Abbot Grumm

  • Temporary Abbot of Redwall Abbey (until an official abbot is chosen)

    A gentle, humble mole. He is very elderly. His ears and legs work just fine, but his eyesight is terrible. Although he can differentiate between larger shapes, he is nearly blind for detail.

    He listens well, and is everyone's friend. If anybeast is distressed, even if they are in the wrong, he will give them a fair hearing and listen sympathetically. He has an unusual knack for smoothing over difficult situations and leaving everyone smiling. ((So note, if one of your charas has a problem or concern, come to him and shed a few tears and he'll see what he can do. It's his job.))

    Not easily angered, in fact temperate in the most trying situation. He may not be the smartest (especially in anything tactical or war-related) but he is wise because he is simple and practical, and because he understands people.

    Honorable. He would rather die than break a promise. I mean that in the most literal way.

    Everyone loves him.

    He was born at Redwall. As a young adult he roved for a few seasons to experience the 'excitement' of the world, but grew homesick for the peaceful haven of home, and has been content to remain here ever since.

    Was a splendid digger, in his prime. He claims to have dug a hole from Ninians to the gates of Redwall as a teenager (an extraordinary feat), but with a mournful face always says that a portion of the tunnel collapsed and he forgot the location of the holes. No one knows (or cares) anymore whether this is true, it's just funny. Arthritis afflicts him now, and though he never complains he doesn't shift dirt anymore either.

    His wife died a long time ago, and he doesn't speak of her out of sadness. He has a son that lives in Noonvale with his family (wife, two older teens). As a result, for the first time since Redwall was built, it has a strong and steady relationship with the otherwise quiet, isolated village.

    Short. He comes to the nose of an average mouse.
    Large, leathery paws
    Salt and pepper fur
    Simple green habit, of course, but only wears sandals in winter.

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