• Okay, some of you may have noticed a few small changes. I'm not fantastic and forseeing certain things, so I was wondering your opinions:

    • I allowed guests to post in the chat box. This is so that they can inform us of a problem with registrering or ask questions if they are considering signing up. As far as content goes, I don't know of any websites that have had content issues when doing this. What do you think?

    • I made the "recent posts" block contain 20 recent posts rather than 10. This makes it easier to navigate. Is this okay? Do you preffer something smaller/bigger?

    • I created some new members groups so that you can keep getting stars up 'til you reach 2000 posts and I spaced out some of the numbers of posts needed to reach certain levels.

    • I posted an "RL only" e-mail on the front page for tech/registration support.

    Things I am considering doing:

    • Deleting ancient accounts that have not been used
    • Opening a help board for guests to post only text (150 words) in so they can inform us with issues and they won't get drowned out of the shout box

    I know that there are going to be problems here, so I want to know what you think they will be and know what suggestions you have for how to fix them.

  • I think guests being able to post in the chat box is a great idea. Unless it begins to be abused by them, I don't think there's any reason for them not to.

    I also like having 20 posts in the recent post section. Makes it a bit easier to get an accurate idea of just how many new posts there are.

    As far as the new member groups go, I'm a bit ambivalent on the matter. Doesn't matter all that much to me.

    The email on the front page is a great idea. It looks good.

    As always, I think deleting old, unused accounts is a good idea. I think it helps to make things seem a bit tidier.

    And the help board is definitely a good idea. Just make sure to put it somewhere easy to find. The very top of the forum would probably be a good spot for it.

    Really though, I think all of these changes are good ones. ^_^

  • But won't deleting those old accounts consequently delete the posts those users have made? It could make old, archived threads pretty messy.

  • It shouldn't delete them. In my experience, once a post is made, it will stay there unless that specific thread or that specific post is deleted. What will happen is that the avatar/signature/stats of the user deleted will no longer appear in the posts they have already made.

    However, if we're worried about that, we could always give it a test run by creating an account, posting with it, and then deleting it.

  • I wasn't planning on deleting accounts in which they have posted, not yet anyway. There are as of right now 20 accounts in which there is not a single post. I sent out e-mails to all of them and informed them they have a month to respond or their account will be deleted. For those of them who never gave a real e-mail address, well, that's their fault I guess…
        Thanks though Orion. Big confidence booster, there! 😉

  • Oh, hey, do you guys agree that there are just too many vermin in Redwall? I think we should ban that in general with a few exceptions coupled with very good reasons if they can be given.

  • @Seth:

    Oh, hey, do you guys agree that there are just too many vermin in Redwall? I think we should ban that in general with a few exceptions coupled with very good reasons if they can be given.

    About this.  I'm a bit confused.  Do you mean there are to many people posting as vermin that are living in redwall, or that we have to many people that are vermin in general.  Or am i reading your post and getting a completely wrong idea?

    As for your changes, I agree with all except the deleting members.

    There I just have one little doubt.

    I though of recommending it a long time ago but then another though came to me.  If our user number goes down, people look at the site and say, this site doesn't have that many people.  Must not be active.  Some people may be like that.

    But that is just a thought, a doubt, a little thought among many.

  • I'm confused on what you mean by too many vermin, Seth.

  • Vermin are too much fun.  Damn, I love vermin!
    But really, the way people play them on some boards, they are not cardboard vermin of the usual Redwall sort.  In the books of Redwall, vermin are gorgeously richly evil (like Gabool) but still pretty much one-dimensional, the Living-Large Satanic sort of vermin.  Yes, I know I am being rambling and unclear. Trying to express myself here! Or else they are Minions (like pawns - worth nothing except in how you move them around the board).  Sometimes vermin in Redwall will be more complex, like Vale(?), remember him? He had a redeeming feature or two and that story had a lot of pathos. But for the most part, the vermin in the books are either bad or good.
    There seems to be an effort on the part of Redwall RPGers to create "more complex Vale-type vermin" (not cardboard ones).  Even completely mixed bad/good vermin that aren't even "proper vermin" in the Jacques sense.  Or narcissistic toxic vermin that they want you to feel sorry for because they have been so abused, LOL.  So it's hard almost sometimes to separate the vermin from the good guys as cleanly as one might want to do (?) because on Redwall RPGs, people make an effort to sidestep the black/whiteness of Jacques' characters.

    So is the vermin policy here more purist (Jacques black/white) or more avant-garde (vermin are misunderstood and a mix of traits)? LOL…or OTOH, vermin are just like any other animal, and a breed means nothing, so you could have a fox become a hero of Redwall. And so on.  How purist are you going to be, is what I am asking.

  • Having only goodbeasts and no vermin goodbeasts to be the hero all the time is speciest! LOL (new word!) And yes I try to avoid the typical black/white kind of vermin personality.

  • where would we be without vermin ? 🙂
    every creature has its place in the grand scheme of things.

    as for whether people check and see if there is much activity on a forum before bothering to join, ABSOLUTELY YES a lot of people do that. They are looking for forums with energy and activity.

  • What I mean is too many vermin in the Abbey. Realistically, a badger wouldn't say "oh, you say you're nice so I'll let you in." In the books, the vermin are generally either knocked out and locked in the Gatehouse or thrown out or are injured and taken to the infirmary. Slagar the cruel and Blaggut were exceptions, but that was because they gave legit reasons for being okay and were still kept closely watched.
        That's all I meant by no more vermin in the Abbey. If anything, though, we need more vermin (outside 😉 ). Right now we have about two goodbeasts to one vermin. Even in the Abbey. Howe ever, the Abbey's walls are selectively permiable and osmosis should not be occurring. Please, not so many vermin in the Abbey.
        As for the black/white, that's the point of the vermin in the books. By nature, they're supposed to be bad, with some exceptions such as Blaggut and Ramsca. "The Outcast of Redwall" was meant to introduce that as a hardened fact. "Veil" was a character who was in the end proven to be evil. Brian made it hard to tell if he was saving his "mother" in the end or not to prove the point that they don't have to be evil, but in general are. That's my view on it, anyway.
        Still, this is your site, not mine. These are only suggestions. RL is a democracy (so to speak) and you all have the final say.
        BTW, that's a good point Ensis, on the number of members and stuff. I guess you're right. We probably should keep them on even if they don't post. I, personally, always look at the number of members before I join somewhere.

  • Truth be told, I have always hated Brian's characterization that all vermin are irredeemably evil.  It's equivalent to racism.  To say that all foxes will be backstabbing and cunning is like saying that all (nationality) are (stereotype).

    However, Seth is right in the fact that we would be violating the world too much to have Redwall Abbey populated evenly with 'goodbeasts' and 'vermin'.  To this end, I propose a more moderate solution:

    Most goodbeasts and most vermin are, in quite, terribly racist in regards to each other (which, funnily enough, perpetuates the stereotypes).  To that end, goodbeasts should view all vermin they do not personally know as evil creatures, and vermin should view goodbeasts as either weaker than they or aggressively hostile, uncaring, and paranoid.

  • I agree that the guidelines set down by our better at Redwall Lore, Jacques himself, should be followed.

    I like the characteristics of the vermin in the world as mostly bad.  It draws a line between what is good, and what is evil.  A more perfect world were you can spot the bad, instead of watching you back for those around you that are would stab your back as soon as kill you.

    It also allowed Brian to produce a world where the good are all good and the bad are all bad.  It make ultimatums and thus the best of creatures to save the day.  I like it like that because it is a fantasy world, and I read fantasy to escape from it.

  • I also agree that it should be black/white. That's how BJ made them, and he did it for a reason. Racist is a silly word to apply to this. For crying out loud, it's a story! Like, if we refuse to give vermin entrance to Redwall because they are vermin, who cares? Are we hurting anyone's feelings or stomping on their constitutional rights?

    I suspect BJ made the vast, overwhelming majority of vermin evil because it makes it super-easy to tell the good guys from the bad guys. If we start fudging the line and calling for a constitutional amendment to keep pace with a reformation of vermin… I just think that's dumb. It'll make it really, really, really hard to RP. We'll have way too many charas running around that are extra special in one way or another, and when everyone is special, you have no contrast to set your main charas apart as being special. That's when good fan fic stories fall flat on their face.

  • LOL. Nicely put, Namaste. A little fiery perhaps, but still nicely put.
        I think the same thing. Every chara is speacial in the sense that they are unique and that in the long run is what makes your chara the strongest. A special character doesn't have to be a Mary-Sue character. The best are the most unique.
        After all, if we stereotype all beasts as "the best" and they can all thrown a knife perfectly at three hundred yards then suddenly no one is especially good at anything.
        Sendrome put it the best; "And when everyone's super (insert Maniacal Laugh 😛 ), no one will be!"

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