Reccommending Threads to include in publication

  • Please post here the threads/arcs/art that you feel should be included in the publication. You can check through the archives if you like, there's a lot in there. Even if someone else posts a suggestion, don't be afraid to mention it again. I just means that you feel it's more important. Any topics started after this topic was made will also be accepted as suggestions. Now's your chance to make something good and have it published.

  • I hope you don't mind if I add to that, Seth.
    We plan on using an online publication tool to do this. We will edit the topics you all say you would be most excited to see in the publication so that they read in a more proper story format, are grammatically correct, etc. But we will work hard to ensure we do not damage your posts, so that what you posted will still be what you wrote with minimal interference. If we must make major changes to something you wrote, we will pass them by you first before finalizing.
    We realize that we have virtually no finished posts on our site as yet, so feel free to nominate posts which never reached an ending, or have not finished yet. If they are near completion, we will encourage those within to agree on how they want it to end and get it there so that we can include it. For abandoned posts you simply loved, we will first invite those who were originally involved. Chara's belonging to people who are no longer with us or who say they are not interested in completing the post will be handed over to people who want to volunteer to help complete it.  We will include the names of all contributors in the front of the book (pseudonyms only, like we have on the site) and at the head of each "short story" or artistic rendition, or whatever ends up in there.
    Once we submit the manuscript to the online publisher, they will do a final edit for major  errors (which we should have all caught by then, hopefully) such as gross misspelling, and then make it available for purchase online. All of you, your grandparents, English teachers, proud aunts and uncles, god-parents, etc. will be able to go to their site and request a copy. When they receive your order, they will print a professionally bound copy and ship it to you. It will look just like any book off the store shelf.
    The money you pay the book-printing site will go two places: 1) most of it will go to the printer for their services, 2) the remainder will come back to the site's head moderator to pay for the upkeep of the site. I believe we get about 20% of the profits. The cost of the book will vary by page number and will probably range somewhere between 6-12 dollars.
    Those of you who have expressed concern about the state of the site (ie. the fairly sizable fee coming due in February) and were eager to help out can assist greatly by purchasing a copy of the book for themselves and encouraging people they know who might like a copy to buy one as well. We believe by doing this, we can generate enough revenue to continue using the excellent services offered by our current provider and keep the site ad free.
    Also, it will make us the coolest Redwall site in existence. Any money which is generated over the cost of keeping the site running will be put back into the site, perhaps as award money for a major contest, or getting a professional upgrade to the site. Several of us moderators know each other personally and will be able to work together to ensure no money disappears to anywhere it is not supposed to go.
    Due to copywrite reasons, we may not be able to use the name Redwall within our published works and so the name may need to be changed slightly or abbreviated. We plan on pursuing permission from Brian Jacques to have this waived for our non-professional and un-official publication. There is a chance he may allow this. I believe that if he objects however, there is a loop-hole where we can use it if we include "unofficial" as part of the name and use it legally. As I said, we are working on this.
    Please suggest ALL posts you believe are worthy of inclusion in this book, even if you were not part of them or all the people who started it are gone now.

  • Hmm. I guess the Full House (the first one) thread was pretty awesome, even though I left half-way and it was so close to ending but it never did.
    The first major story arc was pretty good too, even though it vaguely ended due to inactivity.
    Quest to Sampetra as well. 🙂 I really liked that thread.
    I might find more threads to include so I'll keep searching.

  • Hey, maybe we can still finish the attack on Salalmandastron. Snagtoothpassed me his charas and Cyber is still active. We also have a new BadgerLord (Orion) and Ensis is back. Maybe the four of us can all get together and finish it as best we can. (The rest of the arc was too complicated to keep, most likely though, with Mort, Trok and ShadowFlame). I'll get with them and see what we can do about that one.
        Another thread I'd like to suggest is "Escape." The arc we were working on with it is just plain awesome. If we can successfully finish it, it will be fantastic. But we need our posters back for it.

  • I'd be happy to get back into the old Arc.  MORE than happy, actually. I thought it had been finish by you guys but I guess not.

    Also I really like Quest to Sampetra as a story, too.  Just finally was able to finish reading the whole thing so I could start posting.

    And one other thing…and as soon as I remember it I'll post it...

  • Escaped/Hunter and hunted. we just need to finish H&H

  • I'd like to get into H&H but I'm completely lost and not sure if my chara shouldn't be in the plot there because he is somewhere else in that story arc.

  • I would not mind completing the attack, though I would need to -probably- rethink the reasoning behind the assault.

  • I think I'd need a refresher too.  A BIG refresher.

  • I've sent a PM to those whom I know posted on Escaped plese forward it to every one.  I want it to be a refresh so we can finish it off.

  • Hey, I'll send a refresher to the old arc writers. Maybe we can PM each other our old plans and see what we want to keep and what has to be thrown out. Then we can finish it together.

    Also, please from now on post links to whatever threads you suggest. It makes it a lot easier to track.

  • I think a good idea for that would be to start new thread with a short summery of the other.  One, is already started, Escape.  One for Salamandastron and wasn't there another with the Entrok.

    OH. And did you finish your Fan Fic about them Seth.  It was so good.

  • Thanks, but no I didn't finish it. I didn't think anybody liked it. I'll finish though, if you want me to. I'm also writing one, but it'll be much better quality than "Entrok".

  • I don't want to put you out of you other works just to satisfy myself.  Unless you really want to write it don't.

    I would like to hear about the other writing.  If it's better then Entrok, it must be good.

    And just in case this thought might pop up.  I'm not kissing up.  The simple thought of this being kissing up would be on most offensive thing anyone could do to me.  I've known to many people who do that to get into the person in charges good friends and it discus me to see people do it.  Everything I said was honest to god my true opinion.

    Don't think I'm accusing you, I'm just stating a possibility that might come up cause I was just looking at my post and they do look like the works of a kiss up and it makes me nervous.

    Just wanted to say that to ease my nerves.  Thanks.

  • Thank you, too. And no, it's no trouble. I can finish both and really kinda need to for the old arc to get finished.

  • Sweet.  I can't wait.  I remember when I first read it.  I though the Bridge was a continuation of it.  So when I read it I was so disappointed that it was a different story.

  • That's actually really funny! "Bridge" is a political allogey, more than anything. It isn't great though because it was the first real thing I'd ever written in my life aside from homework assignments and stuff. I'm actually currently writing the second part of Entrok right now. Two and a half pages in. Wil post it when I can. 🙂

  • Cool, but I think the topic at hand should probably return to what the thread is for, unfortunately I think I am to blame for that.


    What are we going to do about the arc.  I continue it in a fresh thread so only the active people will partake, or are we to use the old thread that already has the history?

    I hope we can get it moving again soon.  I really want to get another epic thread going besides Watched and Quest for Sampetra.  I started one,Pirates of Jentez!!, in a feeble attempt to do that but I don't think it's getting off at all.

  • Everyone! Join Pirates of Jentez!! It's a really interesting story and please read Ensis' fan-fic completely. It has the potential for an epic thread. It really is fun, so please join in if you can.

  • I agree with Ensis: good old storylines worth revival are worth summarizing. And MUST be summarized in order to be fixed.
    Many of them died due to confusion, to many OOC comments, and general disorderly posting practices. In order to get them rolling again, they will have to be cleaned up. Perhaps we can put some origonal RPers in charge of those projects? It will have to happen anyway if we are going to publish them (more than once, actually, since editing is a multi-round thing).
    I vote we allow someone to volunteer to take some of these on as pet projects and get honorable mention as editors in the publication. All in favor?

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