(OOC) Pictures of St. Ninian's

  • I'm not really sure where to post this, so I guess I'll put it here. If it's wrong, you can move it.

    I found this cute little church one day, and it reminded me EXACTLY of what I think Ninian's would look like:

    Photo stream here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/30966493@N05/tags/ninians/

  • Wow, that's great! Makes me think of Ninian's, too. ^_^

  • I agree with Orion. 🙂 It's neat! 😄

  • Me too. Thanks Namaste! This can likely be used as a reference for anybody posting there. There have been problems with some people assuming it's the size of a small cottage and other people assuming it's half the size of Redwall. It hasn't happened on our site that I know of, but it's happened other places.
        I'll set the topic as "sticky" so that it always appears at the top in the list of this board's threads.

  • Marvels at pics I like the one with the window and light, cause of the way it was shot and centered. My next favorite would have to be the one with the ivy.

  • Aww, thanks!

    Actually, it was really fun. I was driving around about 2 hours from home, visiting a friend, when I found the place. I hopped out, took a ton of pictures, and was about done when someone else pulled up and got out of their car. It was an adult, so I was thinking to myself, "Great, here they come to kick me off the property." Turned out that it was someone from the historical society that owned the building, and she invited me inside so I could take more pictures! It was really cool.

  • Those pictures look cool. It really is a cute, neat little building. And yes, it almost has the same resemblance to what I imagine St. Ninian's look is like. I just think St. Ninian's is taller, that's all. 😉

  • Beautiful! I like the light-coming-in one too.
    If you don't mind saying where it is in real life, I would be curious (if not, that's cool too)

  • The red stones remind me of Redwall Abbey itself, though.

  • It's okay, I live plenty far away and I'm moving next week anyways.

    The church is in Brunswick, VA.

    Thanks, I love that picture too. The funny thing is, the light wasn't really coming in like that. That "streaming light" is the result of a broken lens… yup, my camera has a serious crack in it that was making it really hard to take pictures of the building, because that kind of streak kept showing up in a bunch of the shots. I had to block the light just right to hide the fracture and prevent the light from reflecting off the disturbance in the glass of my lens.  😛 Made it really fun, and I ended up getting that cool shot.

    You do what you can with what you have. Glad you like them!

  • i have to agree with everyone else, that does kinda look  like St. Ninains, at least, what i thought it looked like…...  though the redwall boooks (well, Redwall and Mattimeo) described it as a "run-down" church, with rotting pupuit, pew, and anything wood. but i could be wrong....not all churchs are run-down..... 😄

  • My favorites are the last two.
        You know, some of these remind me more of Redwall than St. Ninians (Pictures 3,5,6,8). Personally, I have always imagined St. Ninian's as being a really small white church, a simple box-shaped building with a spire. Maybe we could use pictures 3,5,6 and 8 as refferences for what Redwall looks like, then the rest can be Ninian's.

  • Great Pictures!

    I always though that the church would be on a hill with a graveyard around it, poorly kept and a rusting iron gate and fence wtih the roof caved in and dead trees.

    Haunting more my type. lol.

    But fantastic Pictures.

  • haha… there was a graveyard, actually, on the side with the buttresses and ivy. You can kind of see it in picture 1.

  • Well, we had a group argument a couple months ago about whether the place was in gutted disrepair as it had been left by various vermin encounters in the Redwall books, but finally concluded that the place was more useful if we decided it had been rebuilt and was in good repair. So, in current postings, the status of St Ninians is: in good repair and lived in by a couple of doormice. I wonder if they hold services? I think it's Fulcry's charas who've taken up residence…

  • It does look like how I would imagine it.
    If it was much bigger,then it would remind me of Redwall.
    But I always wondered why there's a church,even if it's not an actual church,in Redwall when Brian said there was no religion.And then they say grace before eating a meal at the Abbey.

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