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  • As an effort to try and get our name out there, I have taken the initive of posting our site on the most popular Redwall links site out there. Try taking from these sites and populate them with our name.

    If someone else could also place a link in Wikipidia, then that would be a huge help. I forgot the password to my account.

  • There are a few RPG listings I would look into (like the RPG Directory), but the US Army's blocked those sites…

  • Hey Cyber shall I do it? you can just give me the instructions and I can do it.

  • Is it just me, or does that look like a bot just registered? I know of a way to fix stuff like that too.

  • It does appear that said user is a bot.  However, it has yet to do anything against the rules, and appearences can be decieving.  It may actually be someone from one of the Western Bloc states… I cannot tell without more activity.

  • PROBLEM.  Hijacking, or something.
    I have mentioned this to Seth on PM but I thought I had better tell the forum in general.

    When you have cleared your cache and have not been to redwallslegacy yet after clearing your cache (and therefore the cookie or whatever for RL is not on your PC) then typing redwall's legacy into your google window will transport you to a yucky place.

    (( MOD EDIT: You don't need to link to it.  Just mentioning that it links to porn is enough. ))

    The link that takes you there is:

    but only if your cache is cleared and you do not have redwallslegacy cookie yet in your cache.  Once you have logged on and posted here, the link will take you to the right place. I don't know enough about PCs to understand how someone did this but since you mention a bot above, I thought I'd throw this into the mix.

    Typing straight into your url window will take you to here just fine that I can see.  But the Google search returns have been mucked with.  Or something has.


    this might help.

    Domain Hijacking
        A strategy employed to take over control of expired domains to capitalize on incoming web traffic to URLs on that domain. For example, a domain for a popular church site might be hijacked, and used by the new owner to redirect residual traffic to a porn or gambling site. Since URLs listed in the Open Directory are linked to from numerous sources, expired domains with an ODP listing are especially attractive to domain hijackers.
        Related terms: Domain

  • I've never had that problem on the various military networks I've used to access here from.  It always brings me to the front page without issue or error.



    here's another link that takes you there. The second search return after the one mentioned above.
    anyone else test this problem and find the same thing, outside of Storm?
    I use antivirus software  and all that.

  • Never heard of it either….how is it again?

  • Try I've seen a great deal of people there who like Redwall…and they are easy to find.

  • ok. Will do.

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