Quest to Sampetra

  • ((Alright, so, this is a quest with an objective: free Sampetra from Ublaz's rule. Yes, it's already happened in Pearls of Lutra. However, we'll be role playing as our own characters, and there are no pearls involved. The setting is the same: Ublaz is a pine marten who commands an an army of monitor lizards (headed by Lask Frildur) and trident-bearing searats (headed by Sagitar Sawfang). He also commands a fleet of corsair ships. And there are lots of woodlander slaves to be rescued. That's the gist of it. I'd love it if everyone who is still active became involved in this. So let's go save the day!))

    It was a perfect day for a quest. A light breeze was coming off the ocean; a breeze overflowing with exotic scents that bespoke of danger and adventure. Lord Urthpaw breathed deeply of this air and shifted impatiently. Tearing his gaze from the waters west of Salamandastron, the badger looked at the ship he stood on, two contingents of Long Patrol hares lounging about while the sea otter crew bustled to and fro.

    Here and there, various other woodlanders could be seen. Some were chatting animatedly with friends, others were sitting quietly by themselves, all were armed. This was no group on a day trip.

    "Why haven't we left yet?" Urthpaw muttered to a hare standing next to him.

    "M'lord, we are waiting for more warriors to show up." The hare, one General Crumshire, was a grizzled veteran who carried a saber at his side and walked with the air of one who has experienced everything worth experiencing and lived to tell about it. "Besides," he reasoned. "We also need to wait for the tide to begin going out, don'tcha know."

    Urthpaw sighed again. General Crumshire was his closest advisor, but the badger sometimes wished he wasn't so logical. "I know, I know." He gazed out to sea, towards the empty horizon. There was a dangerous glint in his eyes. "I'm just eager to begin this thing."

  • Seryn blinked her scarlet eyes at the mountain, then at the ship. The albino squirrel stood a little way away from both.
    It was an opportunity for spying, Seryn's favorite pastime. She wasn't a bad squirrel. She just liked to spy.
    The albino wasn't really in the mood to cover herself with sand and crawl along the beach, so she thought if she was real quiet, she might get away with it.
    She took off her cloak and moved along the dunes, hoping that her white fur would blend into the backround.
    If Seryn couldn't get close enough for spying, maybe she'd just try to talk to them, though she wasn't sure what effect she might have upon them.
    She was sick of being called a freak. She hated her parents for abandoning her.

  • Tammelo Swiftfoot sat with some long patrol hares talking about the upcoming voyage.
        "I Can't wait for this thing tah get started, eh chaps?" said a hare.
        "Yah, those offisahs need tah get this ship moving!" replied another.
    Tamm took a sip of strawberry cordial and looked up at the mountain.
        "What a great sight! I finally after so much journeying made it to this legendary mountain." said Tamm.
        "I was here since I was a leveret and still enjoy the the scenery."
    Tamm leaned back against the side of the ship and looked at the sky as he waited for departure.

  • Marno looked at the boarding plank with great distress. Being a mole, he was very taken to the dirt, and wasn't to fond of leaving it for a couple of days. Testing the stability of the long length of wood, he took a deep breath and began walking up it. Holding his breath didn't help matters. Wobbling the five paces that he took, he started thinking of the ground and how he had taken it for granted, when he met it on the way down from the plank. Slipping off, he fell face first into the waist deep water and filled his muzzel with grit and sand. He came up sputtering and coffing.

    Quickly sloshing to the bank, he turned to look at the spectating hares that were now busting with laughter. Feeling as if his pride were being shamed, (and moles take great pride in acheivements) he immeadiately prickled with offencive spirit. "Wout til I's gut moi paws oin u's snouts! I'd poickle um til yoi own mudder wuddn't rec'noise um!"

    OOC- Sorry if my molish isn't as good. I am a little rusty.

  • A loud splash rousted Urthpaw from his reverie. Hurrying to the other side of the ship, he took in the curious sight of a mole standing soaking-wet on the shore. Silencing the giggling hares with a paw and a glare, the Badger Lord addressed the mole.

    "No offense was intended, friend mole," he called out. Although he had just made his soldiers stop their laughter, Urthpaw hid a smile himself. One certainly didn't see a mole dripping head-to-footpaw with seawater. "Please, if you were wishing to come aboard and join us upon our quest, you would be a welcome addition."

  • Seryn was very close now, and she could hear everything.
    Quest? Seryn had never been on a quest. It might be fun. She moved along the dunes, wondering what to do, until she stepped on a sharp seashell, screamed like a cat, and hopped around on one leg, cursing.

  • Marno tugged his snout respectfully at the badger lord. "Tanty koindly large surr. Oi's just trien to board ee shippers for da voi'ge. Oin't moi idear though." wrinkling his snout at the water, the mole shook once more, flinging water in all directions. He stopped almost instantly, when he heard the screech behind him.

  • Seryn froze. Fool! You've  probably been heard! Well, she thought, at least I've got nothing to lose now.
    Limping slightly on her cut foot, she moved oiut from behind the dune.

  • At first, the small mole couldn't see anything amoung the dunes. But then he caught sight of some movement. "Ho's be darr?" Being with bad eyesight, natural to moles, he didn't even see the because of her fur color. More movement. Shading his eyes with a four clawed paw, he squinted to try and see what he couldn't.

  • "Seryn," She called. "I…uh....hurt myself, and...uh..." Seryn had never beem good at socializing, and suddenly she didn't know what to say. She was startled but relieved that the mole didn't seem to notice her fur or eye color. "Um, where are you going?'' she asked nonchalantly.

  • The image of a ship full of jovial, laughing woodlanders changed in the blink of an eye to that of a ship full of warriors ready for battle. Spurred to action by the scream from behind a sand dune, Urthpaw leapt over the railing to land with a splash in the shallows below.

    Gritting his teeth from the shock to his footpaws, he charged towards the sand dune, several hares behind him.

  • Behind her fur, Seryn's skin turned into the color of milk. To see a huge badger charging toward her was enough to make any ordinary maiden faint. But not Seryn. Acting quickly, she limped away as fast as she could. "Oh help me oh help me oh help me" she whimpered, hoping that her fur color would scare them away.

  • Urthpaw came over the top of the dune and slowed at the strange sight before him. It appeared as though there was a section of sand moving. Blinking in confusion, it took him a moment to realize what he was looking at was really just some manner of creature with white fur.

    Holding up a paw for those behind him to stop, he called out to Seryn. "Halt where you are, stranger. Be you friend or foe?"

  • OOC- I remember making a comment like that, and it drove someone off the site. It may just be bad memorys getting in the way, but I suggest you don't do that.

    IC- Having no real fear of what ever it was, Marno slowly walked forward. "Hurr, I donnit thoink that darr a proyblem whit doit whahicky." Still unable to see the other properly, the queir mole walked right into the albino squirrel.

  • OOC: Off the site? Wow.

    BIC: Seryn stepped back, a little startled, and turned to face the badger lord.
    "No, I'm not a foe. I'm a traveler who cut her foot on a seashell. Who're you?  What's with all the commotion? All I did was scream.  What's the ship for? Are you going anywhere?" she asked nervously.

  • ((Made a comment like what?))

    The group visibly relaxed at Seryn's words. The anticipation of this trip must be getting to us, Urthpaw thought with a frown.

    "My apologies, miss. I feared your scream may have belonged to somebeast being attacked by vermin. As for the ship," the badger motioned over his shoulder to where the ship's masts loomed over the dune. "We are about to set sail for Sampetra, in order to rid the world of the vermin living there."

  • "Really? Cool!" Her ruby-red eyes widened. "It sounds really…brave. I mean, I've heard a lot about quests and adventures, but never...Wow." She shifted restlessly, trying to think of a way to ask if she could come along without looking stupid.

  • "M'lord, mayhap she could come along?" a hare whispered in Urthpaw's ear. "She looks like she wants to, wot."

    Urthpaw frowned. The squirrel hardly seemed like the type to do well on the kind of venture they were setting out on, and whispered as much.

    "You might be surprised, don'tcha know. Shouldn't judge by appearances, and all that."

    There was truth in that statement, he had to admit. He just hoped he wasn't inviting an innocent passer-by to her doom. "Would you care to join us?" he enquired aloud.

  • "Would I ever!" she squealed. "Thank you so much! So, when're we going? Is there anything I could do to help?"

  • Urthpaw smiled at the squirrel. "We are set to leave within the hour. But, first, perhaps some introduction would be in order. I am Lord Urthpaw, of Salamandastron."

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