Quest to Sampetra

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    bic- The cowl sagged low about the ghostly figure's shadowed face and he strode purposefully down the dungeon hall. Two guards were coming his way. He kept moving.
        The two trident rats looked up and saw his coming. They were stunned by his abrupt appearance and weren't sure what to do. Whatever this creature was, it had an eerie and unnatural feel about it. Somehow it just seemed… dead.
        One started to lower his spear at the approaching figure and snarled. "Who're you? Stop it right-" He never got to finish his sentence.
        The beast's dagger struck out with alarming speed and struck accurately. Both rats fell dead to the ground before they ever knew what had happened. Without breaking step, the mysterious beast continued on. He didn't care who found the bodies. He hoped Lask died of a heart attack when he found them.
        He stopped at the base of one of the towers. It was still under construction and a weight and pulley system was still set up inside the empty stone tower. grabbing hold of the chain attached to the crane, he kicked the crank mechanism, popping a gear out of it's socket. The rope in the mechanism had nothing to hold it back. The crane chains went taunt and he felt himself pulled upward. ((If this confuses you, read my explanation at the bottom))
        When the chains had pulled him to the top, he climbed onto the crane arm and out onto the walkway surrounding it. By merely walking down the battlements, he had reached the gate house. The monitor was asleep on duty, which made it all that much easier.
        The cloaked beast opened his pack and pulled out a series of small implements. Then he set to work rigging the gate system. Then he tied a rope to the lever and and tossed the loose end out the window.
        He then pulled out an arrow from his concealed quiver on his belt. With a parchment and paper, he scrawled a short message and tied it to the arrow. Then he returned to the unfinished tower. The project had been abandoned on Lask's orders until the invaders were caught, so this was the safest place in the castle.
        Sitting on the battlements, he watched the woodlands for any signs of life. When the sun came up he still had no success. Still he waited.
        He knew there was a clan of otters outside. And more than that, there was a band of goodbeasts roaming the island. Odds were, one of them would appear sooner than later.
        He crouched against the battlement wall, pulling his cloak about him. He still did not lower the cowl. He wouldn't allow himself. It was the only way he would carry out what he felt to be his duty.

    ooc- For those who are confused: The crane inside the tower was regulated from the inside of the tower by a mechanism that held the ropes and weights in place. By pulling the lever, it let's the weights fall, pulling the chains that go through the pulley on the arm of the crane at the top of the tower. By breaking the mechanism at the bottom, the weights were let down all the way, pulling the rope all the way to the top.
        For those who are confused about the rest, you'll just have to wait to find out. 😉

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      So, I'm assuming it is morning already. It is morning already, right?))

    Zrizz approached the dungeons once again. Thoughts kept running through his head, especially about the daring escape plan. Circumstances had changed and he must execute the escape in the morning. The turn of the days clashed terribly with his duties and this morning was the only time he would not be missed for being missing.

    Nut heard the monitor lizard approach and instinctively knew it was Zrizz. "Sir, will it happen now?"

    Silently, the reptilian head nodded. He signaled Nut to be quiet and carefully unlocked the cell door. "You still remember the plan, right?" Zrizz asked. "I have left markers for you to follow. The escape hatch should be unguarded at this time."

    The estranged squirrel nodded. After awaiting another signal from the lizard, Nut sprinted forward and sought his way out of the dungeon. Zrizz followed behind, carefully observing the halls for any trace of escape.

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    Ic/ "We should probably go now. Before anyone notices." Fell said to Seryn.

  • Village of the Annia Tribe. Morning.

    "Hello. We've come to rescue you."

    Startled, Treble looked up at his rescuers. He smiled when he saw who it was. "Well, isn't that a pleasure. It's awfully boring in here, you know. Nothing at all to do. Hi there, Fell. Good to see you're alright."

    "We should probably go now. Before anyone notices."

    Treble stood up and stretched. "Yes, let's. I don't want to run into the new Skipper." He made his way quickly over to the doorway and peered cautiously out. "Um, so where are we headed?"

    ~ ~ ~

    Castle Dungeons. Morning.

    Russ called after Zrizz and Nut, but they were already gone. Fuming, he punched the door in a futile gesture of rage.

    "Lizard's probably as crazy as Nut, anyways. Vermin helping a prisoner to escape. Huh." Muttering, he sank down onto his haunches and began to moodily etch shapes on the dirty floor.

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    Nut staggered up the stairs and out of the dungeon, into a long hallway that was as dark as the dungeon. He saw a small piece of cloth stuck around a wall torch and followed that path. The squirrel did not know whether Zrizz was following or not, but he did not stop for the monitor lizard. The cloths led him to a door that was unlocked. Cautiously, Nut opened the wooden door and surveyed the escape route.

    Lizards and trident rats were everywhere, carrying long bundles of wooden planks, presumably for ship repairs. Then the squirrel's crazy eye tensed and focused onto the nearest castle wall and the piece of white cloth wrapped around a small metal plate on the ground. Then Nut understood; the escape route was perfect. If he timed it properly and weaved quickly through the moving planks and crates everywhere, not a single beast could spot him.

    The squirrel was glad that he had starved off a few pounds. He would need the extra energy to run.

  • "Um, so where are we headed?" Treble asked them as he stepped out of the door.
    "Well, we're gonna rescue a squirrel-maid I saw get captured by corsairs," Fell answered, "we asked the new Skipper, but she doesn't care. So we have to do it ourselves it seems…"
    "Unless we foind Urthclaw along ee way!" Marno added with a smile.

  • Seryn grinned. "Better get going then," she said.

  • "Indeed." Felldoh said with a smile. The group then quietly sneaked out of the hut, and walked toward the village entrance. Fell was hoping that no one would notice the missing squirrel any time soon.

  • Ublaz's Castle
      Nurdiz, Zrizz's brother, was watching the the monitor lizards and Trident Rats working, carrying large planks of wood to the storage area. The large lizard was about to turn around when he spotted something unusual. It looked like some large furry tail, hiding behind a crate that some rats had dropped … Nurdiz cautiously approached the crate.

    Ublaz's Castle: Dungeons
      Zrizz heard somebody call out behind him. The monitor lizard approached the cell door from where the sound was coming from and shone the torchlight he was carrying inside. "You!"

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        The sun beat down savagely on the ragged stranger on the roof of the unfinished tower. In his cloak, it was steaming hot and sweat started to pour down his throat. This was taking longer than he had expected.
        Then, a few hours before noon, he spotted something. From this distance it was hard to make out, but form sure it wasn't a rat of a monitor. It was taller, thinner. Then just beside it there was another beast, larger than the other by far.
        A badger… He couldn't believe his luck. Even so, it was a long distance. It could be quite a stretch to shoot that far. He was mildly surprised he even noticed anything that far away.
        He pulled out the bow and the arrow. He tightened the piece of paper around the shaft and too aim. It took a moment to pick out the figures amidst the trees again, but find them he did. Pressing the fletched end of the shaft against his cheek, he pulled the string to it's absolute limit. Then, like a lightning bolt, it hissed through the air, arced upward and then fell. It vanished and he was unable to tell for sure if it landed near enough to find. He hoped that if they didn't notice it, some other passerbys might.
        Putting away the bow and arrow, he slid back down the chain attached to the crane arm and into the depths of the dungeons once more.

    *                    *                    *

    Several hours later, he was hiding behind the large crates, safely out of view of the others. He was sneaking between them, making his way to other portions of the castle, going about his own mysterious business.
        A crowd of crate-bearing trident-rats passed by and he was forced into a corner, knowing that he couldn't kill all of them without an alarm being raised. He waited until they were well away before trying to sneak out again.
        Then, as he turned to leave his niche, he found himself face-to-face with Nurdiz. In a moment of panic, he whipped out his bow, looped the shaft around the monitor's neck and dragged him back into the dark.
        "Who are you?" He growled angrily. "What are you doing here?

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