Thad, the rad, rad otter

  • (Tall,  25ish, funny, a little concieted in tone but actually very generous and concerned about others. Permanent smile pasted on his mug. Loves dibbuns and small beasts because they are so open and love to romp more than adults.)

    I am tall and handsome, truly among the most dashing in my race. I am a descendant of the Lutran holt, although I was not born there. I am a citizen of Floriet and loyal to the royal squirrel family.

    Because my family lived in the fringes of the land, where vermin were a little bolder,  my father taught me to fight and fight well, but only in defense.  Swimming is my preferred method of travel and I can easily cover four days' travel in one by taking streams and rivers. Because I am swift I have served as messenger for Castle Floriet more often than soldier. My latest assignment was at Salamandastron, where I stayed semi-permanently and ran messages back and forth from the mountain and the Castle. It was enormous fun. I had never seen a hare before, and took right away to their loose and informal manner of speaking. Though I have an excellent grasp of grammar, I will often slip into accents to amuse others or myself.  I was at Salamadastron for about three seasons and met Lily there… she was living close to the mountain and visited occassionally.

    Lily and I are betrothed. She is perfect and I have eyes for no other beast. Her family was happy for us but not excited when we announced that we wanted to rove before settling down. After an argument we ran away together. In the past two and a half seasons we have traveled all the way to the holts of Lutra, to Floriet, and ran across a few abandoned dwellings (Loamhedge was one of them).  We sailed north on the ocean for a long time, until it became chilly for summer and then abandoned our boat to meander around in North Mossflower for some time. We finally decided to visit Redwall where Lily was born and lived for a few seasons as a dibbun. We plan on cleaning up our wardrobe (which was purchased in Floriet and desperately needs repair) while we are at Redwall, taking a few weeks of rest and then traveling due west to explore the far woods.

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