Sarrel the otter

  • Sarrel is a very light furred otter with bright blue eyes. She wears a beaten brown cloak(but still in fairly good condition) and carries a pack and a fishing pole.

    Sarrel got thrown over the ocean during a freak storm a few summers ago, and has mostly stayed on this side of the ocean ever since, traveling up the coast in her small boat, and only recently sailing inward when her father, who had been here before, came to visit and told her she should go down the river moss and visit Redwall Abbey.

    She likes to tell stories, (though her actual skill with them remains to be seen) and she enjoys fishing, even though she usually doesn't get around to it all that much. (And last time she fished in the river moss, a pike ran off with the bait, the hook, and about half of the line.)

  • That is good. But do you mind elaborating a little about appearance and hobbies and things like that. Preferred weapons, backround, (It seems you have that) and other things of that sort are good. Have you ever RPed?

  • I have, just not a whole lot. As a note though, this is sort of an experiment. I'd like to see if it's possible to get a decent roleplay out of someone perfectly ordinary.

    (I do agree it could use a little work. I was kind of hoping I could develop it as I go along, but now that I go back and look at it properly it could use some more work. I'm just kind of out of things to say.)

  • You'll be fine. Just post a lot and you'll polish right up. 😃

  • I actually like plain characters more. They are more intune to the story….

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