Runnvar (Fox)

  • Just trying to make more characters! It makes me more flexible.

    Name: Runnvar

    Gender: Male

    Species: Fox

    Age: 24 years in human comparison

    Appearance: He white, grayish fur and a plump bushy tail. There are brown marks near the back of his neck and his back and it runs to his tail. He is lean and sinewy though slightly shorter than average foxes of his age.

    Preferred weapons: Two double Dao swords and throwing knives though he can use any kind of projectile.

    Personality: This vermin isn't necessarily a bad person … he just likes to cause trouble in both good and evil. He works as a mercenary, though he has a soft side when it comes to nature. Runnvar is afraid of fire, and whenever there is a forest fire, he does everything he can to put it out, because he loves nature that much. He is usually a loner, but gets along well with people who are open-minded.

    Weaknesses: Runnvar is afraid of fire (wildfires and "big" fires only though … not campfires etc.) He also has a weak side when it comes to his pride, causing him to lose his temper easily.

    Profession: Mercenary

  • A solider payed to fight…classic.

  • Hooray! Yes, you're right, TJ. At least you called it a "classic" not a "cliche". 😄

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