Just Three Words

  • This is REALLY fun… The idea is that we create a totally random story, three words at a time. Rules about one person owning a chara do not apply here. Everyone has free reign of all charas.

    YOU POST THREE WORDS, no more, no less.

    Every Spring, someone

  • trips over a

    But we are going to have to put this in like one post once it is done, cause the posting number won't be fair.

  • Interesting point. I wonder if there is anyway to exclude a specific topic from contributing to the post count.

    toadstool and breaks

  • the elementary vertebrae


  • lol… back at you.

    of a bug.

    (though of course, they haven't any spine)

  • So:
        "Every spring, somebody trips over a toadstool and breaks the elementary vertebrea of a bug."
    Hmmmmm… Wow...

    "But this Spring..."

  • it happened twice.

  • "Both bugs died…"

  • instantly. The end.

    There. That's a great example…. Everyone see how this works?

  • ((Thread cleaned)) Okay, I deleted the last random story at the request of some of the participants. Let's try this again.

    How about we try "Hot, Mediocre, Cold"

    It's where we take turns play the different parts. We start with "Mediocre" saying something random dealing with the intricate details such as the temperature of the room and the ingrediants in the cookies (random examples.) Then "Cold" talks about something evil happening and "Hot" trys to fix it so it isn't so bad anymore. It's hilarious.
        Wanna try it?

  • "There was this…"

  • (((Whaaaat? I don't know what you mean.)))

  • I don't understand either. Care to give an example, Seth?

  • You can say, "Hare that ate…" to the one I posted and then someone says, "a large helping...." and it continues like that. Pretty simple.

  • Hmm, I meant about Seth's idea of "Hot, Mediocre, Cold" …

  • Ohhhhh….. the first story is a happy story, then the second is a good-bad story, then the last is a bad story, then it repeats! It was initally a game played in the US.

  • "Hot" says something like "It was a joyful day in Mossflower and Tiny Tim was out for a stroll…" ("Hot" talks about happy, pretty and cute stuff) then "Mediocre" says something; ".... in a 35000 cubic foot marshland containing the following speciemens of flower..." (he gives pointless details) then "Cold" cuts in with something diabolical; "But little did Tiny Tim know, there was a horde of evil clowns hiding in the underbrush!" (OK, wierd example, but he talks about terrible stuff, tries to turn friendly characters into villains and stuff like that). Any of the three can say generally whatever they want as long as they follow their part. I used to do this at boy Scouts, around the Campfire. Sometimes we had to stop simply because we were laughing too hard.

  • Ok. Sounds…. interesting.

    "Once there was an otter named Tiny Tim, who was really fat and happy." Ok, so I am really tired. I couldn't think of anything.

  • Mediocre:

    "He was a Pteronura brasiliensis, more commonly known as the Giant otter. He was 1.7 meters long, had brown fur and bad manners."

    I just added my random two cents. Hot's turn

  • Hot:
    He was eating a delicious bowl of hotroot soup, and then he went to sleep.

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