My third char! Emberweed the demi-seer

  • Ember was the character I originally intended to make when I joined Redwall's Legacy, but for some reason or another never got around to doing. But here she is. She is like my favorite char!!!

    Name: Emberweed Starfall the Eternal Traveler

    Rank: Head of her band

    Gender: Female

    Age: Thirty

    Species: Fox

    Appearance: A near-middle-aged, homely vixen, her appearance doesn't attract half as much attention as her mouth. She is of average height, lean, and yellow-eyed. Her fur is deep black, but her ear tips, tailtip, and paws are glittering gold. One of her ears is a bit ragged, she is a little gaunt, and she doesn't wear jewelry.

    Personality: A proud vixen who is obsessed with her ancestry, Ember is related to the Marlfoxes and, distantly, to Vizka Longtooth. Ember is sarcastic, clever, fast-talking, at turns mellow and short-tempered, cocky, and brave, although she can at times act a little too in-charge with her band. However, when in danger all traces of humor disappear and she becomes like a professional general. Ember is also a very loyal vixen who would die for her band. However, if someone insults her parents, she loses control and becomes a screeching, screaming cat. Ember is what you could call a "good" vixen. She doesn't steal or kill for fun, but has no qualms about looting corpses.

    Most important talent: She is a demi, or half, seer, meaning she is a seer, can predict the future up to a degree, and sees things in still water, but hates herself for it. It is a haunting reminder of her parents, who were killed for a wrong prediction. Embers sometimes has dreams at night about the death of her parents, and remains short-tempered or withdrawn throughout the next day.

    Family and friends: Ember travels with, and is head of, her band, which is made up of: Fricka the Ferret, the small, short-tempered, loud, sour, ex-ship's-cook (Who covets leadership and is always getting into catfights with Ember), Wulfric, Fricka's huge, quiet, former carpenter brother; Sarpo and Indris, the pheasant twin brothers, Kyerda Nineveia, the beautiful, silver-furred, brown-eyed, vixen (Who after all this time with the band still refuses to reveal where she came from), Rooktail Eaglesight, Ember's black-furred, black-eyed little brother, and Ambereye Moonglimmer, Ember's sister, who looks a lot like her but can be distinguished by her orange eyes. Ember also had a friend, Runtt, a rat, but he was killed by an adder. She still swears revenge.

    Weakness: Sometimes, in front of danger, she loses her temper and spews insults at the offending beasts. So, she is sometimes a little too short-tempered for her own good. And she is very touchy on the subject of her parents.

    Clothing: A loose black tunic and cloak.

    Weapons: Ember doesn't have any permanent weapons; generally she uses anything she can get her hands on, may it be spears, swords, axes, or branches. She is a good fighter, which she partly owes to using a host of different weapons.

    Motto: "When in doubt, talk yourself out."

    Typical quote: "I'm warning you, Fricka…"

    History: Born in the heart of Mossflower, her parents Constellation Midnightsky and her mate Meteor Shadowcloak were members of a rat band who promptly killed them when Constellation, a seer, made a wrong prediction. Ember, still a kit, wandered through Mossflower with her brother and sister until they were adopted by kindly shrew named Kaspir. When the shrew died, Emberweed, then thirteen, took on traveling. When Ember was fifteen they met Kyerda and the pheasant brothers, and when she was twenty-two met Fricka and Wulfric, who had escaped from a vermin ship. They continue to travel together.

  • omg..that is like wow.
    Hi I'm TJ. Love your character.
    You write very well profiles.

  • Awesome profile. 🙂 Sounds like an interesting character!

  • Hello TJ! Thank you Felldoh! Thank you both for posting. 🙂

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