The storyline for the Sable Quean! (spoiler warning just incase)

  • In the Newsletter I have recently received, it gives us character names, and a plot!

    "Vilaya The Sable Quean has Zwilt the Shade and her Ravagers stealing Young uns!"

    Ooohhh Her name is Vilaya! Awesome. 😄 And there is another baddie called Zwilt! Interesting. And they are stealing babies? Maybe Vilaya wants kids! 😄

    "Buckler and Diggs, two long patrol hares on an errand to Redwall Abbey, are thrown headlong into the struggle. Encountering new friends and old enemies, they join forces with gallant abbeybeasts."

    Wow! The protagonists are hares! And here's the interesting part, "OLD ENEMIES"  😮

    So, what do you think about this? Oh yeah, the book comes out in January  😕 But it sounds worth the wait!

    if this doesn't belong here, please move it. 🙂

  • Fell, you old rascal! Were have you been? We haven't seen you in forever.

  • Well, here and there…mostly lurking...since there was nothing for me to post in. .. Sorry. ^^;

  • WHAT!? There are four or five new topics and you say that there is nothing to post it? I am sure that there is some place that you can jump into in one of them. Just give it a whirl.

  • Well, I probably don't post because I have nothing to say…But I'll try harder XD

  • I'm glad to see BJ moving away from the form writing. It got a little old. wry smile

  • Yeah. 😉

  • OLD ENEMIES?! 😧 OHNOEZ CLUNY IS BACK >_< noo….that would be wierd >w>

  • Hmmm, I doubt it would be Cluny, hahaha. Maybe somebody from Doomwyte. That would be my guess. Some underling who vanished in a battle or got lost in the woods or ran away.

  • Hmm, yeah that's plausible. 😉 But I was thinking it could be Slagar, after all, he just fell down a hole. 😄 But, he'd be ancient I guess…haha

  • Yeah, like, more than thousand years old. LOL. On average, almost a hundred years pass between each book. Ah, well, We shall see…
        BTW, am I the only person here who not yet read Eulalia or Doomwyte?

  • Can't be Swart six-claw. Not the assassin dude. Someone from the newer books? Eulalia?

  • Well, all of the villains died in Eulalia…


    Clogg didn't die, he just went delirious, but he'd be so much more ancient than Slagar lol...


    Maybe that gang from Loamhedge!!! The one that Badredd led for while?


    I realized, The Brownrat gang started a secret peaceful life! Maybe they're the "old enemies" 😛 But they could be new friends now. XD

  • BTW, am I the only person here who not yet read Eulalia or Doomwyte?

    probably XD i know that doomwyte was great =3
    I will have to skim back through doomwyte to see any surviving villians o.O

    and the brownrats? do you mean those giant rats led by the guy who loved eggs? o.o

  • @Sethorion:

    BTW, am I the only person here who not yet read Eulalia or Doomwyte?

    Nope. I'm reading Eulalia, currently. Right now it's raining and their on a boat… I was reading it last night, but I barely got past the prologue, without falling asleep.

  • I haven't read Doomwyte. Looked like a really good book though. BJ's books are starting to edge away from the stereo typing stuff. Eulalia was a big disappointment, though.

  • W-What?! what was wrong with eulalia? XD

  • You could see everything coming from a mile away. Also, in a good book the writer generally has to make a sacrifice. There was no sacrifice made by BJ. The villains die. So what? In his good books, he ends up getting rid of a character that people reading it have grown attached to. There was nothing like that in Eulalia.

    You see, Flytermo, when you write a book and develope characters, you start growing attached to them. They are your creation. You have just made something out of nothing. Imagine having to give Lashikin up, by having him die a horrible death or something of that nature. You would feel pretty bad after you have spent all your time to bring him up from a piece of paper.

    In a way, I think that is how god must feel.

  • I see what you mean, i still remember how i went belly-up crazy/ brain snapped in half* when Russa Nodrey from "Long Patrol" died 😧

    hugz Lashiken IM NEVAR GIVIN JOO UP!!! >_<

    Lashiken: "C-Can't…....B-Breeeeaaaath....."

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