The Rules … part 1

  • Indeed. Don't worry, Wolf. There was nothing wrong with your statement. However, I do personally believe that Brian Jacques' violence is unneeded and a little too much. Though I like the books, I do not support the violence issue in them. Here, we do not support them either.

  • I think my problem with magic was that I did not see that rule in the registration page, so I thought it was okay.

    But I do have one question. Why are the mods against magic? What if I want to make a fanfiction that involves a character who was raised far away from Redwall and then went there? What if the character grew up in a place where magic exists and is used?

  • Avelrak, the closes Brian Jacques ever got to magic was the use of seers, and even he left those up to interpretation in regards to their accuracy.  Prophecies, dreams, and riddles also play, but they're all subject to interpretation or are just mundane puzzles with tangible results.  Healers, even, are more herbologists than 'Lay on Hands' paladin-types.

    There's a whole world out there that gets along fine without ESP and Fireballs cast willy-nilly.  We're playing in a part of it.

  • I would like to point out there's a significant difference between the supernatural, and magic. Magic implies that there is a force out there capable of being manipulated by the characters of the setting to create wondrous and blatantly physics-defying effects. The supernatural however, is a bit more "out there" and spooky- strange things happen, but not in any way anyone can control or predict. Martin might grant visions in times of needs, the bones of a seer might occasionally read as things are actually going to play out, but in no way can any character lift rocks with their mind, or hurl fire, etcetera.

    The difference is the amount of player control and the level of awe and mystery associated. Whatever Redwall has falls firmly under the realm of the supernatural or intentionally open-ended and ambiguous, not magic. The mods are against magic in a Redwall roleplay because the Redwall setting does not have magic, period. End of.

  • In general, even being visited by Martin's spirit is not very believable or fair in a roleplay. I completely agree with the use of seers, however, so long as it isn't completely ridiculous or isn't used in excess of outside the guidelines that BJ uses in the books.
        Good points, Rain. Thanx
        Of course, if you are a fantasy of sci-fi writer in desperate need of a little non-traditional RPing, there's a board for it. I don't think that any of us mods have a problem with magic. It just throws off the traditional RPs a little and degrades the ability for characters to influence the story because pretty much anything could happen. It isn't fair and it isn't fun. Shrug unless you're in the right board, where it's expected.

  • Hello mates, I'm Zego's creator, when I'm out of character discussing issues I'll speak as the unnamed author, but that's not really the issue.  Here are my questions and remarks concerning the rules.  First regarding artwork, on this site my art will be strictly redwall, I may or may not post unorthodox artwork, and no I don't draw porn.  Some of my drawings have a bit of blood, but I tried not to overdo it.  You can say how much is appropriate, and if they are against the rules then I may post a link to my Deviantart gallery (assuming I get the pictures up) and those who wish to may access it, if I need to post a warning, I will.  As for role play, When dealing with my personal character, Zego, I like to keep all events dealing with him to reflect his own personal storyline.  He is in a fanfiction I am writing where he saves Rose, and somehow his cousin Felldoh comes back (doing my best to make it more of a mystery, so as not to be too, fantastic.  Also, me and my character have a bit of a crush on Rose (yes, THE Rose) and I'm my feelings are a little fragile in that area, so if Zego is featured in the role play, I'd like that bit of his storyline to remain accurate to my fic.  I may not own Rose, but I don't feel comfortable altering that bit of my story, so if it is deemed against the rules, Zego will not be present in any role play.  I'm not all together sure I want to be in a public role play.  I like role playing, but dealing with people you don't know and don't always agree with is difficult for me, so I may or may not join, but if private role plays can be held, that might work.  However, if none of the above work, and you really want to roleplay with me and Zego, I'll direct you to a site or game where I am accessible.  If I do eventually decide to role play, and Zego is not an option, I am willing to compromise, by playing as a descendant of Zego The Scar, but you cant force me to change his lineage; although we can leave it up to speculation, but my characters viewpoint will not change.  In the unlikely event that even this is not acceptable, I will post my fanfiction work, but sadly I won't feel comfortable role playing.  Now in the event of me breaking a rule, please note that neither I nor you are perfect so sometimes we make mistakes. Also, please note that I have autism, bipolar, and ocd, and I do not deal well with harsh messaging, authoritative tones, or anything that makes me feel in any way belittled or cornered.  So when approaching me, please be respectful, calm, and when using firmness, please be mindful how someone from my viewpoint might take it.  While being unable to demand or control your methods of handling me, these are the methods that would work best, if agitated I'll do my best to wait until I'm calm to respond.  Now don't think I'm a super grumpy person because of this, I'm really a fun loving, friendly, and good heated person, I just have troubles with certain areas of myself, and it isn't helped when dealt with harshly or from a you big me small perspective.

  • Zego… Welcome to the site. We are glad to have you and to role play with you as well...

    As far as the rules go, I see no problems with what you are trying to write. I think it's fantastic really! When you write something from your novella, post it in the fan fic! If you writing holds anything against your argument, I'm eager to see it!  😉

    Let me explain it this way... Early into the site, we had a member named "Weasel" join the sight and start a thread that was quite intriguing. "Brewing Storms" I think was the name... He ended up adding PDA's and Acid Rain and such, so it was moved into the non-traditional wiriting section. ----IT WAS STILL ALLOWED---- just not in the main area. If you posts deal with anything that contradicts with the Redwall type world or Watership Down style of story, it must be in the non-traditional. If it isn't, no biggie. Me or one of the admins will move it for you.

    In short,--- please. Bring. It. On. I could go with something different.

    I have a great deal of respect for people who have autism or aspergers or ADD anything else. You see things in a much finer way than I can. I find that you also have a high and deeper potential of compassion. You have my full support and my full respect for stepping out of your comfort zones. If you ever have an issue here, you come to me and I will sort it out. I have nothing better to do with my time on this site.

    Don't worry about what people think. This really is a calm site most of the time and these people are wonderful people. They will take care of you, they will cheer you on. Heck, they will cry with you if they need to. Give them a chance. They will prove themselves.

    Again, Welcome. And thank you. 🙂

  • I see no problems here 🙂 I would only note that officially the date is something like 300 years after Redwall was built, so about 315 years after Rose died 😛

  • Wait there is a karma system?

  • we did, we discontinued it in favor of the Kudos that you can offer to the posts of other members.

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