Fell the lone squirrel.

  • Wow, now I'm upset that I don't have very many pictures of him.  &}

    Felldoh_Fighter - Fell - Squirrel

    Barkjon had a brother once upon a time (It can happen!) and his brother had a son, who bore a son, who bore a son. And this creature's (The last son mentioned 😉 ) name was Fell. Named after the great and heroic Felldoh of old. (yeah, it's cheesy so what.)  Fell was a happy child, playing with his friends, and loved having a great time. But as time went on, he became more reclusive, and then barely started talking to anyone, save his dad and mom.

    His dad suggested that Fell should go out and explore the Mossflower country and surrounding areas, and more importantly, see redwall. Fell was overjoyed with the decision, but didn't show it openly. He merely smiled and nodded. His dad gave him a small sword, and a long staff to protect himself with. And when he had all of the essential things; such as food and drink, he set off on a long journey to see the world.

    His appearance: He wears a yellowy-sand colored tunic. Light brown fur, and brown eyes. A slight scar rests on his brow, from a childhood injury.

    This is an excellent picture, but, with the description I gave ^^^ it looks NOTHING like that. BTW, my friend dragonartist drew this. 🙂 Its my more "Modern" Fell. XD

    By the way, Fell's around 16 years old in redwall years/seasons?

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