joined narniafans, councilofelrond, arwen-undomiel(no its not a girl site), longpatrolclub, acmeairsoft(don't ask about it), and that's it. 😉

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