List of online members

  • Since we're still struggling to recruit more members on this site, I would like to compile a list of all currently active members on RL.

    • Jetfang

    • CyberStormAlpha

    • Seth

    • Orion Fulcry

    • Criegon Quall

    • Cloudberry - Absent

    • Namaste - Absent

    • Fate - Absent

    • Ensis

    • Lord Gingivere Blue Eyes - Absent

    • TJ

    • Fell

    • Larkspur

    • Biddy - Absent

    • Frawg luvah

  • Larkspur is here too… 😛

    Is Cyber active? I haven't seen any posts from him in a while....

  • Cyber stated that he would be gone for a couple weeks on a visit, I believe. I'm afraid we may have lost a few members to the post where people were reorganizing to go elsewhere. We might be able to rerecruit them from other sites. I'm supposed to e-mail inactive members who posted any time within the last year, but I'm not sure yet how to do that. Still exploring my super-powers on this board.
    thunderous laugh
    Working on it, though…
    Feel free to recruit. Let's try to avoid posting anything that might discourage newcomers by evident lack of activity. Now that that site it cleaned, it has been picking back up and will continue to do so. Besides, compared to other sites, we have a remarkably active community.
    Finally, as I mentioned, we Admins have been getting together and plotting some majorly cool stuff for the site that will put us ontop, bar none. We'll be cooler than Starry's was, even (no disrespect to Starry's; moment of silence).
    Our first major hurdle is putting some things such as a map in place and pinning down some posting and critique rules. This is going to become a more serious writing forum (but still with all of the fun) and we plan to even make arrangements for publication of some threads. More on that later.
    The next hurdle will be getting the fee to continue to site past February. Anybody who might be able to pitch in, please PM me or Seth with the amount. We would prefer to use PayPal to avoid any trouble with funds. This is totally voluntary.
    We realize many of you might not be able to contribute funds: we ask that you assist in site renovation by replying to threads asking for feedback and also by just keeping going with your excellent writing work! We're seeing some good stuff on here.
    Finally, we realize many parents have expressed hesitation over their wards spending very much (if any) time on sites such as ours. One thing we want to make readily available is something on the front page that tells parents "this is a great place for your kid to be". If any of you have specific ideas about what to include in that, please PM me.

  • Apologies for a lack of activity this past month. It's taken a bit longer to put my affairs in order state-side, now that I've returned safe and sound.  Rest assured that I shall be trying to pick up where I've left off in those threads not archived already for posterity.

  • Larkspur added. Can't believe I forgot.

  • Awesome, Cyber. Any threads you would like ressurected, just lemme know.

  • Ensis added. Hehe, I'm glad to see that very nice list.

  • I'm still Kicking around 😛

  • Added. 😄

  • wow! we could actuly finish H&H!

  • Frawg Luva just joined and so did Serrel! Yeah! 😄

  • points Look my names up on the board bounces up and down joyfully

  • ??? I don't understand what you are saying.

  • slaps head My my, What ya gonna do when they come for you. lol just kidding.

    I'm happy because I"m up on the topic list as TJ. I'm happy becasue I'm considered active. Get it?

  • My names there twice.  Does that make me doubly active?

    I think more along the lines of doubly AWESOME…(crickets sound in the background)

  • If his name is up their twice I want mine too. Just kidding.
    And we all know who is more awesom…me.  😉

  • That's what you think.   😛

  • noddes yes I think highly of  myself online. lol

  • What about when you're offline?
    OK, seriously though. Guys, the site is still under maintenance. I will inform you when the site is back on. Until then, please, do not get on. I was warned by a friend of mine that the security is not nearly adequate and that anyone on here is at risk until it is fixed. Please, I don't want anyone to get hit by a virus, wich is very possible at the moment.
        The issue will be fixed very soon, but until then, I need to ask you all to not post. Please…

  • Ok. I sent a link yesterday to a friend that does hacking on a site called, and he found that the problem was in the source code. Even when Seth shut down the site, it was still redirecting on google. I wanted my friend to take a look at it and it appears that there is no threat in posting right now. We just need to delete the code and make it so that bots can't get in.

    There has been a problem in the past where members trying to register had to type some words into a box in order to get on. The problem was, that there was no text showing. I have an idea on how to fix that. Ori0n, you may recognize this. What we do is we get rid of the text and make a box that says 'Are you human?'. It will automatically be checked in the 'no' box. If it is on no, then the user can't be made. Most bots just go to a site, click on register and auto fill the rest. They don't do any of the extra options. This should prevent the problem addressed above and keep bots out.

    Correct me if I am wrong Seth, but I beleive that it is now safe to post. Hurray! 😄

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