Martin the Warrior all the way.


They cant beat Taggerung, though. 😉

Wow, split crowd. I must admit, I have not read the last three, yet. I've found that most of the time that authors want to quit a series, the books go downhill in quality anyway. And I know Jacques wanted to quit years ago. Us adoring fans just wouldn't let him. lol
Still, I'll have to get around to reading them eventually… adds books to growing library list

I still like Taggerung the best though. xD

Yep, me too.  😉 But I also like High Rhulain and the first book that came out.

I've always found the majority of villains to be a tad blah, and thus, my favourites have ones that break the mold.

Yup. Stereotypes get boring quick. Real people are so much more interesting anyway; why do people stereotype?

Of course Martin the Warrior.
Rakkety Tam would be a second choice.
Then Taggerung.
And High Rhulain.
Who could forget the very first…Redwall!

I didn't know Brian wanted to quit.I mean, he didn't intend to write 21 books,each about400 pages but he wanted to quit?

The Bellmaker. Definitely. BUt I like pretty much all of them, Bellmaker the most, although you must read Mariel of Redwall to understand it.

Kaello! You're back!! (if you ever left) This is really off topic but Flytermo and I kinda need your chara's to post if we're going to keep "into the camps of Ozar" alive.

OK, fav book…..ohh tough. I read every book lk..twice but I haven't read any in a while so I'll just go with the ones I have embedded in my memory lol.

High Rhulain
Long Patrol
Rakkety Tam

Note: I didn't number them cause I like all of these ones the same...Long Patrol...I completely forgot about one of my all-time favorites!

The last book I read, was Eulilia  (No idea on the spelling). After I read all the books in our School Library, My mom bought me Eululia or whatever it's called. I don't even remember the plot of that book.

My favorite Redwall book is Lord Brocktree, but Triss is a very close second!

Try every book I've read. My favorite of these is The Fellowship of the Ring:p

My favorite Redwall would have to be Eulalia. I love that book, I've read it like three times 🙂

Wow seriously? No one said Mossflower?  Thats the book that started me into this and i thought that was the best written one of all of them.  Mossflower all the way

I love all the books. No offnse, but I own Elaui (srry about spellling) and it was it was great, though the plot could have been worked on a bit more.

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