Otter, goes by Ruby (formerly 'halfbreed')

  • Clearly a half-breed, she's an otter but from a long isolated tribe which has changed slightly over time. Those within her tribe are on the small side for otters, though significantly larger than squirrels (she's average). Also, she has very unusual coloration: deep, dark red fur. The color deepens sharply across the top of the head, coming into black at the ears. The small longer than usual claws are totally black and her eyes are grey-brown. Her tail is the broad rudder-like tail of an otter, but slimmer than usual. She has a low alto voice.
    She has a barely notiecable limp on her left side. Also, if you looked close, you might see a few scars.
    Obviously running. Introduces herself as Ruby.

    Yet unknown but relevant background:
    Her actual name is Acroya Springbeech.
    She comes from an isolated tribe of otters that are smaller than average and share her peculiar coloring, with the exception of the eyes (hers are too light).  Her mother was an otter from that tribe, but her father was an otter from outside. The tribe has virtually isolated themselves within a remote forest and does not permit intruders of any kind for any reason. Of their tribe, only trackers leave the forest and only under unusual circumstances. Members of this tribe consider themselves generally superior to all other beasts, including and especially other otters. The only exception to this rule is swans, whom they highly reverence as the most perfect of all creatures (themselves being second, of course). They have their own dialect, but trackers are trained in the common speech general to this world. They need it to do their job, 'however unpleasant and degrading it is'…
    There is currently a group of trackers out who have been attempting to catch up with Ruby/Acroya for about four seasons. She just recently returned from across the sea where she went for a few seasons to escape. She thought it might be safe to come back now. Apparently, she was wrong, because she has been home only a season and they are on her tail again. This may seem unusually persistent, but when she escaped from her tribe, she abandoned a position essential to the 'proper' function of the tribe and hid or destroyed important information before leaving and destroyed some parts of their social system (ie. released a compound full of travelers who had found their way into the territory and been kept secretly as slaves). They need to get her back to put there system back together. Not to mention, it is an embarrassment to have her mixing with 'lower creatures' and she might put the tribe's isolated status in jeopardy.

    Strengths: very strong willed; stubborn; driven by a strong sense of right and wrong; intelligent and quick-thinking; learns quickly; musical; works well with her hands; adapts well to new situations; is good at listening to others; empathetic; focuses on others to the total exclusion of self; climbs almost as well as a squirrel (trait of her tribe); high stamina; very good with a quarterstaff and dagger (throwing or hand to hand), fairly good with bow and arrows

    Weaknesses: stubborn but unsure of herself and indecisive when it comes to personal decisions; focuses on others to the total exclusion of self;  though good at listening, she is not comfortable talking with other creatures, especially about herself; has trouble getting close to people (afraid of tangling them in her problems); not socially adept and has not had time to acculturate herself to any particular group; seriously lonely and homesick; doesn't swim as well as most otters (trait of her tribe); not a fighter and not very good with most weapons; would rather avoid conflict, but often gets herself tangled in other people's problems anyway

    This tribe of otters and this particular chara are not based on any actual existing species of otter.

    Other major characters connected to her:
    Tracker group. The head of the tracker group has a love interest in Ruby (partly childhood crush, partly facination with 'hard to get', partly for power reasons). A profile will be listed for all in the group. Currently, they have posted only at Saint Ninian's in "Strangers on the Road".
    Teancum the river otter. Was the first person she made contact with after escaping from her village. She lived in his village for about a season before trackers showed up. They have crossed paths a few times and there is strong love interest there, but Ruby feels she can't settle down in the current situation. Teancum is the only person who is aware of her whole past. Teancum currently exists solely as an extension of Ruby's personal story. (not yet in any RP, profile pending…)

    Feel free to comment. It helps me with the bio development. But please note that comments will be cleared after short periods of time to avoid cluttering the bio.

    Happy now everybody? No discomforting half-breed.

  • Here a song where the lyrics well describe the personal conflict which Ruby is stuck between. She can't go 'home' without surrendering a large part of herself and her beliefs of right and wrong, but she can't settle down anywhere because the trackers won't leave her alone. Besides, where does someone like her belong anyway?
    The lyrics are awesome but the music is also amazing; you should check it out if you get the chance.

    I’m not a stranger, no, I am yours
    With crippled anger and tears that still drip sore
    A fragile frame aged with misery
    And when our eyes meet I know you’ll see

    I do not wanna be afraid
    I do not wanna die inside just to breate in
    I’m tired of feeling so numb
    Relief exists, I find it when I am cut

    I may seem crazy or painfully shy
    And these scars wouldn’t be so hidden
    If you would just look me in the eye

    I feel alone here and cold here
    Though I don’t want to die inside just to breate in
    I’m tired of feeling so numb
    Relief exists, I find it when I am cut
    Pain, I am not alone, I am not alone

    Not a stranger, no, I am yours
    With crippled anger
    Tears that still drip sore

    But I do not wanna be afraid
    I do not wanna die inside just to breathe in
    I’m tired of feeling so numb
    Relief exists, I found it when I was cut

    ~From “Cut” by Plumb

  • Oh, but 'half-breed' fits so well! xD

    Seriously, Fate, I think you have a well-thought character here. Nice work.

  • Having a song for each character sounds like a really good idea, Heh, I think every character should have a sort of "theme song".

  • Wow, you made a song for your character.You really thought this one out.I like the idea of your made up,squirrel-like otter.She sounds awesome.:)

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