Lord Gingivere Blue Eyes (wild cat, good)

Name;Lord Gingivere Blue Eyes
nick name;help me on this
appearance; abnormally long and sharp claws, yellowish brown with spots (his pelt looks like cheetah, leopard etc.)

strengths; uses his appearance to his advantage for example to have a bunch of vermin under his camand thinking he is on there side. long claws.

weapons: claws and teeth, battle blade.

It's a good start, I think, but I'd really like to see you kick in a good back story (personality, history, etc) for him.

I agree wot wot.  Gotta give it a bit of pizazz.  Make it so we can post with this rotter and not be completely lost on the ol' beans character, wot wot.

As soon as that jizz is fixed up, old thing, everything will be top hole. Toodle pip.

makes a first try at molespeach ho ar zur thankee kindly hurr hurr. boi oky I'll get to work on zat.

Very good.  I fail in that sector of dialect that Mr. Jacques has captured so diligently, but you have captured it beyond sufficiency. Top marks.

thenk you  wot wot, hare isn't as hard you see! wot wot wot! just a lot of wotwots and jolly goods and all that jiggidy-jog.

Yes, but when I type it, I say the words in that speech with the proper tones and it sounds so much better.  Can't do all that rot with those moley types.

Not bad. I was much worse when I started. And I was 13. Your off to a good start. Why not use that gift in RPing? You could even start your own thread.

thankee kinddly zurr, ho arr mbe itz becauser i read all the book(ers?) and you baint ho ar.

Lol. Great to see some enthusiasm, but waste that on posting. 😄

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