Craic Fergus and company

  • I made these chaps for Quest for Sampetra and kind of made them up a few moments ago so bear with me at first.  May be a bit choppy.

    Name: Lord Craic Fergus (Sea Otter)

    Appearance:  He is all dark brown fur with the excepting of a white stripe down his back, which is hardly ever noticeable.  He is almost always wearing his military tunic of the Green Isle.  It is all a dark green with a silver outline and a golden star on the front and back.  On his head he usually wears a chain mail coif (hood), but will sometimes forsake it for a simple green beret.  As you can tell by his wardrobe, he is a soldier, and thus he has a weapon at all times.  His weapon of choice is a hand and a half sword with a black leather handle and then wire to the pommel which is a simple ball of steal.  (I'll post a picture of it when I get a chance and add it hear. Though he doesn't always carry it around, he also has long shield with a rounded top.  It, like his tunic, is green, with a chrome steal border and a golden star centered on it.

    History:  (He is in the time before the Wildcats and Ferrel Cats took over the Green Isles)Born of two of the nobility of the Green Isle, his mother(Kathleen Fergus) was sister to the High Rhulain.  His father (John "Johnny" Fergus) was lord of the western coast of the Green Isle and head of the clan there.  Craic was the second of two sons and his brother is now lord of the west coast and Craic became ambassador for his Queen.

    Name: Darby Shellhound (Sea Otter)

    to be continued…

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