Tammelo Swiftfoot

  • Name: Tammelo Swiftfoot
          Age: 19
          Species: Hare
          Description: A tall young hare with great agility and speed and can outrun any foe. His fur is pure white with long hind legs.
          Gender: Male
          Weapon: A long pike he calls "Swiftsharp" with a shaft made of sanded birch.
          Genealogy: Desendant of the famed Long Patrol Runner,  Ryeut Swiftfoot from before the times of Redwall
          History: he is a lone traveler who was born in the midst of winter where his mother and fater where lost in a snowstorm 4 days after his birth. He grew up under the care of a molewife named Fredct in the high Northlands. One day Tammelo ran off never to see Fredct again and found a small Birch tree which was knocked down a few days back by a vermin horde. over his travels he carved it into a stick and found a strong spear tip off of a dead vermin. Eventually he arrived in Mossflower where he was attacked by a horde of 5 ferrets. The only ferret he didn't slay  and  was Verd, who ran off durin the melee. A few days later Tammelo arrived here.

    Hope ye all like him in the future!

  • ummm what is his weakness. Just wondering. Nice Character.

  • lol. Classic…very classic...

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