Map! Distances?

  • Hey, everyone else has probably noticed this too, but most of the Redwall maps in the books conflict. It would be really amazing if we had a map of everything, so we don't have conflicting cues on where people are and what everybeast is doing. It provides a standard for location and makes that "Oh, I'm at redwall but I'm desperately needed at Salamandastron tomorrow!" superbeast-jump thing impossible.. lol… People have to think ahead or let bad thing happen. It'll spice things up.

    We need to have some sort of consensus on where everything goes though...

  • just copy the book one onto here.

  • I believe Namaste's point is that the many maps from the books are all different from each other. So, for example, while in one book, a map might say the path is on the east side of Redwall, another might say it is on the west side.

  • Yes, many maps in the Redwall series often contradict one another. Usually, I take no notice of it, as it would disrupt my enjoyment of reading a Redwall book. 😛

  • lol. Ah, the details. We'll need to get the details down here folks, I'm afraid. Collaborative writing makes it necessary if we want to get the work up to a serious quality. We Admins have been plotting on that, by the by… More on that later, once things are set in stone.
    Namaste, may I suggest we have people submit entries for map proposals? People can vote for what they like best, and what is most popular and most appropriate gets consolidated and recreated in a professional format for posting on the site. If it is done with a clear background, a very light version of it can be posted as a background to prompt people for locations as they type (like a watermark thing behind the posts).

  • lol… I'm not really sure what you mean by a clear background and everything, but I do have a map draft for you! (nothing fancy, just an initial sketch)

    In the bottom left hand corner, that thing is supposed to be labeled "Isle of Wrecked Ships" it's backwards because I accidentally drew the entire map backwards and had to go in afterward and flip everything… 😛 I guess I missed a spot.

    The arrows on the rivers show the direction of water flow.


    BTW, where is Noonvale?

  • I believe Noonvale is to the East below Loamhedge and not too far above Southsward. That was my impression from Martin the Warrior, at least. I'd double check a copy of the book to be sure.

  • The map in Martin the Warrior didn't show Noonvale at all…

  • Then stick it anywhere you want. Actually, my I suggest we extend our map coverage of the island? There's no reason we can't move out into areas dear Brian never used. just extend the coverage so that it shows more of the island (not the whole island, so there is room to add) and people can stretch out. We might even want someone to act as Cartographer for our site as we expand into 'the wilderness'. lol
    Just so long as I get a relatively untouched piece of land to stick my nasty little tribe in…

  • Sure, I can make room for your guys…  &=) They make life interesting, so it's worth it. Where do you want them to go?

  • take it from the song,

    "You will find me at noonvale, on a side of a hill." also in the book didn't it say that noonvale was behind or near a waterfall?

  • Castle Floret should be a bit more south and Loamhedge as well + that is one BIG chasm. 😄 Other than that … good work on the map, even though it, er, doesn't look, um, quite as attractive as most other maps.

  • gosh, guys, it's a first draft… lol... It's a pretty big bell and badger too, if you're comparing it to Salamandastron... 🙂 I didn't want to put hours and hours into the ink version until people were happy with the locations and distances.

    I kinda like where Loamhedge is. It gives the map a distributed feel, and whichever map I looked at (I forget now) did show Loamhedge as being farther North than Redwall. Why do you think it goes South?

    Thanks for everybeast's input!

    Hey Fate, do you want to draw a five-minute "this is what the expanded island could look like", including the location of your squirrel village and the ruins of Marshank? We'll also let you decide where Noonvale should go, since it seems appropriate to let Fate do that... lol... Nothing fancy, you can even do it in Paint. 😛

  • About the Loamhedge North-South issue, we might have gotten different versions of Mattimeo and Loamhedge, and thus, different maps. So … 😛

  • That makes sense. In that case, do you mind if I leave it where it is? It gives us more expansion room in that big empty area to put places like Noonvale, etc.

    Hey, I just realized that we need to correct the boards…. Noonvale is currently showing as being in the Northlands, and Loamhedge should go there.

    Eh, I guess we'll fix it all once we have a final map.

  • The boards do need some rearranging… note problems in here and I'll switch them around when I have a couple (easier to do all at once).
    Eh, I just kind of got the general feeling that Noonvale was somewhere in that vicinity when I read the book. Brian really wasn't specific about it.
    My arrogant squiggles just need a nice large forested area, backed by terrain most people wouldn't want to try passing, and possibly some ocean near it. What about along the beach on the Loamheadge side of the map? The chasm can move up into a difficult to pass fault so it's pretty much cut off from all but one direction. That way, they don't take up too much of the map, either. Whatcha think?

  • Do you mean they are on the west side of the chasm, accessible to Mossflower beasts without crossing the chasm, or wedged between the ocean and the chasm on the east side?

  • Wedged between ocean and chasm. That way it's remote, keeps them from spilling out into well-known areas, and makes escapees less likely…

  • Namaste, from what I recall, there was an official map produced sometime before the most recent books… I think it was in one of the 'kiddie' materials for Redwall.  Have you heard of it, or am I thinking of an old book project I did in middle school and making it more than it was?

  • I haven't heard of it, but I haven't really searched for anything like it either…

    hmmm... 30 seconds gives a result showing a "Redwall Map and Riddler" thinggummy from 1997, which apparently show where everything is, but it's copywrited, so we can't post it on the site.

    Have some faith in my drawing guys, the final map won't look trashy like the draft... I've taken a college drawing class and I'm going to do it on 18x24 professional drawing paper with special pens, the whole nine yards... It'll be something every other Redwall website on the world wide web is jealous of.

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