Urthpaw the Boxer

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    (Lord) Urthpaw the Boxer


    22 seasons


    Physical Description:
    Urthpaw stands about average height for a badger, which means he towers above most everybeast. Possessing traditional badger coloration, he has white facial fur with two black stripes standing out prominently. Although his eyes are as black as his fur, the way they glint in the light inevitably draws attention to them. The rest of his fur is a charcoal black, but much of it is hidden beneath deep blue tunic and pants. He wears no jewelry or decoration except a small, ornamental dagger at his waist that is really no more useful than a toothpick in his massive paws.


    Urthpaw's weapons of choice are his fists. However, he does carry a pair of steel gauntlets that hang at his waist when not in use.

    General Personality:
    Urthpaw would most definitely be labeled a goodbeast by those who meet him, and rightly so. He does his level best to protect the defenseless, and gives no quarter to his adversaries. However, he also likes to consider himself to be a badger of reason; if a creature gives no indication that they wish to do harm, be they woodlander or vermin, he tries to give them the benefit of the doubt. Having not been a badgerlord for very long, he often second-guesses himself, wondering if he chose the wisest course of action or - in some cases - non-action.

    Brief History:
    Although Urthpaw says he comes from far to the east of Mossflower Wood, nobeast save him is actually sure how far east he actually means. He says he grew up the oldest of three brothers, and that wanderlust struck particularly early. Striking out on his own at the age of ten seasons, he learned the art and technique of paw combat through necessity and life experience.

    By the time he arrived at Salamandastron three seasons past, his fighting skills were truly formidable, and he has since built a reputation as a notorious boxer, thus earning him his moniker. A lesser-known reputation, one known by few outside the Long Patrol, is Urthpaw's prowess as a drunken brawler.

    However, the badgerlord has also garnered a reputation as a fair ruler who knows when not to fight, a reputation he does his best to live up to.

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