Snagtooth: Snagtooth and Whiptail (Rats)

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    Names: Snagtooth and Whiptail

    Genders: Both Male

    Species: Rats

    Appearance: Snagtooth is a little large for a normal rat, and his brother Whiptail is a little on the small side.
    Snagtooth has a broken tooth that he got fighting off of the coast at Salamandastron. It sticks out a little, hence the name Snagtooth. The tooth causes him to whistle sometimes while he's talking. He is a normal brown rat with green eyes.
    Whiptail is very different from his brother. Where his brother is a solid color, Whiptail is splotchy brown and white. His tail is inordinately long like a whip. Whiptail has a long scar above his left eye where he hurt himself trying to use his long tail as a barb tipped tail like Cluny the Scourge did.

    Personality: Snagtooth is definitely the brains of the outfit. He uses his brains when he can but is not afraid to use his large build to keep things and other beasts (Whiptail) in line.
    Whiptail is not very intelligent, and tends to be clumsy. He also doesn't like to listen to his older brother Snagtooth. He sometimes likes to compare himself to Cluny the Scourge. Snagtooth has to keep telling him that he is no where close to having Cluny's tail let alone abilities.

    Weapon(s): The two try to use whatever weapons that they can get thier hands on. Snagtooth is the only one who is well trained in the use of any particular weapon. He can throw a knife well and use a sling accurately.

    Skills: Snagtooth
    -Quick thinking
    -Sling and dagger throwing
    -Can put up a good fist fight.

    Weaknesses: Snagtooth
    -Pride issues sometimes, but not usually.
    -Uneducated. (He's vermin, I mean come on!)
    -Sometimes takes on bigger prey than he can handle.

    Skills: Whiptail
    -Pretty much nothing. (Might discover hidden talent someday)
    -Oh wait! He's a good bragger and inventive curser/insulter

    Weaknesses: Whiptail

    The two were onboard a ship called the The Sea Kettle when they attacked Salamandastron. The two were then escaped the hopelessly lost battle and have been living off of plundering woodland creatures in mossflower ever since.

    Rp Example:
    From a nearby tree, Snagtooth the rat examined his prey. The squirrel didn't seem as if she would be too much trouble. He was pretty sure that he and his friend could take her down. It didn't look as if she had much a value, but he looked at her pouch and wondered what could be in it. Jewels? He thought, No. Probably not. In the very least she has food. He was sure that she wouldn't be any trouble.

    Whiptail, was getting impatient. Snagtooth always told him to hold his ground and be patient but he just couldn't do it. Looking at the squirrel from his hiding place in some nearby bushes, he started to dream up some possiblities.
    "I'll grab her by the neck, and run 'er through with me dagger, then I'll take 'er bag o gems and I'll show Snagtooth that I'm better then 'ee is." Whiptail was sure of outcome in this situation. He would be a hero. But until then, he had to wait for Snagetooth's signal. "Drat you Snagtooth." He said to himself quietly, "I always have to obey you. Stay still, Be Quiet, Do this." Suddenly an idea came to mind. "I'll show 'im who's the better hunter." He said.  And with that, he proceeded to sneak up on the squirrel.

    Snagtooth could not believe what he was seeing. The stupid fool! he thought doesn't he see that she's armed? Probably not. The fool wouldn't think of the fact that someone can kill easily with a staff. Abandoning the original plan, Snagtooth drew out his sling and prepared to help his mate the moment he made his foolish attack.

    Whiptail tried to sneak up on the squirrel as quietly as possible. This was unfourtunatly not very quiet and he russled the leaves loudly as he advanced on the squirrel. Suddenly, he tripped and went flat on his face.

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