Winter Feast 2008-2009

  • OCC:  Here's an idea that Namasta and Jetfang though up and I thought was pretty good too.  Every body come in and Post.  It's the Great Winter Feast at Redwall.

    All are welcome.

    Woodlanders of Mossflower, Hares of Salamadastron, Southwarders, creatures of the seas and creatures of the land, even be happy to see a few vermin.

    (But lets keep the supper serious things like a battle starts up, or something of the like, out of this.)

    Note, I think it would be a good idea if everybody portrays their charas as preparing for the feast until we have more members posting in this thread.  But it's just an idea so tell me.

    Oh and I also wonder if anyone besides myself would like to mix in some Christmas themes into this RP.  Just a thought though so tell he off if it's not a good one.

    Now back in character.

    As the cold winds ferried the crystals of winter hurriedly towards the grounds of Redwall Abbey, little dubbins stubbornly threw them back into the sky.  They played, happily passing the time that remained in day till the sun lay down for yet another winter nap.

    Meanwhile, inside the abbey, all the creatures were busy preparing for the biggest occasion of the whole season.

    The Great Winter Feast!

    All was husl and bustle as the here and there you could find a hedgehog tapping into a finely seasoned keg of October Ail, groups of mice and moles and squirrels scuring between kitchen and pantry for the needed supplies, there were even a huddle of otters concoting some of their famed Hot'root Soup.

    In their midst stood Ensis with a laddle in his right hand and a bag of pepper in his other.  "Don't be to scant now, poor lot's a the stuff in there."  Came the voice of one of the surrounding otter. Ensis quickly retorted, "Do ya take me fur a fool, matey, to be hallow headed enough to not give the soup a generous enough portion of the best ingredients." But the firm grim was quickly replaced with a wide grin, "Doen't ye fear a lick.  This hear soup will be hot enought to make yur toung jump out yur mouth and into the abbey pond and still not be cooled a lick.  Har.  This'll be moy finest creation to date."

    "Well now," Huinse, Ensis' second eldest brother, spoke with a bit of a laugh, "isn't that the same thing ye said about the last pot ye made."  He quickly ducked as the ladle came swinging oe'r his head.  "Away wit'chya.  Or there'll be none of this here soup fur the likes of your." Ensis barked as he returned to sturring.

  • Ooc// Well, I for one don't celebrate Christmas. And I thought redwall wasn't a religious kind of series? I don't think they'd be celebrating it anyway. XD BTW, is it possible for Fell to be here? I'm already using him in another RP.

  • OOC: perfectly fine on both accounts.

  • ooc// Kool! 😄

    Ic// Fell was busy setting up the tables. Setting up the chairs, placing the silverware, and helping bring the food in. He liked to try to help whenever it was possible.

  • Twinkle hunched under the weight of the deeper'n'ever'beetroot pie that he was bringing over to the main table. His name was twinkle because since an early age, the mouse had been able to handle carrying heavy objects with great agility. Only once had he dropped a dish, and he had been mortified when it happened.

    Plopping his load down on the table with a loud thump, the young mouse wiped the sweat from his brow and looked around him. "Hey, Fell!"

  • Fell looked about, he saw Twinkle. "Hey Twinkle how are you doing? Did you drop anything yet?" Fell said jokingly.

  • Ensis took a quick sip from his ladle.  Every muscle on his face contorted as the spicy concoction did it's work.  "Oiy.  That's done.  All we've gotta do know is let it boil fur a woil."

    As he finished his statement, he heard Fells remark.  With a little laugh he barked out to fell, "Ha. And that would be a dark day indeed."  then added with a mischievous grin, "Of course today is pretty dark?"

  • Fell heard Ensis. And chuckled to himself. "Yes, loathe the day that another bowl of soup is dropped!" He shouted back to Ensis.

  • OOC: Generally you want to keep a character in one place for story-arc reasons, just keeping in mind when things are actually happening. Let's say this topic is taking place like two-weeks after all the other topics currently active started (since this will go on for a while anyway). If you use a chara here that is active in another thread, make sure your charas get themselves back to the abbey at the close of the other thread.

    IC: Lily shivered with excitement in the bone-chilling air. She spread her paws out to the open fire eagerly.

    "Don't make it TOO hot, fellows. Remember there are otherbeasts who want a few bowlfuls but haven't built up a tolerance to hotroot. You can always add extra to your own bowl anyways."

    Thad snuck up behind her. "Aw, but then the flavor doesn't melt into the broth. You have to let it steep."

    Lily frowned disapprovingly. "Whose side are you on anyways?"

    Thad wrapped his arms around her waist.

    "Oh, yours. Definitely yours, in everything except food."

    Lily giggled and turned back to the chefs.

    "Oooh, Ensis, do you remember the midsummer feast at Salamandastron the last summer you were there? The hares had this huge pot, big as the badgerlord himself, and they stirred it with a gigantic oar. Do you recall it?"

  • "Haha." The booming laugh burst from Ensis' gut like thunder clap, " Remember! Wasn't it me'self that was nearly thrown from the mountain for trying to dive into it and drink it me'self. Oh, those were the days."

  • ((Just asking, but what is the current time allocation of this event? Night?))
    ~Redwall Abbey: Cavern Hole~
         Runnvar sat quietly on a hay cushion in the corner of Cavern Hole. The fox was kindly invited inside the abbey after a shrew by the name of Luna noticed him walking through the thick winter snow. He watched as Luna approached him with a tray of scones.
         "Here you go, sir Runnvar. You are our guest, so you may have some early snack, tee hee."
         Runnvar nodded gratefully. Taking the tray, he remarked, "You Abbey is most comfortable. Thank you for your kindness."
         Luna bowed blissfully. Luna quickly went back to the place where they were having the feast afterward to help with the preparations. She turned around when she heard Ensis's laugh and statement following it. She shouted back at him, "Would you like me to make a giant cauldron for you, sir? Then we can have some hotroot soup put in it and you can swim in it all you want." She fluttered her eyes prettily.

    ((Where is the place where they were having the feast?))

  • ((Nearing dusk.  As to the location, I'm for Cavern Hole.  Best place for a cold winters night. And I venture a guess the Luna is very young.))

    "Aye lass." came Ensis's booming reply, "That would be grand!"

  • ooc; i think this is not involved in the current story arc namaste
    there for we don't have to finish at the Abbey this could be a year or so after the events of the current arc
    ic; Gingivere decided to join in the fun,"I think thats a grand idea, he would probably eat him self to death then we wouldn't have to feed him anymore!

  • OOC: I'm guessing that your chara is a wildcat.

          Ensis sent Gingivere an expression of mock glare, "Oh,  and this coming from the beast that could out eat a regiment of hares.  Oh~harr."

  • ooc coming from a beast who once ate two whole super large size deeper than ever turnup n' tater n'beetrot pies in an hour flat!

  • A wide grin spread across the big otters features.  "Aye.  That I did, and let's find the creature that could match it. Ho-arr!"

  • Hmmm.. good piont. but ya can't eat as much hotroot suop as I can. or eat it as hot as I can
    ooc;trying to make it a contest

  • Ooc// I'm gonna be absent from this for awhile, due to a church conference I'm at. If someone can take over my character till' I'm back, that'd be fine. 🙂

  • ((Ok.  Cool.))

    Ensis looked shooked for a moment, but only a moment.  He took in a deep breath and then, "Oh, if you think that then you're a bold on indeed.  I have three pillars to back me'self.  Firstly, I have hot'root in me blud.  My great great grandfather, Duee Dipple Dunkirk was the single greatest hot'root eater the world has ever known.  He ate so much that he sent the entire Green Isle into a water shrimp and hot'root famine for nearly four seasons.  Secondly, I'm the 3 season winner of the hot'root chuggin' comption back on my isle.  AND lastly, I'm an Otter, the greatest hot'root eaters the world has ever known, and with my spectulation, ever will."

    As he finished his speech, his fellow otters gave out a roar of a cheer, that took several long moments to be quieted.

  • well I'm a wild cat, and we're mostly villains that have never tasted the stuff,but if one did that one could stand lots and lots of it, I've tasted it and I can take a lot of it! the 2-3 wilcats there chered at the top of there lungs along with a few other abby creachers. It was quite loud because the wildcats were very loud.

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