Hunter and Hunted

  • OOC- Because of the importance of the last part to the story arc, I am going to continue this. If you are behind, check out the thread, Escape within the board "Southsward". Happy posting!  😉

    Flik tripped and gasped for air. The wound in his side was causing excrusiating pain and he was having trouble running. He had been seperated from the rest of the group and now was unfamiliar with his surrounding. I must have gone the wrong way! Just then, there was a scuffling sound behind him.

  • OOC-this is my first RP post so bear with me, and correct me. and what do OOC and Ic and all that stuff mean?

    Ic- Lord Gingivere Blue Eyes had been traveling for a long time, he had been just about ready to rest and get a bite to eat when he heard the sounds of shouting and somebeasts running. he began to run to the sounds when he saw a fallen beast up ahead it had dark fur and looked like its side was wounded and his foot was at a funny angle, he went and helped him up and began running to the other runners.

  • OOC- Um, you may want to change that part about other runners, but other then that it is good. Much better then some other beasts' posts. whistles and looks around lol!

    IC- Seeing that wild cat come out of the trees made the hare panic. Scooting away as fast as he could with his good foot paw, he grasped despritely about him for some form of protection. He had lost his sword in that battle with the fox. In no shape to fight back, all he could do was cover his face with his lanky arms. Sweat was dibbling down his snout as the yellow one lifted him from the ground. Shock played itself onto Flik's face as he realized that the other had no intetion of hurting him. "Why,…... thank you,...." was all he managed.

    OOC- I think it is time to bring in a seperate group now, don't you think? ???

  • Ic: as Gingivere was catching up he told the hare, "when we get to your friends tell them I'm not an enemy."

  • OOC- You don't need to do IC if you are starting out in character. How did he know that I wasn't alone? Good luck! 😛

    IC- The hare just looked at the other, not sure whether to trust the wildcat. "You saw my friends?"

  • "yes and they're coming up quick so you need to have them not attack me!" the wildcat seeing the hare's distrust  gave the hare his weapon "here have it, please trust me!"

  • Ooc- To clarify; what's happening is that CQ is posting for Flik in one area and the other charas are being RPed somewhere else, in the same topic. Depending on what group your post takes place in, just say so. Thus; "With Flik" or "In Clearing."

    (((Does anyone have a problem with saying that the group got to the clearing okay, minus Flik?)))

  • OOC- Who says that the people coming up are my friends? And who said that they all have to be in one group? That kinda defeats the perpose of this thread. I was wanting it to get rid of the stragglers.

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    IC: they were aproaching the others(in the clearing?). Gingivere was still worried; he saw two mice and a fox, a badger, and a lizard. The fox looked like it was crazed. He was almost positive that they would attack him, the badger would be the most of the problem. "I need this hare to tell them I will not attack and am not a threat!"

  • Ooc- Hey, Ging? The Clearing and where Flik is are two seperate areas. They're a fair distance from one another.

    Bic- (((About the other charas, Garth would not leave them behind. If Ripper and Kiara were lagging, he would most likely just pick them up and run. He doesn't particularly care if they live or die. He just needs them. So let's say that he figured Flik could fend for himself and he carries the others to the clearing if need be.)))
       (((RP post removed)))

  • OOC: come on do IC! have your guy sight me first or something, and i've been runing for a long time!

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    IC- Flik looked at the forest with ill thoughts. Those wolves are going to tear that place apart until we are found. "No, we have to get out of here." Foreseeing the coming argument, he added, "There are beasts in there that will tear us limb from limb until we give them the knowledge and item that we posses." Hoping down from the arms or the wildcat, he steadied himself and began hopping the other way. Just then, they both heard the howl. It was closer this time…..

  • Ooc- Ok, I deleted my last post to make this work right. So how should I introduce Garth and Mugru back into the story? Do they wait in the clearing, get lost or stay and get captured? What would make the story go along best? The main idea was to get Garth to Redwall, but he has to find out from the others somehow where it is.

  • OOC- No, they are running, and fast. Just have them appear in a random area. Maybe run into some vermin….

  • gignivere began following the hare. "were should we go?"

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    IC- "Away from here." With this, he began to hobble as fast as he could. "Maybe towards redwall, if it isn't too late, but there is a kite still trapped at the camp."

    BOOC- I can't really post more…

  • OOC - can't forget Kiara…for she has that item. lol

    IC - "Maybe we should go back and bargin with them. They want this disk, we want our lives..." Kiara said more to herself then to Garth and Mugru then sighed as she looked at the badger and lizard. At least she wasn't alone in all this. But what was so special about this disk?

  • Garth shook his head as he ran. "Not now. If we give them what they want they'll kills us anyway. I know these creatures. Pathogen never spares a life." Then he asked quizzically, "What disk?"
        Mugru shifted uncomfortably in Garth's arms. His mind drifted to the fake disk clutched secretly in his claws.

    Ooc- I think this is accurate. I'll have to go back and check it right quick.

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