"Someone to see you" (RP)

  • "You won't be late. We're almost there. May I show you the gardens another time, perhaps? Maybe tomorrow evening after dinner?"

  • Titia was thrilled, but replied calmly, "I can't commit to a time at the moment, since I don't know what my duties will require, but I would love for you to show them to me. Sometimes soon would be lovely. Will I be able to find you at the front gates tomorrow to set a time, or will you be somewhere else?"

  • A thrill run up Regal's spine as he noticed the glint in her eye. He turned the corner and they began to ascend the final stairway–an impressive spiraling masterpiece--as he considered her question.
    "As I told you, we rotate the guard. Every six days I'll be at the front gate. At a different point in that rotation, I'll be guarding the queen's bedchamber, so I will probably see you at least once a week. If you need to reach me sooner than that, you can leave a message at the head of barracks for section five. I get my messages every morning and evening when I report for duty and when I sign out. If it's an emergency, you can ask the army clerk where I'm standing guard. He has a rotations list with everyone's names on it and will know better than anyone else where I am and when."

  • "I'll try to remember that." Titia replied. She smiled at him "I'm glad to know I'll be running into you again, often."
    She turned away again, both to look around and so he wouldn't see the sudden conflict she felt. It was true, he was very pleasant and she did look forward to seeing him again. But she couldn't avoid the fact that it was also convenient and she knew that she would be using him. She tried to ignore the sudden pang of guilt she felt.

  • The staircase opened up to a balcony with a large double-door carved from a pale yellow wood. Reliefs of tiny, delicate flowers and ivy wove in and out of the surface and around the door handles. Soldiers stood guard on either side of of the stair openings. They nodded to Regal and he escorted Titia past them without further acknowledgment. Regal moved her paw off of his arm, bowed slightly, and rapped on the door.

  • The knock caused a solid, dark, and rich sound to emanate from the carved yellow wood. Light footsteps could be heard approaching and the latch turned as another squirrel opened the door. Looking inside, you could see a glimpse of royal finery. Velvet curtains and a thick, Turkish rug softened the smooth stone walls and floor. A couch, large bed, and a carved cedar table with various writing utensils were the only furniture in sight behind the tall squirrel maiden that had opened the door. She looked to be around 20 seasons with lovely dark red fur and large hazel eyes that took in Regal and Titia with a soft gaze that made you feel that you could tell her everything. She dipped her head to Titia and addressed Regal in a sweet, level voice with just a bit of a question in it.

    "Hello Regal, How goes the wall guard? And this is…?"

    Here she returned her soft gaze to Titia.

    ((Hope that was good, I'm still making up her character))

  • OOC: It's great, Raen.
    I cleaned up the comments above and modified my OOC post to respond to Regal above.

    BIC: "I'm Titia," replied the squirrelmaid, obviously nervous and self-conscious again.
    She held out a small letter folded and sealed with candlewax. Apparently a button had been used to press the seal. The simple appearance of the letter only added to the simple plainness of her own dress, as she was now suddenly aware. It was not ragged or dirty, but it was obvious she had been traveling in it and it was simple, lacking the elegance that everything around her seemed to hold. Even the color of fur and regal bearing of this new lady seemed to deeply outclass Titia.
    The question flashed across her mind of how Regal had even taken notice of her considering how plain she was compared to everything else around here. Probably a good excuse to get off guard duty. Though he had obviously taken the long way to get here, she noted.
    She brushed these thoughts quickly aside and handed the letter over, curtsying when the lady took it. "The letter is a note of reminder and introduction to my Aunt Letta. My parents wrote her last season about my coming, but she warned them she might need a reminder when I got here. She told them there was a position for training as a lady in waiting that I could have once I got here. I'm sorry if I'm arriving later in the day than expected. Regal was kind enough to escort me here since I do not know my way around."

    OOC: We need someone to play the part of the person who was ACTUALLY supposed to get the position who arrives tomorrow or so. Feel free to express some confusion over thinking my name isn't the right one if you want, Raen 😄

  • OCC: Whoever wants to RP the other girl, her name is Salara Skybrook. I can RP her if no-one else wants to. I made up her name so I could ask Titia 😉
    The squirrel who had opened the door seemed to take no notice of Titia's slightly ragged appearance, upon hearing her name, however, her gentle smile turned to a small frown. She took the letter from Titia's paw, opened it, and read it silently before looking up again.

    "Titia you say? I thought we received word that a Miss Salara Skybrook was coming. But I may be wrong…"

    She trailed off as she reread the letter. looking up again, she glanced at Regal before snapping out of her thought.

    "Well! All my training in manners wasted! I'm sorry, my name is Raen Iveren, you can just call me Raen. I recently graduated from the post it looks like you will be filling. Please come in. Regal, would you like something to drink before you head back to the walls? I have some mint tea brewing on the table."

    Raen opened the door wider to let both of them in. Now that you were inside the room, you could see there were several window seats with soft pillows nestled into the corners. A painting of an old squirrel hung on a hook embedded into the stone above a small, but beautifully carved cabinet. Out of this, Raen took two dainty teacups and a larger and thicker mug. Motioning for Regal and Titia to sit down on the couch, she  hurried to the carved table by the fireplace while talking to them.

    "Now this will only take a minute so Regal won't get in trouble for leaving his post. Make yourself comfortable while you're here."

    Carefully picking the teapot up with hot-mitts, you could see the steam rise from each cup as she poured tea into them. Placing all three cups on a tray, she glided across the room and set it down on a end table. Handing the mug to Regal, she gave one of the teacups with a saucer to Titia. Nodding to Regal, she thanked him.

    "Thank you for sending Miss Titia to me, but I think your fellow guard is getting lonely on the wall."

    She smiled at Titia.

    "And now Miss, you must tell me where you are from."

  • Regal bowed again, first to Raen and then to Titia, lingering in hesitation at the second bow, if only for a mistakable moment. He smiled.

    "Thank you Raen, for the tea. Good luck, Titia."

    And with that, he slipped though the half-open door and was gone.

  • As Regal slipped out, Raen got up and walked to the door. Popping her head out, you could hear her speaking to one of the guards.

    "Simeon, would you be so kind as to fetch a tub of hot water for a bath?"

    This was followed by a quick

    "Yes Ma'am"

    And the sound of footsteps gradually diminishing. Raen came back into the room and sat down again.

    "I meant to ask Regal for some bathwater but I completely forgot. So, where were we?

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