Pirates of Jentez

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    The wind toyed fiercely with the sea to create a massive storm.  It hurtled waves of huge enormity in all directions the wind chose to surge.  Krell, however wasn't affected by the storm even though all around him sail beasts fought the storm for their very lives.

    Krell watched their efforts and barked out a laugh, "Hahaha.  Fight on boys, Krell will make it to his conquest.  Storms can't fight fortune and mine is at our destination."  He paused and then let out an ear splitting cry that could hear over the storm by his entire fleet.


    In the royal quarters in Holt Summerdell, Queen Narsia lay on her death bed, surrounded by her closest friends and family.  At her side knelt her young daughter and heir, Princes Renia.  Renia’s face was tight as she watched her mother dieing, she didn’t let a tear fall though inside she was falling apart.

    “Renia?” the queen gasped as her hand wandered towards her daughter.  Renia reached out, and clasped the hand of her mother in her own, “Yes mother, I am here.” The old otter turned towards her offspring, “I had a dream when last I slept.” She was prevented from saying more by a vicious string of coughs.  Several of the nurses rushed forward to tend to her, but with a lift of her paw they stopped.

    “Mother,” Renia spoke softly to her mother, “let them administer to you.  They….” At this, she was interrupted by the Queen. “What I have to say is more important than my health.” Again she started coughing, but this time no one raised a paw.

    She smiled at their obedience and continued, “I dreamt that I was sitting on the eastern shore at sunrise, looking out to the sea, when the sun slowly grew brighter and brighter until it was almost blinding.  I was about to turn away, when I saw a creature walking towards me through the sun’s rays.  As it got closer I could see it was a tall, young, female otter garbed in the armor of the Rhulain.  I knew at once it was Queen Tiria, Savior of the Isle.  I fell to my knees before her.  Then she spoke to me in a voice that stirred my very being and made me feel so brave that I could face any obstacle.

    " 'Narsia,' she began, 'I have come to tell you of a great sorrow that will descend upon your home after you leave it.  Tell your heir to prepare for the worst and to watch the western seas.' As she said the last few words, the vision began to fade. Then I awoke to all of you, right now.  It is a warning, my dear daughter, to you not me, for I will be gone before mush longer.  It will rest on your shoulders to defend our home."

    At this the Queen took from her head, the circlet of gold with the single green gem, and placed it upon that of her daughters.  Then, with a sigh, slumped back into the bed.  With her last gasp, she spoke, "I am coming your highness.  I gave her the warning."

    Thus passed Queen Narsia, High Rhulain of the Green Isle.

    Every creature in the room fell slowly on their knees and bowed their heads to the dead monarch.  Renia fell upon her mother and buried her face in the blankets.  It had been the first time that Queen Renia had ever cried.  She sat there for several minutes, and then stood up, saying, "Prepare the body for the funeral, send heralds out to bring news of the Queen's death," she paused, "and place a watch on the western coast." Two guards bowed and left the room as the rest of the creatures rose.

    Renia took a look back at her mother's body and then walked out of the room followed by all present.  Upon leaving the Palace and entering the court yard, they received a great cry from the crowd out side the building, "Hail, Queen Renia, High Rhulain of the Green Isle. RHULAIN. RHULAIN."

    Thus began the reign of Queen Renia, High Rhulain of the Green Isle.

    Fallowing the funeral of Queen Narsia, there was a feast to celebrate the new Queen.  It was a happy time. No one worked for the two days and there was no end to the food.  On the western coast, though, was a tedious task for those who had to be pulled from the festivities.  Gensi, a column commander, had been placed in charge of the shore watch, and he was doing his job well.  Every otter under his command had been allotted time to go to the feast.

    He stood in a tower watching the waters.  His gaze slowly settled on the otter patrol below him, who were presently taking breakfast under a shelter built into a hill by the shore; they laughed and sang songs as they ate, enjoying the reprieve from the harsh winds which had replaced the rain.  It was still raining though so most of the guards were doing like wise.

    Just then a strong wind blew out of the west that nearly knocked him over.  His eyes cast themselves in the direction of the unruly winds, when he saw the speck on the horizon, and then another and another, till most of the horizon was covered in similar specs. It took only a moment to guess what they were.  He grabbed the bell rope next to him and pulled with all his might.  Immediately, the otters below forgot their food and came dashing out of the shelter, yelling up to Gensi, "What is it, sah?"
                Gensi's reply was fast, "Hundreds of ships on the horizon, send a messenger to the queen at full speed and arrange the column in formation. Now move."  He looked back out to sea. There were more ships coming into view and he could make out the shape of some know. Gensi's face tightened as he remembered the messenger telling him of the Queen's prophecy.

    After sounding the alarm for nearly twenty minutes, one of the younger otters came to take his place.

    As he climbed down from the tower.  He saw that many of the local soldiers that hadn't went to the crowning feast, were already forming at the outpost and starting to gear for war.

    On the hilltop a single bagpiper's lonesome wine sounded over them like a soothing bath.  Gensi sent a gladdened look to the hilltop.  A piper's music was always welcome to a Green Isle soldier.

    But Gensi didn't have time to listen to the music.  He immediately went work organizing his troupes.

  • ((Ensis, your fan-fic is really interesting. Let me join! Sounds fun. It's time to bring out my Triad!))

    ~Early Afternoon, somewhere near Holt Summerdell~

    Jetwing spread his wings, enjoying the fierce wind currents that buffeted against his feathers. The sound of music and cheering filled his senses and he flew towards the source. Many otters were having some kind of festival, sharing food and stories together while laughter dominated the scenery. The sparrow took in the moment and flew back the way he came from.

    Waiting in their small ship was Jetblade and Jetfang, steering the vessel carefully through a narrow river that eventually ended up in a creek. Jetblade sighed, letting go of the a rope he was tightening. "Well, matey, it looks like we've ended this journey."

    Jetfang peered over the edge of their homely vessel and nodded. "Right you are. Looks like we'll have to go on foot next time. Wonder wot's that sparrow's up to."

    As if he had answered, Jetwing returned to their ship and perched on top of the cabin that had been built onto the ship. "Hurrah! I found the Green Islanders. Is not far, not far, we can make it on foot."

    "It's footpaw for us, but you can fly, matey," Jetblade remarked. "Our paws get sore, y'know."

    However, Jetfang was already packing his haversack. "Well, let's get going then. Maybe they have some spare food to lend us. Come on, Blade, now's not the time to be slacking."

    The squirrel nodded. They did not cross the sea in search of the famous High Rhulainl for nothing. He gathered his own belongings and climbed over the ship. With a splash, he landed on the still waters where Jetfang was waiting. Meanwhile, Jetwing flew above them, scouting the treetops for signs of anybeast. The trio trekked across the dense forest, towards Holt Summerdell.

  • Ooc// Wow this is cool! 🙂

    Early-afternoon~western shores
    Midnite the wandering otter, at last…Green isle! He had always wanted to go there, to see his relatives. Normally he wouldn't, being shy and not very comfortable around a lot of people. But this was different.
    He had found some sea otters who were leaving for green isle. He had overheard them talking.
    So he wasted no time in asking them for a ride. And so here he was.

    He had arrived in the morning the day before the death of Queen Narsia, so he was able to attend the funeral.
    He avoided the feast and party, he would much rather guard the shores. When he saw the ships on the horizon, his jaw nearly dropped. He whispered to an otter that was standing near him,
    "This doesn't look good at all..."
    "I agree mate, it doesn't look pretty..."

  • On board Krell's ship…

    Krell had been dosing when he heard the lookout call, "LAND HOE!! DEAD A HEAD CAP'N!!"

    Before a message could reach the cabin, Krell had already burst from the chamber, knocking aside the messenger rat.  "Out of my way, nuance." He sneered as the rat rolled across the deck.

    As he reached the poop deck, the island was only a small blip on the horizon, but he knew it was the Green Isle.  "Henthief!" he barked.

    The ferrit captain stepped forward, "Aye, yur lordship?"

    "Send the signal that all my vermin are to be armed in no more than ten minutes.  Armed and ready for battle." He paused and then, "And get my best suit of cloths, the scimitar, and my armor.  Have them put the armor on deck so I can easly get it if need be."

    Henthief saluted and marched off to do his masters bidding.

    Almost there… he told himself.

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    Early-Afternoon~western shores
    Midnite sat on the sandy shores, gazing at the oncoming fleet, he then started sharpening his rapiers on a large rock.
    A myriad of thoughts swirled around inside his mind, what were the vermin after? Were they the ones who had murdered his family? What would happen to him?
    "I just hope it all ends happily ever after…" He said quietly to himself.

  • "Aye, I wish the same lad." Gensi said softly as he sat down next to Midnite.  He had been running through the camp arranging his column of troupes for the fight to come.  As he had walked past the otter sharpening his blade he couldn't help but take a moment to sit and share a few comforting words.

  • "Aye…" He replied quietly. He stared out into the ocean, his eyes looked distant.

    "I'm not one to talk a lot, in fact I rarely talk to anyone. I just want to know something...it may seem like a silly question, but have you ever lost something...so close to you, that you would do anything to get it back?" Midnite asked, turning to look at Gensi.

  • A smile spread across Gensi's face.  "In a way," he started.  "My two eldest sons, not a fortnight past, left the Green Isle to seek adventure.  As I watched their ship sail into the east, I felt they would never return to me. Just a feeling though."

    He looked down at the otter sitting next to him.  It seemed odd that this one could draw that out of him.  He knew he would be close friends with the otter.

  • ((Ensis, could you do me a favor and RP someone from within the royal family? Preferably Queen Renia. I really need someone from inside the town.))

    ~Afternoon, Holt Summerdell~
        The Triad gaped in awe at the myriad of festivities being held at the place. Young otters were performing various acrobatic stunts while a nearby group of elders played some game using stones. A flock of kits ran passed them, squealing happily.

    Jetblade smiled while Jetwing, perched on his bushy tail, viewed the scene in awe. "Amazing place, isn't?" the squirrel said. "Wish I could live forever 'n a day in a place like this."

    Jetfang was about to reply when a young otter guard ran past them to speak with an older otter who looked full of authority and experience. "Commander, a fleet of vermin has appeared on the coast!" they could hear him say. The commander said something back but it was enough for the Triad.

    Jetblade grinned. "Vermin, eh? Jetwing, could you fly to that coast and see what's up? If it's interesting enough, come back here and report to us, alright!"

    Jetwing nodded. "Kraaah! Vermin bad, time for adventure! Kraaah!" he shrieked as he took flight.

    Jetfang winked at Jetblade, trying to detach an otter kit clinging to his leg. "Well, looks like we'll get our adventure, eh, Blade?" he remarked.

    The otter kit had successfully avoided Jetfang's paw and climbed onto his neck. "Preetee neck a las!" He reached out a paw to snatch Jetfang's precious necklace.

    "Give that back now, you rogue," Jetfang said, trying to grab the otter kit. The babe was too fast and had run away, holding the necklace aloft. Jetfang chased after him. "Hey! Give that back!"

    Jetblade shouted at Jetfang's retreating figure. "Don't take too long, y'hear?"

    The sound of flapping wings caught the squirrel's attention. "Kraaah! Large vermin, er, er, armada! Heh! Warra be Fang?" the sparrow said.

    Jetblade shrugged. "Nevermind him, matey. He'll come running back to us. You'll see. Now show me the way!"

    The sparrow nodded and took flight while the squirrel jumped onto a nearby tree, swinging across the branches as he bounded off towards the coast, following Jetwing's feathery figure.

  • Midnite smiled back at  Gensi, something he almost never does to anyone. He then looked back to the coastline, the fleet was getting nearer. He could almost make out the masts.

  • Hey, can I join?

  • ((Sure.  All! Any characters besides Gensi and family, Renie, Krell, and Henthief.  If there are any others from my plot, take them.  No need to even ask.))

    As the little otter babe scurried away, a large paw swooped here up.  "Little one," Renie said to the babe, "that isn't yours." And with a gentle paw took the necklaces, and turned to Jetfang.

    "I believe this is yours."  She then turned to the entire party.  An officer of here guard blew a short blast to his horn.  The festivities ceased.  Renie waited a moment then began.

    "My mothers warning was not in vain.  The western shore is about to befallen with a fleet beyond our reckoning.  All soldiers are to report to their post immediately," and then in a booming voice announced, "And know this, I will DIE before I let this, Our Island fall into the hands of any vermin horde."

    If the otters hadn't been so shocked there might of been a cheer but these bad tidings were too sudden.   Then Renie turned back to Jetfang  "Friend, would you do me a service?"


    On the coast…

    Gensi was also looking at the ships.  "Lad, I'm sorry but I must go."  He slowly rose from the ground when he spotted three young otters moving onto the beach, trying to hide behind a catipult.

    Gensi scouled, "Binso!  Aniso!  Lansien!  Get out from behind that thing. NOW!"  The triplet otters came out from behind the cart.  They were garbed in the recruit uniforms of a young otter in training to become a soldier.

    For a moment, Gensi felt a twinge of pride in his sons courage, but it was soon replaced with anger at their stupidity.

    "What do you think your doing?" He already knew the answer.

    "We've come to join the fight." Aniso said bravely, if not a bit shakish.

    "Aye," Lansien said, "To take the place of Embis and Huinse since they left."

    "Aye, to defend our home." Binso added.

    Gensi put his paw to his head for a moment and then looked back at his sons.  "By boy.  By brave," The straited up, "follish boys.  This is not the place for you. You've still got a full season left of learning before you are ready.  Besides, with me here, there's none to guard you mother and sisters. Not to mention young Ensis."  They looked up at their father as if to plead to him but his gaze was iron.

    "No, you will return home at once. Or you'll have the flat of my claymore to deal with."  At this he reached for his claymore.  The threesome looked as if they would stand their grounds when they turned and marched away, back the way they had came.

  • OOC: You don't mind if I RP Slave? I haven't RPed her in a while…

    ~In the heart of Green isle~

    BIC: Slave crouched in the woodland, her yellow fur bristling. There was a lot of commotion going on, she could sense it. Commotion means lots of animals. Lots of animals mean...food!
    The mouse stood up and trotted through the trees, making no sound as she wove her way through the forest.
    She and her Masters had arrived in the island, concealed in the hold of a puny ship of rats. When they had arrived, they killed everyone on the ship, disembarked, and started searching for their meal. But Slave had not found a meal yet. All she'd had was a wood pigeon and a skinny sea gull! Perhaps she would have been better off in Mossflower.
    But...she was here, and she had no way of getting back home. Which was scary, in a way. And she also sensed that danger was coming, fast approaching. She wanted out. NOW.
    She turned around and bared her teeth. Perhaps she would investigate The Commotion. Threading her way through the forest again, she heard a faint rustling in a bush. She drooled with pleasure. "Masters?"
    Three lean, black adders slithered out, and Slave bounced out to greet them. "Ohh, Masters! How ARE you? Have you caught anything? I'm going to investigate something going on on the other side of the island. Some sort of festival maybe. Why don't you go take a nap?"
    Narg, the leader, bowed his head and licked her forehead. "We will do jussst that, daughter. Go investigate." After they had left, Slave set out again.
    Eventually she arrived at the site of commotion, but remained hidden in the trees. Wondering what it was all about.

  • Midnite stood up and watched the conversation between Gensi and his sons, he chuckled quietly to himself.
    "Heh heh, they'll become fine warriors someday, with the right amount of training and discipline of course." He said to Gensi.

  • "Aye, if their only half of what their brother's were, I'll be proud to call them that."  He watched leave.  As they were leaving.  They seemed to stop and then jump into a thicket beside the road.

    When they came out again, there was an otter babe held between them.  "Ha.  That would be Ensis.  The young rascal." Gensi said, looking proudly at his families courage.  "Where's your family?" he asked of offhandedly.

  • Ooc- Hey Ensis, I would've joined sooner, but I was busy. Hey is it okay if I join as some kinda of old otter Veteran/General/Leader of some kinda? Or did you already have someone like that established? If so, maybe could I be a vermin Captain?

  • ((@Ensis: You wrote: "Then Renie turned back to Jetfang, Jetblade, and Jetwing especially." It's just Jetfang there. Jetwing and Jetblade have already started out towards the coast, leaving Jetfang behind. :D))

    "Friend, would you do me a service?"

    Jetfang bowed. "Of course I would. It's all I can do to repay you," he said, referring to his necklace he was tying around his neck. "Now, what can I do for you?"

    ~Afternoon, Coast~
        Jetblade shielded his eyes from the glaring sun with his bushy tail and peered out into the distance. "Jetwing, mate, can you see anything? It's shining wonderfully from here."

    Jetwing, who was perched on a branch of a sycamore, replied. "Kraaah! I see, see, the vermin! See the white, white sails and boats!"

    A puffy cloud mercifully covered the sun, allowing the squirrel to see clearly. He nodded, noting the ships getting closer. He jumped off from the rock he was standing and viewed the shore below. "Hey look, there are some otter buddies down there. Maybe they need our help," he said. He began to scale down the rocky cliff and jumped onto the treetops below. Jetwing's shriek followed him from the sky. Far away, the vermin fleet grew closer.

  • Midnite wasn't expecting the question, and merely stammered, "Uh, I…um...I-don't know..." He then quickly shuffled off, memories of what happened that night flooded his mind.

  • Ooc// Let me fill you in on some history Frawg:
    Green isle is a far away island of otters. It was previously taken over by wildcats, but then liberated when the Queen High Rhulain under the name: Tiria arrived, and defeated the Warlord. 🙂 PS You might want to creat a topic explaining your characters. 🙂

  • ((Seth.  If you want, you could be an otter column commanderthere was one such in my story, you can use any name of your choosing.  I'm going to go with each column is about 2oo soldier.  Their like legions and are miniature armies in themselves; each has a missile, pike, and sword battalion.

    If you want to be a vermin, by all means, take control of a ship.  If you really want to go all out you can have Hentheif.  The captain of Krell's personal ship.

    Jetfang.  I am sorry about the mistake.  I edited my post.

    Now to the fun stuff…))

    At the festival…

    Renia looked pleased, "I notice you had a bird with you.  I couldn't help notice him fly west.  I can guess the purpose.  Here is my inquiry.  Could you come with me so that upon your friends return, I may share in any new knowledge it may provide?"

    She said it with complete politeness and it almost seemed warm but there was a tone in her voice that seem to make it a statement more that a question.  She would do anything to protect her Isle.

    On the coast…

    Gensi watched Midnite leave.  He would have normally pressed the subject for he knew the otter was not telling him everything but he just then noticed a creature approaching from the east.

    It was Jetblade.

    Gensi turned and began to approach the beast.  "Who goes there?" He yelled across the camp to the squirrel as he approached.

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