Into the camps of Ozar

  • Jake ran like he had never run before. His furry paws beat the ground with a almost lulling rhythm. Not far behind him, he heard shouts, angry shouts. He was going to pay for what he had done if he got caught.
     Seeing a rotten tree up ahead, he wished beyond measure that there was some way in. Although he hadn't any rightful position in the vermin camp, he was still smart. Upon reaching the large ash, the ferret grabbed a limb and swung around as quickly as he could. The shouts were nearing fast.
     As he frantically began searching for some way in, a shadow fell on him.

  • Lashiken had been lounging idly in one of the trees near his treehouse in the woods, the day would have been just as any other for this lone rouge. 
         Unfortunatly, today would be different,  for as he was nearing slumber, he was jerked wide awake by angry shouts and curses coming from the  north. 
         This rouge squirrel didn't like loud noises, and wore a mischevious grin as he formulated what he would do to whoever was disturbing his peace; but before he could think well into the matter, the bushes nearby burst open to reveal a ferret, running for his life.
        Lashiken then saw why, a band of no-good vermin were hot on the trail of this runner. but why? he thought, this runner was a vermin as well, would they not be comrades with one another? 
         By the urgency on the ferret's face Lashiken could tell that it would be no formal get-together if the chasers were to catch up.
        Lashiken, always looking for the right-thing to do, decided he would accept the consequences of helping out this fleeing ferret.
        The vermin came up to Lashiken's tree and started grabbing furiously around it, perhaps looking for a purchase to heave himself up.
         "I'll take it from here i guess…"  Lashiken jumped down from the tree and, holding on to one branch, grabbed the ferret without warning and threw both himself and the ferret up to two separate branches.
         Lashiken chuckled to himself as he watched the vermin horde chase after nothing and vanish into the distance.  "Hehehe, what have y' done this time Lash?  Should be quite a show you've gotten yourself placed into this time..."

  • ooc: oh my, as i look at where this thread is held, i see that i may have gotten the setting wrong 😣 is the ferret running OUT of the camp? And if so, into the woods?

  • Flytermo:  By the urgency on the ferret's face Lashiken could tell that it would be no formal get-together if the chasers were to catch up.

    That was good! I like it. You have talent.

    Stunned, Jake looked at the squirrel with deep gratitude on his face. Just in time too. Right as he had make himself as comfortable as he could make the branch, he heard voices below.

  • Lashiken eyed the ferret up and down, sizing him up.  Doesn't look much of a threat, but best not let my guard down.  You can never be too sure with vermin…
         "That little band didn't look too pleased with you, mind telling me why tha- "
         The words had hardly escaped his mouth when an arrow shaft zipped a hairsbreadth from his nose tip and buried itself into the branch next to the pair as shouts came from below.
         "I think I saw them go into one of these trees sir!"
         "Good, good see if'n we can't give 'em a welcome with a bit of a shower eh?"
         Malicious chuckles sounded out as Lashiken heard twines of bows bending, ready to fire.
         "Of all the rotten! - they found us!  And if we don't do something fast there won't be much left of us to find after!"
        He jumped up to a higher branch, and motioned silently for the ferret to follow.
         Whispering, he asked, "Prob'ly isn't the best time for introductions, but would ya' care to share your name?"

  • Jake moved just as an arrow whizzed through the leaves that had been hiding him. ((It is spring by the way)) As he grappled with a branch to try and gain height, and in between wheezes and coughs into his shoulder, he barely got his name from under his tongue. All the his mind was concentrating on was getting higher into the tree,
        As he clambered onto a giant of a limb, he turned to his rescuer. He was taking in deep gulps of breath now, and his small form wasn't helping, but he had a question to ask. As he spoke he put his head closer to the large and (muscular?), to avoid making much noise. "Just my wondering, but how in blaze's name are we going to get down? All they have to do is set fire to this dying tree and we will be burnt beasts.

    *               *               *
       Flicking his rapier back and forth with the twitch of his wrist, Plog turned back to his surrounding minions. His weasel eyes were hard grey, and because of his age, were starting to fade. But you could still see the impatience burning deep within. "What is taking you so long? Get the tratior down here this instant!" All though the sickly rats he is in charge of could do battle well, they weren't ones to climb. If you stuck them on a cliff, they would rather sit up there with vultures and toad, then risk climbing down to safety. Their pitiful attempts to scale the tree was only angering Plog more.
      It finally took over him. Grabbing a bow from a young fox next to him, he pointed the arrow straight and true towards the whimpiest of them and sent the shaft flying expertly into his back. It was an almost instant death when it his his spinal chord.

  • Lashiken just couldn't supress a chuckle from deep within his elaborate mind. 
         "Thats what you think laddie, but don't worry, by the next few counts, the only thing burning will be their bottoms!"
         Lashiken carefully and quietly jumped to the tree next to theres, "Stay here a tick." 
         This tree was as much as all the others, except a rope was strung from one of its branches to somewhere unoticable.   He fwipped out one of his daggers from the harness on his waist and cut through the rope with one clean swipe. 
         He jumped back to the tree that Jake was waiting on and paused a moment to watch the chaos unfold.

    All of the trees surrounding the small huddle of vermin began creaking and moaning with stress.  The group paused in confusion and looked around themselves to try and locate the direction of the noises.
        And suddenly, every branch snapped, the smaller branches on them lashed about and thwacked anyone unlucky enough to be near them.
        The vermin, were unlucky.
        They were all tripping about and dashing in circles trying to get out of the way of the thrashing branches but to no avail.
        The Leader, however, grabbed one of the grunt weasels who was knocked unconcious and used him as a shield to get himself to the safety behind an un-rigged tree.

    booc: i hope i didn't like, take control of the vermin group too much T-T

  • OOC- I like your posting. You did auto play a little bit with my chara, but that's ok. If you have a suggestion for someone concerning their character's actions, then PM them. Or inform them through posts.

    IC- Jake watched in pure joy as the trees creaked and crashed down on those following him. The only thing he could think of was letting sticks fall on his mud sculptures he made as a young ferret. That also sent a shot a pain through him. Those were the good days.
       A loud crack brought him back to reality. Looking behind him where the sound had come from he saw the wood in the branch he was sitting on. Fear and excitement filled his entire him. (sorry, but that is the only way I could think of it.) Clambering to get himself up, he made little progress before the entire limb snapped off. He didn't fall far, but it still hurt when he hit, and he almost tumbled down farther, if not for an odd branch sticking up in front of him.
      Quickly wrapping his paws around it just in time, he slid from the slick surface of the slowly rotting wood. He just danged there, between death and life. For the first time in his life, he realized how fragile creatures and beings really are.

    *               *               *
      Plog shoved the beast he had used as a shield from him, and looked around him, hatred leaping from him. Stamping his put rather childishly, he looked around to see what had caused the problem.
      Just as he was about to kick the pitiful creature at his feet, he heard the cry for help. Curiosity gripped him and quickly he found himself scanning the treetops. The evil smile that crossed his face when he saw Jake, helpless, could have scared his own mother. Joyfully, he chuckled and grabbed the bow that he had used just moments before.

  • "NO!"
         Lashiken saw Plog hatching(that's the term right?) a shaft to his bowstring and jumped down from his branch without second thoughts.
         He threw out his grapple to latch onto the branch he was on a moment before and went through a wide swing as the line grew taught and beared his weight.
         Thankfully, he arrived to jake's helpless position in time to intercept the arrow, and not a moment later, for the arrow buried itself deep into Lashiken's shoulder, narrowly missing his heart.
         Lashiken cringed through the pain but kept up his momentum as he swung Jake and himself up to another tree, unfastened and pulled up the grapple.
         He crouched and moaned slightly, but rose again to assure that Jake and himself made it to safety.
        "Come on you, we'd best be gettin' out'a range of anymore arrows… I have a couple of hiding spots placed throughout these woods.  I suggest ye follow me if you want to see the next sunrise."
         Lashiken ignored the pain seething from his shoulder and jumped down from the tree.

  • Plog stamped his foot impatiently. "After them you fools!"

  • OOC:  I'm a hare- you said you needed some help, would you care telling me just what you need? I'm ready to join in and help- I just need to know where, how, and with how many others.

  • If you could post, that would be great.

  • OOC: What would you like me to do, though? I don't even know much of the layout on this rp- and should I make a new character to help with? (I could join with a patrol of hares, or something, and they could help you with something) I just need to know what to do.

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  • Suddenly a shout was heard from just a small ways away. Then it came again, only closer.
    "Eulaaaaaayliaaa!" A hare came bounding out of the brush, twirling a longsword and hacking away at the vermin. The vermin paused for a moment, but soon saw that it was only one hare. Plog was not in the mood for such a 'minor' disturbance.
    "Kill the hare! C'mon, yew cowardly vermin! Kill the hare! 'E's only one!" His attention was moved away from the squirrel and ferret for a short moment.
    The wandering hare, Thane Fleetfoot, was enjoying this skirmish greatly. He dodged a spear thrust from a rat and thrust back, hearing a satisfying yelp of pain, and then he was set upon by three more vermin. He decided this was enough. He fled for the tree where the squirrel and the ferret were and climbed it quickly, with agility not usually known for hares. He smiled disarmingly at the twosome. "Hello, chaps, where h'are you off to, now? C'n H'i come with you?" A spear whistled through the air beside his ear. He reached out to grab it, but it evaded him and thrummed into a tree nearby. He frowned. "Golly, I should've had that one. But a chap can't have h'everything, wot?"

  • ooc: Kaello, to quote Creig,

    You did auto play a little bit with my chara, but that's ok. If you have a suggestion for someone concerning their character's actions, then PM them. Or inform them through posts.

    nothing major, but i've learned my lesson, to me it looked as if you auto played Plog a tiny bit.  But regardless, thanks for joining in.

  • OOC: So Plog is just Creigon's chara? Ahkay. I thought he was a vermin anyone could control (Sorry, Creigon).

  • ooc- Yes, he is my character. The person who makes the character is supposed to control him, unless they state otherwise.

  • Just as Thane was awaiting a reply from the squirrel, four shouts came from behind the brush nearby.
    "Pssst! Thane, you h'ugly thing! Over here!"
    "Thane, here!"
    "Watch it! C'mon, you great walloper!"
    "Haha, wot wot!"

    Thane turned back to the squirrel and ferret and said, "H'oops, sorry, got to go for a minute. Toodles, be back soon. Don't wait for me though, chaps, be h'off, I'll catch up. H'i've got a friend who's a bally good tracker, wot!" The hare descended the tree rapidly and dodged a vermin's javelin, and then bounded off out of sight. It was a curious thing, to have someone appear so suddenly and then disappear just as fast.

  • ooc- Do you mind making that a tad more clear? Where is he? How does it tie into what is going on here? I am completely lost with this post. It's okay, it is something that comes with time. I sometimes have this problem too. 😛

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