Midnite the Otter. My second RP character

  • Midnite the Otter

    Midnite is an otter of many things. He was born with pitch black fur, that seemed to refuse to shine, no matter how intense the sunlight, he was always pitch black. His eyes were a pale yellow, like the moon. His father was a skipper for a tribe of otters in the north, his mother was a healer in the tribe.

    As a child, his father trained him to fight. He taught him how to use a sword, and how to wield a javelin. They would train whenever they got the chance.
    His parents had died when he was a teen. The tragedy happened in the night, somehow a large vermin band had snuck on the sleeping tribe and murdered almost all of the tribe, his parents tried to fight, but his father was cut and wounded in a dozen places, and his mom was badly injured. His father ordered his mother to take Midnite and run, as far as they could. They managed to escape, but his mother was so badly hurt, she died as soon as they were far from the holt.

    The event has left Midnite alone, orphaned, and alone. He remembered his fathers lessons, he remembered his fathers jokes about a warrior never crying. He would say those whenever Midnite would cry if he got hurt. Though, maybe he was serious after all. Midnite stopped crying after a while. He walked away, never forgetting that night, and vowed to have vengeance on his parent's death ever since.

    Now in his 20's he has become a lone wanderer. Wearing large, floppy, hooded black cloak, and armed with 2 long rapiers, fitted with black pearls that refuse to shine just like him, that he hides inside his long sleeves. He has become a master of Camouflage and close range fighting. His skills with the rapier have become legendary among shrews. Since his cloak hides who he is, most of the time he can pass off as a ferret, or some other type of vermin.

    He's usually very antisocial, preferring to be alone.

    I had him in my mind for a while. Now I finally get to use him 🙂

    Here's a sketch of what he pretty much looks like, http://i34.tinypic.com/6qzjwz.jpg

    Hope you find him interesting, 🙂

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