Ok, I can't even find our site on google without searching "Redwall's Legacy". When you search for the site on google, click the 'up' arrow next to the result. That will get us more traffic.

Update. We are the second to top on there. We are above Terrouge Forums, which is the biggest Redwall RP site on the web right now. We have more traffic.

Is it just me, or are a lot of sites closing down as of late?

Maybe Redwall is getting boring?

suffocates How could I have said that?

I hope Redwall isn't getting boring. 😧 Maybe the audience that reads it is too young to  go on the internet??? D8

Too young? … I'm not sure that's the case but maybe forums aren't "in" anymore, if you know what I mean ...

I'm afraid I do…

Hey when I was little, my parents didn't want me going on the internet for stuff.

Look at our stats. If we can just get the activity that we were getting in December, and the first April, then we will do OK. Better then OK.

Well, hey, maybe you need more links from other Redwall sites. If you got a link onto "redwall.org" you would get lots more traffic. I found this site by surfing other Redwall sites.

Really? What site? I put up a bunch, but didn't get any results.

I found it off of some 'top ten redwall sites', I think. Very unofficial. But you should get a link onto redwall.org (I think you need permission, though. At least to get an official link), and Terrouge, maybe, too. Just some options.

I have a great idea for stimulating traffic… Let's post! Let's MAKE it interesting. If nothing is happening on this site, of course no one will care about us. Can I be shocked that we're even still alive?

I pretty much spammed Terrouge. I stopped because I like the site. 😛 For a while, we had more activity on here then over there, but they just threw some stuff together.

Wow, we made top ten. My like. We have some quality threads, we just keep losing omph. People leave for ridiculously long periods of time without posting and… oh wait... turns red with guilt.

I'll go post something....

Haha. I wonder who you are talking about.

The audience may be declining due to readers being more devoted to the big-time Publisher's Darlings - Harry Potter, Eragon, Twilight (shudder)…

Redwall, I think, isn't as widely read as it used to be.

Twilight shuns book

I hate Twilight. Gosh just because Edwardo wears lipstick, doesn't make him REAL! I had to say that.

Tycho, I think you are right, Redwall is declining. Sad eh?

I've seen a lot of advertising in Wal-Mart for Twilight. Is it at all good does anyone know? I think there are like three books out and movies out now.

It isn't good… The writing is terrible...  Kind of like reading the literary version of a mixture of puked up cotton candy and pumpkin spice schnapps.    xD

It's copycat writing, plain and simple.

Of course, I am biased.

As for the filmmaking...  Facepalm  Pretty much only flies because it plays off the hormones of its audience, the aforementioned being largely composed of the goofy side of the teenage female population.

The ROC was booming a decade ago. Now it's popularity slowly declines… 😞


I think there are like three books out and movies out now.

Four books, actually. Came out wayyyy before the movies. Yes, I would know.

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