• We need people to assume responsibility for RPing Salamandastron Characters.
        Currently, we have;

    Long Patrol: None

    Sargents: None

    Lieutenants: None

    General: None

    Badger Lord:
    Urthpaw The Boxer (Orion Fulcry)

    Cook: None

    Uh, that pretty much catches 'er up. I think that we need more charas here. If you want one of these spots, it's first come first serve, but you have to post an approved profile first. Also, If there are any other spots that you think should be added, let me know.

  • I'd be interested in the Badger Lord position, if you'll have me. I've posted a character profile for my character.

  • Done. I'll edit the post at the top and your profile. Your job will be to Moderate Salamandastron, recruit new soldiers and give positions. You had the job of approving Long Patrol profiles. Goo luck!

  • Alrightydoodah! Thankee kindly, sir. I shall strive to exceed expectations. ^_^

  • Hello, just reminding everybody; there are still a whole lot of open positions. Good ones, too…

  • Can Tamm hav a position???

  • Umm, you will need to have more experiance before a position. I had been on here for a year before I got mine. And even though I am a mod, it isn't all that it is made out to be. It seems that you are a nebie, but if I am wrong, then feel free to correct. I like to learn from my mistakes. Also, don't feel low down, just because you have less posts then others. If you feel intimidated, you won't do your best.

    My recommendations for getting a position, are to:

    1. Use spell check and punctuation. It will be difficult to read ones post, others wise, and people will be less encouraged to read it. If you are using Firefox, then you can right click on a word that has a red line under neath, and it will give you suggestions as to how to spell the word.

    2. Be active. This is important, cause if you are inactive, then we won't think that you will post up to your responsibility. If you are going to be off for a while, then post on here to tell us.

    3. Write with your best, and with originality. Most of the point of this site is to improve one's writing skills. If you are stealing ideas from some of the books, then it won't make it as fun to post and read on here.

    Good luck!

  • Your right, I'm new and thanks for the advice.

  • Hello Tam and Welcome. As far as a position here at RL goes, it depends on what the position is that you want. Did you have anything in mind that wanted?

  • not really, but what does the long patrol do on rl?

  • Do you mind if i can be a Sargent? My character is. lol

  • You would be responsible for the proccess of making the stuff get done in the kitchens when there is a feast…? I don't really know.

  • Having a position would be a garnish to a really cool chara profile. I think if someone wanted a minor position, even a newbie, as long as they aren't making huge mistakes it should be fine to give it to them and let them take the role for a test drive. It might aid new user retention.

    And that's just my two cents. Obviously I have no authority here, but I wanted to throw my thoughts in, for what it's worth.

  • That is a good idea. Maybe Blue eyes can have one. He is loyal to the site (been here since the end of last year) and it looks like he is trying his best. What do you say? Like, maybe if he reaches like, 50-100 posts, then he could have one.

  • That's reasonable.

    As for positions.  I'm going to hold back asking till we get one that can connect my main chara.

    Something like Ambassador of the Green Isle, or Knight of the Green Isle or something like that so that I can use Ensis, the chara I used int the better part of 380 posts.  Instead of making a whole new chara.

  • Hey, sorry, but I came across this and I'm going to post my character profile for the position of The Long Patrol because my character seems to fit in.


  • Um, you can't promote yourself, last time I was on any forum.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure it has to be given to you by someone with position…

  • You're right, Cedric, positions have to be earned and bestowed, not claimed.

  • I would like the position of skipper if that is possible.

  • But CQ already has that position. You cant claim someone else's position!

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