Winter feast Group picture sign ups!

  • Well, I am sure I don't need sign ups, but it's the only term I could use. 😛

    So, for this group picture, I will need info on the character you are using for the RP.
    A drawing would be much preferred, but if you haven't got one, than a detailed description would suffice. 😉

    I will add the people who have signed up (AKA people who have given me the information)

    1- Larkspur~Seryn
    2- Ensis~Ensis
    3- Namaste~Abbot Grumm
    4- Seth~Raun

    I will add more if necessary.

  • I suppose I can't use Slave. 🙂 Um, here it goes.

    Seryn: A white squirrel of average height. Her eyes are bright red, and her fur is white
    She has a big smile on her face, and her tail is curled around her feet. She's wearing a faded lavender dress that shows her feet, and she has a brown belt around her waist. She's also wearing a dark cloak, but the hood's down. Seryn's slender and willowy, but not tall, and she stands upright.

    Is  that all I need to tell???

  • Ensis O'Wildlough…

    Eyes:  Deep green.

    Height:  He isn't a giant but he is still taller than normal.

    Weight:  Sinuous, frame.  Completely fit, but not exactly a hulk.

    Fur:  Dark brown with flecks of a lighter shade.

    Apparel: Green tunic with silver trim and a golden star on the front.  A black leather belt with silver clasps, wraps his waist.

    There's mine.  You can tweak him if it makes things easier.  But thank you all the same.
    Manner:  Is very proud of his lineage and it can be seen in his air.  He walks erect and tall, but not snobbish.  Never slouches.

    Face: As for his proud look, his faces structure only adds to it.  He has an angled face like that of a hawk and a high cheek bone.  The in most cases, he wears expressionless face, with the exception of when he is among friends.  Then there is no end to his smiles.

  • Thanks guys! 🙂 This is great. I'll start tomorrow when I can 😄

  • Abbot Grumm

    A gentle, humble mole, constantly smiling. He is very elderly. His ears and legs work just fine, but his eyesight is terrible. He wears thick glasses.

    Short. He comes to the nose of an average mouse.
    Large, leathery paws
    Salt and pepper fur
    Simple green habit, of course, but only wears sandals in winter.

  • Nice, I'll get started right now. 🙂

  • Raun- An old otter with green-blue eyes, silvering fur, but still lightly browned. He carries a shot, gnarled cane and walks slowly, kinda hunched over. He always has an expression on his face that says he's smiling, though he isn't. Just a happy look. As far as clothing goes, he spent most of his life traveling and never got to likely anything other than travel clothes. So he wears a gray tunic and a brown forest cloak.
        Is that good?

  • I decided that I won't start until I get at least 10. That way I know how big to draw them that way I know I have enough space. 😛

  • Do it in your own good time.  No rush friend.

  • Okay. 😉 sigh I push myself too much. 😞

  • Rorgus the Rover

    height: Tall sturdy build.

    weight:Not fat and not skinny very strong.

    cloths:Simple green tunic big sandals with a leather belt.

    face:Happy smiling all the time very jolly.

    eyes:Dark blue

    Theirs mine hows that?

  • I don't if I'm going to do this anymore…..Sorry, but I've kinda given up on it. I need to practice doing group pictures, and I'm kinda busy with my art at the moment. A lot of requests and stuff.

  • oh 😞 ok oh well.

  • Deeply sorry, maybe I'll try again some other time.

  • oh well that's ok.

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