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    Tammelo was a young fighter and was munching on a strawberry when he saw it.  In the woods was a broken birch tree that looked as if it was cracked by somebeast. Tammo approached the fallen branch and decided he would take it.  By midmorning snow began to lightly fall as Tammo heard something in the woods. Tammo readied himself with his newfound stick.
      “Did’ye thinks ya could walk on with out handed a hunger ol’ mate vittles?”
      “Who said that!” yelled Tammo being a bit scared.
        A burly, grey otter jumped from behind a dead oak tree and was carrying a large saber that was old and rusty.
      “It’s jus’ a friendly ol’ otter askin’ fer vittles.” said the otter.
      “Oh, well I guess you flippin’ otter chap wants some strawberries.” said Tammo.
        Tammo handed the otter a few strawberries. The grey otter greatfully accepted. They continued to walk southward and told each other about their lives.
        “Well I used to live in an ol’ holt named Holt Wunim. Then a vermin horde attacked that holt slaying me friends n’ family. So I am traveling away from my troubled life to settle in Mossflower. Watch it, mate!”
        A stoat with a cracked spear hopped from an old rowan tree.
        “Ah’ll slay the both of ye if’n youz don’t hand over thy vittles” said the stoat.
        Tammo and the otter readied their weapons. The stoat struck to the side with his spear and nearly hit the otter, but the Tammo whacked his footpaw with his stick. The otter scraped the stoat’s paw. By the stoat realized he had lost it was too late. The otter whipped around and ran his saber through the stoat’s back, slaying him. Tammo saw the stoat’s cracked spear and noticed his spear tip was in good condition but was dull. The hare pulled off the spear tip, amazed at the ease of the task and started working it onto his spear.
        “By the way wots ye name?” asked Tammo.
        “ The name’s Duntrung nice to meet ya?” the otter replied.
          The pair continued on and stopped for an early lunch under an old oak tree.

    I hope you all liked my first try and hopefully will add to Tammo’s journey with Duntrung.

  • Eh heh, sorry if this is a stupid comment, but it sounds like you're telling a story rather than doing an rp.  Are you meaning to just tell a story, or do you want the rest of us to join in as an rp?

    By the way, I love how they easily kick the stoats butt and then casually go on like nothing happened. XD

  • sorry Ive never rped before so i don't really know how to and yes i want someone to join.

    Duntrung and Tamm decide to stop for camp under a tall pine tree. The snowfall was picking up so Duntrung pulled out a large cloak from his haversack and started to set up a small lean-to while Tamm gathered firewood. Tamm saw some dry birch twigs and gathered them up. He stood up and looked into the dark forest. He  jumped and thought he saw a glimpse of somebeast in the dark depths of the forest.

  • Heh heh, gotcha.  And that second post is more like what people usually do: leave an obvious opening for someone else to join in.  Once the story gets going, though, people just jump in on their own sometimes.

    Now, let's see, let's see.  What character should I whip out for this story?  I feel mischeivous, so let's make things interesting.

    The young ferret stood still, hoping the hare hadn't seen her when she had crept to her new hiding place.  The carefully peaked through the bush to see.  The hare was looking her direction.  She muttered a curse to herself, then gasped and put her paws to her mouth.  She hadn't meant to say that out loud.  Now he'd find her for sure!  Stupid ferret! she thought to herself.

  • Tamm stood staring at the tree until he heard something shout out. He readied his weapon and hoped whoever it was didnt want him dead. he set down the twigs a slowly walked into the brush. He checked behind the tree he heard the noise from but saw…...

    Did you mean for the ferret to attack or keep up her hiding??

  • OOC:  She's still hiding, so your post is a-okay! 🙂

    BIC:  …but saw something much less than threatening.  It was a ferret curled up in the foliage.  The ferret opened one eye, saw a hare with a weapon looking at her, and uncurled and groaned.
    "I knew it!"  She cried.  "I knew I'd give myself away!  I'm a lousy thief!  Lousy!"
    She stood, grumbling to herself, and then rolled her eyes.  "Okay, you caught me.  What are you going to do with me?"

  • Tamm was stunned to hear the ferret wasnt going to fight back.
    "Well,er,i'll let you just run along because i ain't goin' tah fight ya if you havent got a weapon and aint goin' to attack me. And if you wanted anything other than my spear an' me cloak i ain't got it! Now be on your way you ol' ferret. G'bye marm!" replied Tammo

  • Now it was the ferret's turn to be stunned.  Had he just said, "just run along?"  A smile slowly spread across her face.  She who lived to run away, lived to make mischief another day.
    She smiled pleasantly at him, which, being a ferret, had a bit of the opposite effect.  "Why thank, sir!"
    With that she slipped into the forest.

    After being out of view of the hare, she made a loop back to the camp again, this time creeping back with extra caution.

  • Tamm was happy she was gone and he could go back and tell Duntrung. He picked up the sticks and ran back to camp. Duntrung was done with the tent and was sharpening his blade when Tamm came back.
    "Oi! What took ye so long mate!"yelled the otter.
    "Well, I saw a ferret back there but she was only a thief so I let her go."
    "You what! I would've killed it on sight! Ferrets are always up to no good mate! Be on ye guard, she probably has an entire band tah back 'er up!"replied Duntrung.
    Tamm got a small fire going while Duntrung started cooking.
      _What was I thinking! Duntrung is probably right! She'll be mad and come back with a whole band,_Tamm thought. He sat down and stared in the direction of where he came, readying his weapon.

  • The ferret crept carefully up to the camp.  A hare and an otter, eh?  Beasts like that were never as innocent as they made out to be.  They were always vermin hunting, or treasure hunting, or something of the sort.  The hare said he had nothing valuable, but she didn't believe that a minute.  And what of the otter's possessions?
    Should she pick their pockets, or follow them a bit to see what they were up to?  She was torn a moment, and decided to wait.  She settled down, just outside their camp, keeping eyes and ears open, but ready to rest and follow them in the morning.

  • Dinner was ready and consisted of strwaberries and some roasted nuts with fresh spring water. Tamm ate gratefully as he talked to Duntrung.
    "You think she is on her way yet?'
    "Well, she would probably ambush us at night so I say we should take sentry shifts you take first. Wake me up at midnight and i'll take it til dawn eh matey?" replied Duntrung.
    Tamm stood against an oak tree a stood with his spear at his side staring into the woodland. He grew drowsy and before he knew it clouds thickened and lighting flashed signaling freezing rain to fall!

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