From the dunes

  • Kirera paced along the dunes, keeping watch with her one swift eye. Being strong of build for a female, she stood a whole head taller then most of the hares in Salamaderstron. But she also had something differant…. she could sense the intent of other creatures; there was no lying to Kirera One-eye.

    The wind whooshed over the dunes, and kicked up sand that stood loose on the slopes, sending it into the small patrol along the bank. The was something erie to the night, but the large hare couldn't put her paw on what it was. Turning around, she counted her numbers. Where did Marty go? Out of the corner of her eye, she saw some sand shift and then went still. Must be the wind… she thought, but she couldn't help but feel that something evil was happening.

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    Bic- A moment later, the sand shifted again. This time is was clear there was no illusion.

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  • "Gorg, take three and see what that…. thing is," Kirera ordered, motioning to the dune. As they scampered off, she heard a swish a blade and a body fall. She reacted instintivelyby gripping her blade. As she was about to pull it out, she felt cold steal touch her neck hairs and a cool breath behind her. "Don't you move a mussle.... Capt'n"    Traitor!

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  • The traitor stood with the knife poised by his Captain's throat. "Don't try to run, either. We have company." As if the prove his point, the sand shifted again about ten feet way. Gorg's body vanished into the sand. A moment later, it was apparent that the other members of the patrol were also gone. "I have to ask you to come with us. We have some things to talk about." He nudged Kiera gently in the back, signaling for her to move forward.

  • Kirera gritted her teeth. "Take me where you want. But remember this. Once I am free, you will be disclosed and I hope the Badgerlord himself beheads you." She would have fought back, but she would have to wait for an oppurtunity to escape this menacing group of cutthroat and murdering vermin. "Who are you working for anyways?"

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  • Ooc- Okay, that works. Let's just keep it just the three of us for right now then. The other creatures in the sand aren't your typical vermin. They're "Sandfish." (you can look it up)

    Bic- "Who we're working for is not currently your concern. As for being beheaded, I am touched by your most valid concern for my welfare. Now get moving." The hare didn't have the typical accent of his old Long Patrol fellows. He used the normal accent until now to blend in, but he wasn't too concerned about blending in anymore. It was obvious that he wasn't really Long Patrol material.
        He pointed over Kirera's shoulder to the edge of Mossflower woods. "We're going over there first. Then we'd like to ask you some questions. I know you don't want to answer them, but maybe we can work something out."

    Ooc- Maybe you can utilize the fact that he put his paw over her sholder. It's a great way for somebody to get flipped over an opponent's shoulder. That way your chara could try to get away and I could introduce the sandfish.

    BTW: The hare's name is "Vince."

  • Ooc- A reptile collective, with a few specific charas thrown in. I'd say there are about ten of them all around, but they're lead by one named "Jong-jor." Snagtooth handed me the chara. (old member). All the other names are similar (Ex. Shel-kah; Jong-jor; Kish-mar) A four-letter one-syllable part, a dash and a three-letter, one sylable part. It helps to make species have name formats because it's easier to identify them.

  • The large hare felt the knots on he paws. Clumsy vermin She began working the free.
     Feeling the arm holding her slip, she took her chance grabbed the wrist to prevent the dirk from slipping. Sticking her hind paw out behind her, she twisted it tripping the other up. Heaving with all her might, she sent the vermin over her head and into the stout walking happy in front of them. "Good luck to ya!" Then she ran, shouting warning to the other patrols around the mountain.
     Almost back to the beach, she saw something slither onto the path in front of her and then stand, rearing to an amazing height.

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    Bic- Jong-Jor hissed in annoyance and slammed his double-ended spear into Kirera's chest, knocking her to the ground. "Zzilly beazt."
       He was about her height, but he was highly muscular, like a solid lump of red-hot iron, straight from the furnace. Everything about he said danger and aggression. He wore strange necklaces and ornaments, clinging to body. Some were bones or shells, but most were cheap jewelry, strung together. He had a short, pointy snout and large golden scales with a strip of light brown running down his back.
       Also, he wore a belt across his chest into which all manner of odd, smaller weapons were slid. Daggers, a miniature hand axe and several metal hooks, with the odd throwing star stick somewhere. It was obviously more for show than for use.
       However, one thing that was obviously not for show was his double-ended spear: It was dipped in iron on both ends and had a leather grip in the middle. It was longer than he was tall.
       He opened his mouth and hissed at her. Rows of stubby, but sharp teeth showed and a long blue tongue slid out. It was the traditional challenge in his clan. He only did it because he didn't exactly expect her to actually hit back.

  • Seeing herself about to be in trouble, she raise her head and issued one loud scream. "EULALIA!" She struck out with her fist, then her foot, knocking the spear far enough to get a good strike into the sandfish's face.

    *          *          *
      It was chance that a small patrol of hares were passing by. They had only just found the dead on the beach when the scream passed.

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    bic- Jong-Jor saw the spear headed for his face and dodged it, but only narrowly. The spear's blade left a long cut along one side of his face. ((Is it safe to say that Kirera ran?))
        Then the hare started to run. Vince darted after her as fast as he possibly could, but he was a good distance behind her. He drew his sabre as he ran. Jong-Jor also pulled out a weapon from his belt, twirled it expertly and let it fly. The three weighted ropes whirled through the air, straight for Kirera's footpaws.
        Unfortunately, Vince darted directly into its path and the three ropes wrapped around his legs and one arm. Before he knew what was happening, he was face-first in the sand, then in the air, then in the sand again.
        Jong-Jor winced as he watched the unlucky hare do a series of somersaults, each time hitting the sand with bone-rattling force. He he finally came to a halt in a spray of sand, he lay unconscious and wounded. The lizard cursed again and whistled using his foreclaws.
        Suddenly the sand came alive with small bodies darted along beneath its surface. All eight of the creatures zipped off toward Kirera.

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  • As the whistle piece her ear with a shrill voice, Kirera immediately felt that there were beasts around her…. A lot of beasts. Then she ran headlong into a sand fish, knocking it over, but her as well. She was suddenly fish-piled, a bunch of slithering bodies trying to grab at her. Just as she pulled back her hind paws to strike out, stars burst before the captain's eyes.

  • Jong-Jor strode up to the mass of reptiles crowding Kirera and pushed his way through. Kirera was laying on her back, tied paw and foot with twine and showing no signs of consciousness. He grinned toothily and prodded the hare with his double-tipped spear. "Take her and the other hare back to the caves. Be sure to untie the other one." Then he looked up and his second in command. "Well done, Shel-kah."
        Shel-kah saluted. He was easily larger than Jong-Jor, but even though sandfish rank was mainly decided by size, Jong-Jor was much older and more experienced. Still, Shel-kah was better-favored by a number of their kind and Jong-Jor feared he would be replaced, but only so long as Shel did not respect him. So that was why he kept him within his ranks. He wanted to keep an eye on Shel-kah to make sure he maintained his respect.
        One of the other sandfish gripped his shoulder suddenly. "Zzri, zere are beazts come!" Jong listened carefully. Siig-Mah was right. The thunder of paws could be heard nearby.
        "Ztay above zee sandz, but keep zee harez beneath you so zey beaztz cannot zee uz."
        They followed his orders and hunched down over their captive's body and their golden-brown scales blended in with the sand. As the mass of running hares mounted the sand dune, Jong wondered how long the ruse would work. They were fairly obvious while running, even with the camouflage.

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