"Someone to see you" (RP)

  • OOC Notice: This thread is part of the Mange story arc. This begins well after Harrack has left Redwall and just prior to the attack planned by the vermin horde on Floret. For those active in the arc, please note the timeline and use your charas accordingly if you wish to participate here.
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    BIC: Regal the sentry felt far from regal today. The sky was boring. His watch-mate was boring. It was the afternoon shift, always the most boring of the day. Besides that it was freezing cold. He leaned against the doorway, scowling foully. He scuffed the dirt, hating his job, hating his watch mate, hating the fact that the idiot architect that designed this castle decades ago thought it would be magnificent to build it on a high, treeless plateau so everyone could see the glorious castle where the unbroken wind froze the soldiers to juvenile arthritis every winter.

    Regal looked up. The tiny group that had been wandering up the giant staircase for an hour had finally arrived. There were two, short pigmy shrews, wearing blindingly colorful bandanas and gruff, unhappy looks. The day might get interesting after all.
    "Hello, what ken I do for you?"
    "Guosim ambassadors here to speak with the king."
    "Guosim, eh? I haven't see any shrews in a while. How's your Log-a-log doing? Still steering the waterways with an obsession?"
    The taller of the two grunted. "That's what we're here to talk about."
    "Ah. Do you have an appointment?"
    "If we don't we will."
    Regal straightened. "No offense. It's not my duty to stop you. You just migh' be waiting a while. Through these gates, past the garden and to the left. Don't go directly to the palace. Speak with the Gatekeeper. He'll tell you what you need to do to gain audience."
    They went through the gate. Regal settled against the doorway, settling down for the rest of a boring shift. He regretted not picking a fight with them, bad as it might be for relations. A wet-noodle slap and he would have been home early.

  • Another small figure stepped up into sight, previously just hidden by the steep slope of the stairs and the shrews who had been walking not too far ahead of her. As she reached the top, she pulled her hood back slightly to get a better look up at the steep entry walls and then back and forth at the guards. Doing so revealed the delicate face of a young and very pretty red squirrel maid. She hesitated at the top of the step a moment before asking the guard timidly, "Excuse me. I'm here to see my Aunt Letta? Do I go in this way?"

  • Regal stood to attention, just fast enough to be flattering but slow enough to be cool. He flicked dust from his uniform and smiled, already glad that he let the shrews pass unruffled.
    "Who might your Aunt Letta be, miss? I don't believe I know that name."

  • The squirrelmaid looked down at the gaurd's feet. "She's one of the ladies in waiting to the old queen, sir. She's expecting me, but I really don't know my way around. Is this entrance only for important people? I can go in another way if you need me to." She sounded uncertain.

  • Regal smiled again, twitching his bushy tail in amusement.
    "You're plenty important for this door, miss. You must mean Lady Lettiana? Of course, I know her well. Bruce, stand guard. I'll be back soon." He turned back to the maiden, offering his arm.
    "I would be happy to guide you there myself. I would simply give you directions but the palace halls are a dreadful maze, and she lives in the back of it."

  • The squirrelmaid smiled at Regal. "Oh thank you. I hate getting lost." She flashed another smile at Bruce, as she slipped her hand through the arm Regal offered. "I hope it's not an inconvenience to you."
    As they stepped through, she spoke in a slightly chiding voice to Regal again, "And my name is Titia, not 'miss'. You say you know my Aunt well? I'm afraid I don't. Do you know if should I call her Aunt Letta or Lady Lettiana when I see her?" Her voice trailed off as she looked around in amazement at the bustle of the courtyard. "Do all of these people live here?" She asked in amazement.

  • Regail meandered freely in the crowd, deliberately going the longest and most complicated way to the desired suite.
    "Most do. In fact, we almost have our own city here to serve the king and his dignitaries. No bother at all, it's actually a wonderful relief. The wind is bitter cold today, Titia. My name is Regal, should you ever need it." He pondered for a moment.
    "I do know her fairly well. We rotate the guard throughout the castle, and I guard the queen's bedchamber about every 6 days. She is a fairly talkative beast, your aunt, I mean. You should definitely call her Aunt Letta. She would like that." Regal hesitated a moment, stealing a glance at Titia.
    "Now, is she your aunt or your great aunt? She seems a little old to have such a young niece."

  • "Oh, she's my great Aunt." Titia replied. "But isn't all that old. Boy, you weren't kidding when you said this place was confusing! I suppose I'll figure it out eventually…"

  • Regal chuckled. "You'll learn fast," he shrugged.
    "Are you from Floret or visiting from somewhere else?"

  • "Oh," Titia ducked her head for half a moment, thinking quickly to make sure she would get this right. They'd worked hard to hammer out something foolproof, but she had to keep the details straight. "Well, I've never actually been to Floret, proper. I grew up with my parents well out in the countryside. I'm getting older, though, and my mother grew up in the city. She would like to see me trained as a proper lady. Papa hasn't agreed on that mostly, but he gave in this year. With the crops so bad right now and…" Titia shook her head then looked at Regal and laughed. "You don't want to hear about that. I'm here to learn to be a proper lady. My mother got me a place under my Aunt Letta, training as a lady-in-waiting. So I think I'll be from here now. At least for a while anyway."
    She craned her head to see around Regal as they walked past a row of solemn looking statuary placed in a long row on his side of the open hall they were walking down. What amazing stuff they had here, she thought. She would definitely enjoy exploring.

  • Regal saw her peering with interest at the statues.

    "If you like those, you should see the royal gardens. These are the work of apprentices, but out in the gardens, there is stone wall that encases the gardens and protects them from the wind, and the master artisans are carving a mural that will cover the entire wall. They are more than half-done with it."

    Beasts who were allowed in the castle were allowed in the gardens, so there was no reason he couldn't impress the gorgeous thing on his arm a little more. Besides, it was another good reason to delay returning to his unpleasant post at the entrance.

    "In fact, the gardens are very close. Would you like to see them?"

  • OOC: Current status of Floret is best explained in this thread:
    If you need it, the King's name is Regino Almahora Treewind. He is about 30 seasons and unmarried. He's kind of chubby and lazy and bored, and lives for his own entertainment. We don't currently have anyone assigned to play the king. If he's needed anywhere, PM Fate or me and we'll figure out who to transfer him to. His mother has retired as queen, still lives in the castle. She aged fast and she was pretty old when she gave birth to Regino anyway… so she's ancientish. Fate, I think the queen is my chara, right?

  • OOC: Namaste, I do believe the queen is yours. At the moment, I think I have Aunt Letta, but that could change if someone else wants the position and asks nicely for it. She comes with instructions though.

    BIC: "Oh!" Titia was delighted by the idea, but then looked guilty. "I'd love to, but I'm afraid I can't. I'm supposed to see my Aunt before 3:00 so I can settle in and get some brief instruction before dinner. I think I might already be late."

  • "You won't be late. We're almost there. May I show you the gardens another time, perhaps? Maybe tomorrow evening after dinner?"

  • Titia was thrilled, but replied calmly, "I can't commit to a time at the moment, since I don't know what my duties will require, but I would love for you to show them to me. Sometimes soon would be lovely. Will I be able to find you at the front gates tomorrow to set a time, or will you be somewhere else?"

  • A thrill run up Regal's spine as he noticed the glint in her eye. He turned the corner and they began to ascend the final stairway–an impressive spiraling masterpiece--as he considered her question.
    "As I told you, we rotate the guard. Every six days I'll be at the front gate. At a different point in that rotation, I'll be guarding the queen's bedchamber, so I will probably see you at least once a week. If you need to reach me sooner than that, you can leave a message at the head of barracks for section five. I get my messages every morning and evening when I report for duty and when I sign out. If it's an emergency, you can ask the army clerk where I'm standing guard. He has a rotations list with everyone's names on it and will know better than anyone else where I am and when."

  • "I'll try to remember that." Titia replied. She smiled at him "I'm glad to know I'll be running into you again, often."
    She turned away again, both to look around and so he wouldn't see the sudden conflict she felt. It was true, he was very pleasant and she did look forward to seeing him again. But she couldn't avoid the fact that it was also convenient and she knew that she would be using him. She tried to ignore the sudden pang of guilt she felt.

  • The staircase opened up to a balcony with a large double-door carved from a pale yellow wood. Reliefs of tiny, delicate flowers and ivy wove in and out of the surface and around the door handles. Soldiers stood guard on either side of of the stair openings. They nodded to Regal and he escorted Titia past them without further acknowledgment. Regal moved her paw off of his arm, bowed slightly, and rapped on the door.

  • The knock caused a solid, dark, and rich sound to emanate from the carved yellow wood. Light footsteps could be heard approaching and the latch turned as another squirrel opened the door. Looking inside, you could see a glimpse of royal finery. Velvet curtains and a thick, Turkish rug softened the smooth stone walls and floor. A couch, large bed, and a carved cedar table with various writing utensils were the only furniture in sight behind the tall squirrel maiden that had opened the door. She looked to be around 20 seasons with lovely dark red fur and large hazel eyes that took in Regal and Titia with a soft gaze that made you feel that you could tell her everything. She dipped her head to Titia and addressed Regal in a sweet, level voice with just a bit of a question in it.

    "Hello Regal, How goes the wall guard? And this is…?"

    Here she returned her soft gaze to Titia.

    ((Hope that was good, I'm still making up her character))

  • OOC: It's great, Raen.
    I cleaned up the comments above and modified my OOC post to respond to Regal above.

    BIC: "I'm Titia," replied the squirrelmaid, obviously nervous and self-conscious again.
    She held out a small letter folded and sealed with candlewax. Apparently a button had been used to press the seal. The simple appearance of the letter only added to the simple plainness of her own dress, as she was now suddenly aware. It was not ragged or dirty, but it was obvious she had been traveling in it and it was simple, lacking the elegance that everything around her seemed to hold. Even the color of fur and regal bearing of this new lady seemed to deeply outclass Titia.
    The question flashed across her mind of how Regal had even taken notice of her considering how plain she was compared to everything else around here. Probably a good excuse to get off guard duty. Though he had obviously taken the long way to get here, she noted.
    She brushed these thoughts quickly aside and handed the letter over, curtsying when the lady took it. "The letter is a note of reminder and introduction to my Aunt Letta. My parents wrote her last season about my coming, but she warned them she might need a reminder when I got here. She told them there was a position for training as a lady in waiting that I could have once I got here. I'm sorry if I'm arriving later in the day than expected. Regal was kind enough to escort me here since I do not know my way around."

    OOC: We need someone to play the part of the person who was ACTUALLY supposed to get the position who arrives tomorrow or so. Feel free to express some confusion over thinking my name isn't the right one if you want, Raen 😄

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