Worst Redwall Book

  • As with favorites, you must have your least favorite. So what's yours?

    I'd say my least favorite are:

    Triss - Triss was blah, and Kurda was like, meh.
    Outcast - Poor Veil, but the story was blah, Veil had a LOT of potential as a good Abbeybeast.
    Long Patrol - hmm, there's just nothing new here.
    Legend of Luke - most interesting part was only at the end of Luke's story.
    Mattimeo - Mattimeo was like, ugh, blah, meh.

  • Funny, your least favorites are like my most favorites. O_o

    My lest favorite were
    -Eulalia!: Not very good character development, it felt rushed…

  • Most of the newer ones just don't do it for me. More specifically Eulalia!, High Rhulain, and Loamhedge. They weren't exactly the most memorable books. Well, Loamhedge wasn't bad, I just thought it was lame how the haremaid just starts walking on her own, making the entire trip to Loamhedge pretty much pointless.

  • True that, but the haremaid, whatever her name was, was a new kind of character. She wasn't born with with super intelligence or the innate skill of a warrior. Instead, she's disabled.

  • Let's see. I liked all of the books a great deal, but my least favorite Redwall book? Hmmm, I really don't think I have one, sorry guys lol. Everytime I think of one that could be thought of by me as my least favorite, something in that story comes up, that I really think is funny or moving, and I'm like, "Nope, I like it too much.

  • Surely there's one that is your least favorite, even if it is still your favorite? Oh, and welcome to RL.

  • Yeah, let me welcome you, too. I 'm kinda the same way. Whenever I think about what book was my least favorite (first time was today), I always remember the action and funny parts. Then I can't decide. Actually I haven't even voted yet!

    Btw, Jet, the haremaid's name is Martha Braebuck

  • The Outcast was horrible. WHY DID VEIL HAVE TO DIE?????!!!!

  • I agree with Larkspur. It was rather anti-climatic when Veil died. And yes, Martha Braebuck. One of my favorite characters. 😄

  • I honestly think that Redwall is the worst.  It was written before Mr. Jacques had set out a number of rules he follows in the rest of the books.

    Also, I thought Veil's death was necessary, to show that he truly had a good spirit.  Granted, I think the whole concept of one's species determining the majority of one's personality to be inherently racist, but that is how the character was written.

  • I agree and (slightly) disagree you you Cyber.  Firstly, Redwall(because of it being out of line with the more modern rules that govern Jacques world) is near the bottom of my list but there is no definite bottem for me. 
    It's kind of like I have three classes of appreciation for these books.

    Favorites. including Mossflower, High Rhulain(my fav which should be obvious considering my RP chara and my fan fic that I haven't quite finished yet. LOL), and a few others.

    The other classes I can't really discribe but their about equal.  I'm pretty sure none of you understand what I'm saying but then again,  niether do I.

    Anyway, that is what I slightly disagree with.  Now what I agree with.

    Veil's death was necessary and I am in complete agreement with your reasoning.

    PS: Welcome playful-otter.

  • Personally, I thought Legend of Luke wasn't all that special… You know how Martin the Warrior and Mossflower we're stories being told within a story? I was kinda expecting that and was strongly disappointed when I had to read about Martin and the gang.

  • I actually liked Mattimeo… XD I thought it was rather intricate, though the crows may have been a little unnecessary, since it should've mainly been about Matthias and the others who were going after Slagar. Slagar made a great villain.

    As for my least favorites, that is going to be very difficult for me, as I don't remember that much. I'm the kind of reader that goes through books once and never returns to them xD. Loamhedge might have been it, since I particularly can't recall anything about it, but remember physically possessing the book at some point. Mossflower might also be one, since at the time that I was reading it, I had wanted Martin the Warrior instead. A simple reason of dislike, but I'm trying XD

  • Triss

  • I never finished Eulalia, but I didn't feel very motivated to. Soooooooo monotonous. All of the scenes were written the same way.

  • @Sethorion:

    I never finished Eulalia, but I didn't feel very motivated to. Soooooooo monotonous. All of the scenes were written the same way.

    i realy liked, but then again i thought the sable queen was below avrage( most people disagree

  • While I love all the books from Taggerung and back, from Triss onwards the books are decidedly more mediocre in my opinion. However, the only one I can actually say I disliked, and therefore my worst Redwall book, is High Rhulain. Boring heroine, very little happened, and the death of the villain was super anticlimactic.

  • I'm about 3/4 done with High Rhulain and I have to say it's the worst Redwall book that I've read so far.

    Very little action, mostly boring and sterotypical characters(the only character I truly like is Cuthbert), extremely predictable plot (as in more than usual).

  • I absolutely hated High Rhulain; the plot was completely underwhelming, and Tiria irritated me to no end. She was supposed to be the heroine, and everybeast admired her because of her heritage, but she never really did much until the very end. She never proved herself a capable leader, unlike Leatho or Banya, and yet she was chosen as the leader of the Green Isle because she was a descendant of a great warrior.

    I suppose it's just my American disdain for the monarchic style of government. ^-^

  • Judging from the previous posts, High Rulian seems to be the worst XD

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