Finshed the kitchen!

  • Updated

    Used Photoshop Elements 2.0,

    #1: The Goodside

    #2: The Darkside

    #3: The riddle Banner

    I post them up in the gallery.

    With each differnet banner it could go like this.

    go to the bottom and next to rules to change the skin.

  • I like the first and second ones. They catch your attention, but the second needs to be lighter and with some point of attention. It is the same way inphotography. You want everything focusing toward one part of the picture.

    But it is a good start. Thanks! 😉

  • Liked the first one best, but needs more of a conflicting element to it, like more villains. Maybe even put a half-sorta good-bad-beast. Like Veil. Second banner is too dark and, er, unclear. Need something to look at. xD I really don't understand the third one though. What's it supposed to be?

  • I think it is a document of the founding of redwall, but I could be wrong. I agree though. There isn't a focus point, but it is better then I could have done, without practice. Where is RL when you need him?

  • @TJ: In the first banner, you spelled Legacy wrongly as Lecacy. 🙂

    I could help in making some banners but I'm terrible at cutting shapes out from other pictures. xD

  • LOL! I didn't notice that! But TJ, my bro was looking over my shoulder and he does gimping too. He said that they were really good.

  • Well I'm grateful for the actual effort and initiative to even complete something like this for RL. That's the awesome part.

  • Sorry TJ. I know most of what it takes so don't look at me! points to Jetfang I will admit that I tried to do a funny giff, but I couldn't figure out how to do the stupid layer to get the fox in the grass. Otherwise it would have been great. I also watched RL do a BUNCH or giffs. Search Resident Geek on google and everything in the states is his work. Try it.

    We are soooooo happy that you are doing this. We weren't wanting to criticize. We were just saying that it looked good and offered a few suggestions. If you want, I can start learning once I am ungrounded and take over.

  • I've calmed down now. Went riding for awhile. After I had a tempertantrum and a shouting fit at the computer.
    Resident Greek? who or what is that?

    Yes I was a tad bit pissed earlier, but I have accepted it.

    I don't handle Criticizing well.

  • I'm thinking about the same as everyone else, but what I would like to know is what is in the third one from their creature?

  • Seriously awesome work, TJ. Amazing. Personally I think the first and second are perfect the way they are (maybe add a comma to "Redwalls" so it is "Redwall's"?) You did an awesome job of creating two pieces that will appeal widely to to very different style groups. And the colors are strong enough for an awesome skin scheme.
    I do agree that the third could use a focal point of some kind, though. Would it be possible to add a few items related to Redwall riddles over the top of the riddle words background (Kind of like the ink fountain and pen on our current banner provide a focal point)? I disagree with the suggestions for lightening it, since I think that doing so would wash it out and it would cease to be eye-catching. I really like the idea for the third, though. I suspect it may end up my favorite… I like cool-looking handwritten documents and stuff. 😄

  • Are you angry at me, TJ? I did not insult any of your banners at all. I just made suggestions. I didn't even criticize! I just commented on what I saw.

  • Jetfang, no I'm not mad at anyone on here. Don't worry, I just had a short temper that day and was a tad bit grumpy no wait very grumpy that day. Don't worry i'm not mad at any of you guys.

    Thanks for all the suggestions.

  • Those are fantastic banners, TJ! But I do have two small suggestions: On the second one, it is a bit hard to read what the words say…although I suppose that if you're reading the banner, you're here at this forum already, and you know what it says. So I guess that point is pretty much moot. The second one is swell.

    And the third one, it does seem a bit random to the casual viewer (although it's the riddle to find Martin's sword...right?). Perhaps have a slightly faded text saying Redwall's Legacy in the background?

    Just my two cents. It's great that someone actually got around to making banners. ^_^

  • @Fulcry- acually that is the swords riddle! And the background is acually a map of the atlantic ocean, with notes, and water. Nice try though.

  • On the third banner, I dunno if you have seen National Treasure or not, but if you could make the last line glow a little around the edges of the letters, if would be AWESOME.

  • That would look very good.  NOT that it doesn't already.

  • Excellent. Now all we need is a smaller image for RL, so we can include it as those tiny advertisement box things in other websites … would look cool with these banners.

  • They're all great! 🙂 Except, in the third one, what villains are in the banner? ??? I'm not trying to sound mean, but try lighting their faces up a little so we can see who's there.

  • Hmm, maybe partially cover their faces in shadow so they look real shady. xD

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