Peach Snowshade

  • Hey everyone! Please let me know what you think and spare not my feelings. This is the first complete character profile I've done. I don't think it's finished so suggestions are welcome.

    Name: Peach Snowshade

    Gender: Female

    Age: Nineteen

    Species: Albino Mouse

    Appearance: Peach is a white mouse that has peachy colored eyes.  She is of normal build.

    Personality: Peach feels like she never fits in with other beasts, so she simply tries not to be to shy to be noticed.  In that sense, she can be overbearing.  She is moderately tempered, being very cross with rude beasts.  She has a developing conscience and a sense of what is right and wrong, though this was taught to her and isn't always natural.  Peach grew up in the presence of evil beasts.  That left a mark on her; she can see both sides of the story.

    Weakness: She is very moody and fickle, that dictates a lot of her actions.  Generally selfish but she's trying to overcome it.  Will not sail of account of being terrified of deep water, surprisingly she will suffer to cross rivers.

    Family and friends: Peach's father and mother are Robert and Jillian Snowshade.  Her best friend is Misti Heatherbelle Twiggs (her profile will come shortly).  She has no siblings.

    Clothing: She wears a light pink dress and almost always dons an icy blue cloak that's lined with downy feather.  A small bag is attached to her hip that carries her daggers and other useful things.

    Weapons: Her weapon of choice is a handful of throwing daggers.  Although when that's not available a handy dirk always works.

    Motto: Life is too short to have regrets, live to the fullest and be yourself.

    Typical quote: “Trouble? You’re only in trouble if you get caught.”

    History: Peach’s family is from the far north where wolverines rule with iron might.  Tired of the tyrannical rule they moved south to Redwall when Peach was ten seasons old.  While there, to stay out of trouble, Peach got into trouble.  She became handy at pick pocketing and not being seen.  She started to change when she got to Redwall (as her parents had hoped).  She’s lived in Redwall since then, traveling occasionally.

  • squints Misti? Is that you?

    I like the overall profile. Especially the quote. The weaknesses you've given her are also nice. My one quibble I can see right now is in her history. You say she learned to pickpocket at Redwall, but then say she mellowed out at Redwall. Leastwise, that's the way it reads to me. A bit of clarification would be nice. ^_^

  • waves cheekily  &=) Hello, Orion. Yes this is Misti. Peach is an old character I wanted to resurrect and try to RP again. She is so in need of a makeover though…

    Alright here's her history. It's been changed and rewritten, and what's posted is not final. She learned to pickpocket when she was in the north. I had started her as a slave in the north, I'm sure I want to keep that. It sounds more interesting that the little evil wolverine kids use her as a scrapegoat in their mischeivous little plots, and she gets in trouble instead of them while picking up on all of their bad habits. I thought pickpocketing might come in handy someday so I added it. (I also just got done reading Mossflower and I adore Gonff.) The internal struggle between evil and good sounds overused, but I wanted to do something to give her dimension. Clear anything up?

  • Peach Snowshade looks to be a great character, Peach Snowshade. Make sure Peach Snowshade stays interesting and unique, okay, Peach Snowshade?

  • Wow. That was a mouthful. Peach, be sure to create some other charas, some time or another. It will make it a lot easier to join in. If you are only going to use that chara for one or two threads, then you don't need to create a profile for him/her. More then that, it is suggested to create one. It is mostly for the simplicity of the thread and beasts posting. 😛

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