The Ruins and The Phantom

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    Note: I don't really know what Loamhedge looks like, because I read the book so long ago, but I based this discription by the cover art.

    BIC: The rain was coming down in icy sheets.  You could barely make out the ruins of an old building in a stony outcrop, broken in places by shrubs. In the distance a dark forest loomed. But a small fire burned in the shell of the Abbey, sheltered by an overhanging rock.
    Let's zoom in closer.
    By the fire, a squirrel with a closed expression could be seen staring into the flames.
    She wore a faded lavender dress, a belt with a shortsword tucked in it, a hooded green traveling cloak,
    and no jewelry. A haversack lay beside her, with the remains of oatcakes scattered on it.
    One thing unusual about this squirrel was…She was albino.
    Her fur was snowy, pure white, only broken in places by streaks of dust. Her eyes were fiery red.
    Her name was Seryn the Peaceful to those who didn't fear her, or Seryn the Phantom to those who did.
    Seryn wrapped her cloak around her more tightly and shivered. It was going to be a long night.
    Her mind drifted, and memories swirled before her eyes. A dormouse lying sick and dying, a rainbow stretching across a blue sky, and gravestones...dark, looming gravestones....
    She jolted awake and shook her head shakily. Keep awake, Seryn, she told herself. There's no knowing what might be lurking out there.

  • And there was something lurking out there.  It was not nearly something so fearful as Seryn imagined, however.  It was a young, sopping wet haremaid.  She had been traveling and seen the fire from a distance and was now drawing near, hugging the shadows of the ruins, to see if the owner of the fire was friend or foe.  When she saw the squirrelmaid she gave a heaving sigh of relief and said aloud, "Thank all things edible!  I can warm up!"  She came up to the fire with a sort of joyful hopskip of a walk saying, "Hey!  Hello!  Mind if I join you?  It's bloomin' wet n' cold out here, isn't it?"

    OOC: Hey there, Larkspur!  Happy to join your story!  And to those who know me already, no, sadly, this isn't Moonpaw, but she is my way of bringing back that character.  You'll have to wait and see.  I'll post a character summary later.

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    BIC: Seryn was so surprised she nearly fell down.
    Once she saw that the newcomer was only a haremaid she stood up and held out her hand. "Well hello, yes, please do. I know, it is cold isn't it? Would you like some food? My name's Seryn. What's yours?" She smiled.

  • "Food?!" Her face lit up.  Being a typical hare, she was always hungry.  "I mean, yes, I would, thank you!" she added quickly, then shook the offered paw.  "M'names Sandy."  It was a fitting name.  Her fur was light and mildly speckled, like beach sand, although at the moment her fur was too wet to tell.  "What, if you don't mind my asking, are you doing out here all by yourself?"

  • As Seryn riffled through her haversack, she said, "I'm a traveler. I was wandering around when I spotted this old ruin and sheltered here…Oh no!" She extracted her hands from the haversack and held them up. They were covered in cream.
    ''The lid must have gotton unscrewed" She told Sandy, licking off the cream and taking a few slightly squashed flans from the bag.
    As she handed them to the hare, she asked her, "And are you a traveler?"

  • "That I am!" she replied cheerfully.  "I go here and there." and she waved vaguely around her as if showing all the places she had been.

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    BIC: Seryn smiled. "Oh, really? Pray, where have you been? I've went to a lot of places. I remember on one memorable occasion, some otters and I were chased halfway across a lake by a group of rats." She chuckled a little at the memory.

  • OOC: Sorry I took a while.  My job got in the way. XD

    IC:  Sandy laughed.  "Yes, I've been in that kinda spot before.  'Course I was being chased by shrews.  I kinda told them they were all… well, never mind what I told them.  I made them mad, though."  And she smiled a bit mischievously.  "And just a few days ago I... well, never mind, that's a long story!" She said quickly.  She decided not to admit that that particular group of vermin were still chasing her.  Besides, she had enough of a head start that it wouldn't matter anyway... she hoped.

  • OOC: That's OK.

    BIC: Seryn cocked an ear curiously, but said nothing.
    "So where are you headed for right now?'' she inquired.

  • "North!" she said cheerfully.  "Headin' for Mossflower Wood.  I think I got a little off track, though, what with this and that and the other thing distracting me as I go."

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    BIC: Seryn blinked. "With what and what and the other what? And what's that noise?" At this point Seryn got so worked up she stood, slipped, and cracked her head on a rock, immediately lapsing into unconciousness.

  • ((Ouch … "cracked" her head? xD. That's gotta hurt.))

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    Sandy yelped and jumped up.  Seryn didn't move.
    She did a nervous little dance.  Seryn didn't move.
    She put her paws to her mouth and muttered, "help help help help help."  Seryn didn't move.
    The haremaid went to the squirrel and gently nudged her.  "Seryn?  Seryn are you okay?"  Seryn didn't move.
    Sandy jumped up and did her nervous dance again while making unintelligable whines.  She'd been in adventures and met some strange characters in her travels, but she'd never had one so randomly go unconscious on her.
    "What do I dooooo?" She whined to herself.  She should shout for help.  There might be someone else around.
    "Yes, those vermin chasing you might be around." She said aloud, scolding herself.
    But she couldn't think what else to do, so the haremaid left the shelter of the ruins, cupped her paws to her mouth, and shouted, "Heeeeeeey!  Somebodyyyyyy!  Heeeeeelp!"

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    BIC: Seryn lay unconcious, slumped on the ground. A trickle of blood seeped down the side of her head.

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    Turning her head around to see where the shout came from, Luna's thoughts were disrupted. Someone was in need of help, and Luna the shrew was willing to help. ((I don't know how Luna got here, she's supposed to be at Redwall Abbey.))

    She soon saw ruins among the area and noticed two figures in shelter. One of them lay unconscious, lying down on the floor. The female shrew gasped and immediately went forward to help, her sack slung over her shoulder bumping at her back. "Blood! Let me help youuu!!"

  • Sandy saw the shrew coming and bounced with joy.  When the shrew reached her the haremaid said, "thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!  Let me help!  Tell me what to do and I'll help!"  She hovered nervously around the shrew.

    OOC:  Well, you see, when the atmospheric conditions are correct, and the alignment of the planets is just right, combined with the exact placement of the magnetic fields of certain people, places, and objects… some people can mysteriously be in two places at once, say Redwall and Loamhedge.  nods knowingly  Science has been unable to explain this rare and complex phenomenon, and many scientists have lost both lives and sanity in the attempt to do so.

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