Sarah: Garah and Amiah (mice)

  • Here's my two mice, Garah and Amiah, who are sisters.

    Name: Garah
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18 seasons
    Appearance: Golden fur, tends to wear male clothes because she feels it's more practical, always carries a bow and quiver, and a dagger.
    Personality: Down to earth, and very smart, she tries to view life realistically and practically.  However, she lightens up around her sister, and often speaks optimistically when around her.  She feels obligated to be smart and responsible, because she now cares for both of them.
    History: The eldest of two sisters, her family lived in Mossflower wood, near a larger colony of mice.  A sickness broke out in the colony, and her parents left to help.  They never returned, and Garah fears they died of the illness as well, but won't admit it to her sister.  Instead, she tells her sister that their parents are staying until the illness is over.  She now takes care of herself and her sister.

    Name: Amiah
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Appearance: Light brown fur, and brightly colored dresses.
    Personality: She's stubborn and opinionated, speaking her mind frequently and loudly.  She's fairly fearless, and quite smart, but still has a big heart and wants to help those around her whenever she can.
    History: Same as Garah's.  She pretends to believe that her parents are alive, to please Garah, but secretly she sees through the bluff.

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