Seryn & Slave

  • Hello! I'm Larkspur, and these are my characters:

    Name: Slave (though once known as Wenn)

    Gender: Female

    Age: Twenty-six

    Species: Mouse–yellow-neck to be exact

    Appearance: Slave is of medium height, though she always walks on all fours. Her fur is yellow, with a white patch on front. She has a muscular frame, unusually long and sharp claws and teeth, and is very swift. Her tail is whiplike, and her eyes are ice-blue rimmed.

    Personality: Slave enjoys killing, although she rarely kills for sport. She is cruel, sneering, and vulgar. But she is also determined and brave. Sometimes she has unexpected twinges of mercy or remorse, but it rarely happens. She is crazy about her Masters...if they told her to jump off a cliff, she would do it gladly. She is overly protective of her Masters,and would fight to the death to protect them. But she doesn't attack unless she's either hungry or she feels threatened. But she's an obsequious and doting servant to her masters. And she loves fighting.

    Weakness: Kills without thinking

    Family and friends: Her Masters, an adder family. Well, they're not really her family but they are in a way. Slave knows they're not her family, but says they are.

    Clothing: dirty gray dress that's ripped in a dozed places.

    Weapons: Claws and Teeth!

    Motto: "If it's living, it's edible."

    Typical quote: "Kill! Kill!"

    History: For the first three seasons--or is it supposed to be years?--of her life, she wa a happy Redwall
    dibbun, with friends and her real family. Then, her name was Wenn.
    Then she was kidnapped by adder family, the once-King Narg, his mate Narga, and son Nagiro. After living in fear for several years, she began to develop a bond with them, and soon she was an evil, cannibalistic demon mouse. She forgot her other life entirely.
    But: Sometimes, things make her bring up a memory of her past life, and she goes into a violent seizure trying to keep it under control. And she's a nomad.

    And my other char:

    Name: Seryn, or sometimes Seryn the Phantom on account of her appearance.

    Gender: Female

    Age: Twenty-one

    Species: Albino squirrel

    Appearance: Slender and willowy, with snow-white fur and red eyes. She isn't bothered by vermin much, because most just take one look at that snowy fur and scarlet eyes and run away as fast as they can. She has a soft tread, so it makes it easy for her to spy(or maybe not so easy: her white fur sticks stick out a mile). She can climb well.

    Personality: Nervous, a little twitchy but kind, but can get angry and slightly impatient at times. She can be brave, but would rather back down and avoid trouble. But she would rescue an animal in distress.

    Weakness: She LOVES to spy: That's one of her little quirks. If a vermin camp were near, she cover herself in mud or don a black cape just to listen in on conversation. And she is only a moderate fighter.

    Family and friends: Anyone who would befriend her. For information on her family, see History.

    Clothing: Faded lavender dress, worn green traveling cloak with hood, and belt.

    Weapons: Dagger hidden in her dress and light shortsword in her belt.

    History: As a newborn, her parents abandoned her as she was an albino. She was found and adopted by a kindly dormouse family, where she lived for sixteen years...until they died of some sort of sickness which didn't affect her.
    Horrified, she took up traveling. And now she has been traveling for five years.

    Are the characters okay? Are cobras allowed?

  • No, but you can easily change them to adders. I like your charas though. They seem a little too buff, but they will do. I have seen some worse ones in my time. Like, MUCH worse.

    Welcome to RL, Larkspur. I know this is a meager welcome, but I hope it will do. It looks like you have a bit of experience in your fur, so launch right it. It will be a pleasure posting with you and may you post many more!

  • OK, I fixed the post so that the cobras became adders.
    Actually, I was a Warlord on Redwall Ford, another forum, but then everything just died off and I went here instead.
    Anyway, thanks for posting on my firs t post! I hope I fit in!

  • Hey, Larkspur!  (Deja vu!  I said the same thing a minute ago when I posted on your story. XD)  Welcome to RL.  I'm much the same, I've rped before, but really new on here.
    Anyway, I just had to post to let you know that when I read, "If it's living, it's edible" it made me laugh. 😄  That's really good. ^_^

  • Nice Chars, Larkspur. You know, I thought your char Slave was really a slave then realized it was a name. 😛 Welcome to RL and I hope we can all be friends.

  • Yippie! Me too!
    Thanks for posting!
    I like writing funny stuff…maybe it's from reading The Bartimaeus Trilogy too often.

  • "Bartimaeus Trilogy"? Now that sounds familiar …

  • Yeah! That is one good trilogy. I am righting some books my self, but the "Funny" chara doesn't come close to comparing with Bartimaeus. But, I must admit meekfully, he is kinda amusing. I will post my prelude for a non-traditional writing contest.

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