Lily, the other otter

  • Okay, so super brief:

    Lily is a female otter about 20ish. She was born at Redwall but her family moved to the shores by Salamandastron before her dibbun years were expired. Her family is very large (9 children). She is betrothed to Thad, who she finds extremely funny and sincere, and is frankly amazed that she got so lucky. She is related to the Mossflower otter holts and probably has a few cousins around.

    Lily get along with everyone and is typically cheerful. She is very perceptive and tries to give advice when appropriate. She is feminine, but works very hard and does her part. She is concerned for others by default.  \

    Introduced in this thread:;topicseen#new

  • oh, and btw, she's very pretty but feels totally normal… her contact with other otters has been pretty limited to her own family.  She is average height, athletically built, with brown sunbleached fur from being outside so much.

    She is a decent climber and can hold her own against a squirrel.

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