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    IC: The young mouse was having a nightmare.  She was back at home, and they were being attacked by vermin, who all took the form of shadowy figures with glowing red eyes.  She and her sister tried to hide, but her sister was too slow, and Garah watched as she was dragged away by the vermin.  Several more, no hundreds more vermin came down on her, and she disappeared under a wave of shadows.  When the vermin cleared, her sister was gone.
    “No!  What did you do with her!” she screamed.
    “She’s ours now.” one of them said, as a million shadowy forms surrounded her.  “You’ll never see her again!”
    “Noooo!  Give her baaaaack!” she was suddenly holding a sword and ran at one of them.  She put the sword right through him, but he didn’t react in any way.  Shocked at the lack of reaction, she looked up to see that it was her father she had stabbed.  He looked sickly and tattered, with faded fur and yellowed eyes.  Looking around, the vermin were all sickly like that, almost as if they had all died, but were still moving around anyway.  Her mother, just as decrepit as the rest of them, stood beside her father and folded her arms and tapped her foot.
    “Now, Garah, how many times have I told you!  You are not allowed to stab your father!”
    She looked at her mother blankly.  “Um… what?”
    “Besides,” her father said, “You know it won’t do anything.  We’re already dead!” and he shook his head at her as if she were being silly.
    “I’ve told you before,” her mother cut in, “That if you stab your father, I’m going to have to punish you.”  Her mother signaled to the crowd of vermin who were suddenly black shadows again.  They ran at her en masse, like a black wave that crashed down on her, dragged her into the ocean, and drowned her.

    She woke up gasping, her eyes wide and her heart racing.  She sat up and looked around wildly, as if expecting the shadowy vermin to be all around her.  Instead it was only the forest, quiet and calm.  She relaxed, but still trembled slightly, wishing she wasn’t so alone.
    There was a noise from somewhere nearby.  She gasped and looked that way.  Had she even heard anything, or was it her imagination still running rampant after her nightmare?

    OOC: I got dibs on her sis, btw.

  • OOC- Interesting. You may want to add a little more description to it. But I like the way you write and stuff. I used to look over my siblings shoulders when they posted on SR. I too, am a sibling to Namaste.

    Yes, I am also Mormon.

    IC- "Oh, you stupid thorns! Back!" A wisping sound filled the air. "Haha! Take that you scoundrel! Oh drat you. You will pay for messing with my gown you will! Haha! Die evil wonders of nature!"

  • Garah relaxed at the sound of the voice.  That was no vermin.  She suddenly realized that she had her bow with her, and hadn't even thought to use it when she had been scared.  She was angry at herself a moment, but then turned her attention back to the newcomer.  She would dearly like company, even if it was only for the night.
    "Hello?  Who's there?" she called.

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    IC- appearing from a shadow, the squirrel maiden dragged her hefty gown along the ground with much difficulty, considering that it was half off and half on. But for her pointer, her undergarments were still intact. "Oh, my wedding dress!" Hearing the voice beyond her, she looked up to see the mouse, laying on the ground, looking at her. "Sorry," she said apologetically. "Did I disturb you?"

  • "No! No!"  Garah said quickly.  "No, I'm glad of the company!  My name's Garah."  She stood and took a good look at the squirrel maid in the dim light.  "Um… would you like some help?"

  • Hastily glancing at the torn hem, she answered with a sigh of relief. "Yes!" Before waiting for an answer, she put out a paw and spoke as quick as a running hare. "My name is Abrial, mouse of Strawwood."

  • Garah took her paw with a slight smile.  "Hello, Abrial."  She bent down and carefully picked the dress free from the thorns that had snared it.  "You've stumped me." Garah commented as she worked.  "I can't think why someone would be in the forest at night in a dress such as this."  She stood again, the dress now free.  "Unless she was running away from a marriage." And she grinned to show she was joking.

    OOC: At a good point, I'd like to throw in a second storyline of Amiah and her vermin kidnappers.  Just a heads up.

  • OOC- I will keep this clean for any and all readers, just in case you are wondering. Grin I will put up a profile for her, but it may take a while, since I have like ten to put up.

    IC- The pep that was originally clear in her voice, calmed to the  the (for lack of a better word)equality, of a ripple on the surface of a pond.  "Well, that isn't far from the truth." A sniffle escaped the young mouse. "We were about to start the serimony when we were ambushed. Don't know what they were looking for." Rubbing her snout, she continued. "I watched many die, but the vermin took me captive; spared me for my beauty. One among them tried to convince me that I wanted to marry him, but before he could put anything into action, I managed to escape."  Her voice trailed out, and from the sound of it, should would speak no more about it.

  • "Oh." Garah was painfully aware that "oh" was not the choice response, but at the moment it was all she could manage.  Her heart went out to Abrial, but she had always been rather bad at knowing how to comfort others.  "Well . . .  here, we'll keep each other company for the night."  She sat down on the blankets of her makeshift bed and motioned for Abrial to sit beside her.  "I've got my bow, so we'll be safe, and in the morning, we'll sort out what to do next.  See, the truth is, I've had a bad run-in with some vermin, too, and that's why I'm out here as well."

  • OOC:  I can resist no longer!  Must… rp... Amiah!  And everyone join in with their vermin chars!  That'll be fun! : P

    IC:  "Oy!  Mouse!  Git over 'ere!"
    Amiah folded her arms and scowled.  She rolled her eyes and mimicked quietly to herself in a high mocking voice, "Oy, mouse!  I'm a lazy slob and a bully!  C'mere so I can..."
    "Mouse!" the vermin shouted again, jerking her rope leash and making her stumble.  She gave in and walked over to the young fox.
    "Yes, your ugliness?  You called?"
    The fox chuckled.  "Yew got a sense o' humor!  But mah name's Braek.  You'll call me that if you know what's good fer ya."
    "My name's Amiah.  You call me by my name and I'll call you by yours." she said, folding her arms again and glaring at him.
    Braek glared back.  "Git outa here, mouse.  You annoy me."
    She stuck out her tongue at him and stomped back to where she had been before, on the outskirts of the small camp.

  • ooc: woah caught of guard i was gonna post but then the story took a huge twist.  Is this a flashback or something? o_o

  • OOC: Nice storyline going, Sarah. Just a note, though, if you are going to jump to close, linked locations within a post where another story is going, you'd better label it so people know what is going on. Example:

    Clearing in the Woods
    The young mouse was having a nightmare.  She was back at home, and…

    Vermin Camp Somewhere Nearby
    "Oy!  Mouse!  Git over 'ere!"
    Amiah folded her arms and scowled.  She…

    This helps prevent posting confusion, like Flytermo (and myself as well) experienced in reading your post. If the location is not nearby and likely to interact with the other anytime soon, start another thread for it and post a link in here OOC letting others involved know that the two are linked.
    Awesome RPing!

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