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  • The user activity is way up now. Last month was the best we have had in a year, but this is aiming to beat even April of the starting year! Whoot

    I would like to welcome our two newest members to the site. Frawg Luvah and Serrel! Both joined today and yesterday. Many happy postings!

    But like we are aiming for a fantastic month here. I would like to thank Namaste and Fate for all the time they have put into this site to make this happen. We would be down in the dumps right now if not for them…. deep bow  ^-^

  • Summer months tend to show a bit of a slump with family vacations and such…

  • But check the stats. It was great last month. The only regret was that only one member joined in November. sigh But I like how many posts we have done this month.

    Could you post in H&H? We need you in there….

  • Yes, this site is looking brighter every day. 🙂

  • I'm beyond excited.  Came back at a perfect time.  I wish my brother(who was Oregano) could get online more.  He's teaching psychology at a Catholic boarding school.  Doesn't have much time.

  • I came back when RL was in a bit of a slump. I tried posting as much as I could, but no one ever replied. Glad I stuck out though. 🙂

  • Lol! That was like the worst part of it all. I have been here just about the longest. The only other person who has been on longer is Seth, and that was by a few hours (or something like that). But I think we are past the worst.

  • Last time I joined in, the activity was just like this. August 2007 was it? I have forgotten.

  • Your profile says that it was in July….. That was the good times. I don't know if we are set up to do Twenty-five hundred posts this month...... but we can give it a run for its money....

  • Do you find that spikes in activity correlate with new Redwall books coming out?

  • That's a possible theory, Biddy. 🙂 I didn't really notice, but we need more activity even without new Redwall books!

  • Maybe. I don't think that we had a big flood when Eulailia came out. I read it and didn't think that was very good.

  • I don't think any books came out last April, but we had it going there. "Active" was hardly the word for it. Check out the stats, it was awesome. Also, we re generally the same course we were on then. About 60-70 posts a day. The most ever had in a single day though was 352 posts. We have to kill that somehow. Maybe during the Christmas thing. That would be awesome. Hey, last month we had 99 posts in one day. Let's see if we can hit a hundred today and or tomorrow. This post makes 98 for today.

  • WOW! We have 121 posts today and we are already half as much as last month in all stats! This is going to be an amazing month! Jumps for joy

  • YAY!!! 😄 😄 😄

  • So much for that theory. Excited about all the action here too (smile)!

  • LOL! You have been here for all of two days and you are excited!

    Like, you are our newest member!:D

  • Actually, I would be less excited when there's a lot of activity in a forum … because I really can't be bothered catching up on everything that's going on. But I've grown attached to RL! 😄

  • I think the determination to "make it happen" instead of just hope the chemistry happens on its own is what excited me. There's an energy here to do a lot with what you got.  It doesn't take much these days to excite me though, I'm a boring thing. 😉

  • Thing is, I'm not very good with strangers. Even if I'm not actually talking to them! But you all are no longer strangers to me, so I feel a lot more comfortable. But in a forum where all these unknown people are posting like crazed wolverines (and that's saying something), it really is hard to adjust.

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