Reward for lost posts from Starfire's Redwall

  • I'm dead serious. I'll pay. I had my info saved on two computers that both had hard drive failures the week Starfire shut down the site due to death threats. Seriously uncool…
    I put HOURS into those posts and I want them back. I was serious enough about the plotline being persued (with the majority completely unrevealed on the site) that I developed a complete storyline, unique, and something I'm seriously thinking about publishing. However, some of the material I have been completely unable to recreate, including the basic feel of the two major characters.
    My posting name was Wanderer. In particular, I am looking for the complete thread from two spots: somewhere in the castle where dibbuns were being babysat, and somewhere on the beach with a wounded otter (this one will be exceptionally easy to recognize since I posted several posts that were more than a page long).
    Easy way for somebody to make twenty bucks. I'll send it either Paypal or personal check.

  • DEATH threats? 8/ That doesn't sound good! Did she report it? Or were they real, like gunshot threats?

  • Death threats. I'm not sure whether it was real or not but … it must have been serious for Starfire to close her site down just for that. They must have blackmailed her or something.

  • Wait, THAT'S why Starfire shut down the site? I guess I didn't really read the first post clearly. Can the threats be traced, if they were sent by email or c-phone? If the culprit was taken care of, then she might be able to start her site up again. Or is it closed for good? I sure hope she's all right.

    Yeah, sure sounds like it was blackmail. Or maybe it might've been for someone else and she got it by mistake. Dos she have any enemies?

  • Maybe the "terrorists" were jealous of her site.

  • Starfire is just fine, but yes her site is shut down for good. (to Fate) About the topics, you're looking for, I'm sure that Starfire would have been using her own server for a site like that, so I wouldn't be surprised if she had them on her comp still.

  • Seth, do you have contact with Starfire? Directly?

  • Not directly.

  • Oh well. 😄

  • She got them numerous times from several members over an extended period of time. I'm sure she's very aware of who it was from, too. Mostly they were a result of her taking action against people who broke basic RPG site rules (ie. no magic, can't start a war without permission, no aliens, etc.) People got offended that she would 'curb their creativity' in the name of sustaining the Redwallness of the site.
    Starry tried to keep her contact info close and most people didn't have it. I'm still trying to get to her personally, but I'm having trouble with it. The last person mention I saw of her from a former member was a brief reference to having seen her back in 2005 in some other forum for about two days. 😛
    All the archives are dead (and the ones I found when they were still live were just the front page, anyway. No access to posts.)
    The reward is still good (although, money is tight, so it might be a month or so in coming).
    I think I've got a lead, though…
    goes off, tracking a scent

  • I only just read this.
    Death threats on a Redwall RPG site? (expletive)!
    I know that there are people who do forensic work of rescuing data but it is not cheap, like 80 bucks an hours.
    That's appalling. Redwall is basically a kids' series, and there are so many RP sites out there that it isn't like they couldn't have found one freeform enough for them.
    Antisocial (expletives) should get a life offline.
    More and more, in the news, you are seeing people who can't separate reality from virtual.

  • I can tell that you have RPed before, but around how much experience have you had in that area?

  • very little! brief stint with D&D some years ago.
    recently again taking it up for a different reason.

  • Well you're not doing half bad. 😛 Actually, it's a total pleasure to have you here. Keep writing!

  • Well, if you enjoy writing, then RP-ing in a professional format (like the one we do here in RL) is a different experience altogether, because you combine your thoughts with other people's thoughts to create a perfect gem of a story. 🙂

  • Thx! Yes, I can see that it is a different thing, eh. I'm starting to get it and think it's neat.  Still trying to figure out where to jump in sometimes though and how to make my contribution meld well.  I realized on the Dunes one that I hadn't understood what was going on exactly (the action on these threads just "starts" and much is unspoken) and deleted my couple contributions on that one because really I could not tell what was going on.

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