Character: Sally Q. Stickbrush [hedgehog maid]

  • Sally Q. Stickbrush
    A thickly bespectacled pedantic hedgehog maid in coarse faded plum muslin tunic with blue stockings (yes, of COURSE her stockings constantly have runs in them…) whose daydreamy nature and very poor vision lead her to places she didn’t intend to end up in, sort of like Mr. Magoo…and sometimes in the company of beasts whose company she would not have chosen, had she not been so…distracted. 
    She is bright in a bookish sense.  However, she is one of those beasts with a great view of the forest but not the tree that is falling on her.
    She is well-travelled and has a large collection of notes about all her travels, along with homemade maps.  She likes dried bugballs (which she makes homemade by rolling bugs, grubs and other tasties up with nut butters to hold them together and keeps them in a pouch that ties loosely around her waist).  Her hobbies include song-collecting, cooking, and mapmaking.
    She is humorous and mellow, responding to aggression from others by rolling up in a tight ball and outwaiting them, though when pushed she will fight, and carries a small dagger in her belt to that end.

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